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Desert Creek

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 5
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
The story is also in the description for the map but i will put here as well.

In the harsh lands of North Africa, a creek that is barely visible runs off of the Nile. Most people think nothing of this tiny creek, and this ignorance defies them the knowledge that this creek goes on to create a rather fertile land.Five lords have met upon this area, astonished at the sudden change in landscape. They all wish to control this
small paradise, but who will emerge victorious?

As you can very clearly see, this is a mega-unbalanced map.

The AI lords also have to be positioned carefully to have a full castle construction.

=Lords who can build where=

Richard- 2 or 3 of the castle spaces can be used for The Lionhearted.

Rat- this impudent lord makes small castles, and can be placed anywhere.

Wolf- this depends on what castle type he makes, his smallest square castle can fit in 4/5's of the areas.

Caliph- this lord makes long, rectangular castles. He will most likely only fit in the top or bottom left areas.

Saladin- Saladin is known for his square castles and circular towers. These stone giants will propably only fit in the bottom left.

Pig- This lord is very greedy, in gold and ground. He will eat up the land area you give him, classifying him in the top or bottom left.

Snake- Snake makes rather small castles, and will propably fit in at least 4 of the areas.

Sultan- Sultan makes small, round castles, and will propably only fit in 3 of the 5 areas.

(I have briefly tested to see the size of the castles and the above are JUST estimates)

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JuBuOrangie The minimap is a poor picture, did you use the Stronghold PNGer available for download?
monkcrazy5 You probably should have made this 400x400... Maps shouldn't need to have to put certain lords in certain places ^.^
File Author
JuBu, no i did not use PNGer, and probably never will, because my mom freaks out about any download due to a trojan i had not long ago that branched off into 10,000 (not exaggerating) other files.

plus why download something when you can do it free?

and monkcrazy5, i wasnt actually planning of making it like that so much, but the map plan i had when i started sucked, so i erased and went with the river thing, but there are many maps i've seen here with high ratings that ONLY work for multi.
Danilh PNGer is free and is only 89.55 KB.
Here's the link:
EDIT:You can also screen-shot it,but it is bad.
Edit2:Do you scan your computer regurarly?Avast is great for that.And is free.

[Edited on 03/03/08 @ 08:06 PM]

File Author
I don't care how small it is, yes i have avast, but even that isn't enough to stop every virus, besides, i can put minis up without the freakin PNGer, now i would enjoy it if you all dropped the subject and actually offered praise or constructive criticism like these comment functions were made for.

[Edited on 03/03/08 @ 08:54 PM]

JuBuOrangie Youre being incredibly close-minded. It has 5781 downloads. 19 reviews average of 4.8. Almost every Single Map Maker on this website uses it and I have never heard of anybody getting a virus. Also every file that gets submitted gets of course verified that its not a virus by the staff.

The only places you get viruses from is places with porn and cheap websites with ads that might have viruses. So I know you have had a bad experience but it shouldnt stop you from absolutely not downloading anything. The maps here are also checked by the staff so you can download those as well if you please. Trust me its a great tool, its 5 years old and should definetly be used.

Also Ill take a look at your map.
monkcrazy5 Leave him alone for god's sake, take it to e-mail, forums, or another place but stop spamming his map! If he doesn't want to use PNGer then leave him alone!
Mastermusash I think from looking at the minimap that it may be a fun game.
Now I won't be able to download it and test it out until about May, unless someone wants to mail it to me.

(mastersamuraimusashi {at} gmail {dot} com
and if it would work with the Stronghold Crusader version.

[Edited on 03/04/08 @ 03:37 PM]

Danilh Leave the download topic already!

I dunno, have you play-tested this? Many times the AI can't build their programed castles in small areas, so maybe the Wazir(i think) can't build his spiral castle and will get moated inside.

Anyway, good map ! You only need to do something different and creative, and add more rocks, as they give it a good look.
Map Design3.5
Playability: 3.5
A very fun map to play. The best settings for this map are 1vs4 with you in the north. Some of the faults were while you had enough oasis to get plenty of food sometimes the AI would use there oasis rather foolishly. They might also try to build farms half way around the map. Example: I played 1vs4 against 4 rats. They would just build one apple farm on the oasis you gave them and they would try to steal mine (I destroyed the farms though). I’m not really holding it against you since you can’t control the AI but it did make it a little less fun.

Balance: 3
Its just a little too unbalanced for my tastes. But I guess I could have taken a different spot its tough to say. Just next time make the oasis a little more equal some people had there oasis more far away and a smaller amount than the rest.

Creativity: 3
Pretty average a desert creek has been used before but it’s ok.

Map Design: 3.5
I really liked the way you did the resource placement just enough for a decent economy and it looked nice as well. The map besides the river was a little plain, I can understand maybe not wanting to interfere with the space of the players but more strewn rocks and boulders would have been nice. The fact that the entire map is flat is because of a river valley, right?

Story/Instructions: 3
You have enough story to get the player going but nothing more than that really.

Additional Comments:
Nice map, Id have to say your next one should be 400x400 it’s always nice to have more space to work with.
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Map Design3.5
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