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Syr Groompees Baylee V1.2 *UPDATED*

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Hard

I have updated the files as of 8pm 6/03/08 GMT+10, so I do not know when the updated files will reach you

Hello all, I am GrumpyGills, you may recognise me from Stronghold Knights.
This is the first map I have uploaded, but, as you may verily see, I have been fiddling with the map editor for quite a while.
This is very vaguely based off a Quest(over at SHK) in which I, under the pseudonym Sir Grumpy have been declared a traitor. My Syr Groompi maps are based (largely) after the events of the Quest, Sir Grumpy having been killed, and his lands being thrown into dissaray.

Syr Groompee's Baylee is the prologue of The Annahls offe Uppehr Saynt Jonn which shall hopefully follow in the future. This is great fun making the maps, and learning more interesting things with the map editor, and I hope you all have great fun playing them.

This map is winnable. If you have real problems, consult the tips in the .zip download file.

Here are 2 images. The first is much of what you will see when you begin. To a degree. The terrain has been slightly changed, as you will see in the second picture, which is that of when the mission is completed.
The date of the finish was September 1086, but due to time differences, it would be September 1368.

These 2 images are contained within the .zip file, along with 3 images showing 3 different Syr Groompee maps, these without scripting, and just for the eye really. If you would like to get in contact with me to get those maps (or if you think I should upload them), or if you would like Syr Groompees (SG) file without the images, then please contact me at Thankyou.

SG-B V1.0 - Without various terrain changes.
V1.0 - Without terrain changes

Finished mission V1.1 V1.2 is only easier.
V1.1 Finished. Don't worry, V1.2 is only easier, some bugs ironed out.

The story:
The village of Upper St John lived in relative peace in the life of Syr Groompy. They traded with Lower St John, several miles away, further from the base of the mountain which was the source of the creek, the life-bringer to the land.
When Syr Groompy was declared a traitor, and was killed in the act of treason, his lands fell into dissaray. Rebel militia were founded in the larger villages, and bullied the various villages and hamlets into submission.

The inhabitants of Upper St John lived through much of it. There was little worth to it, the castle that was nearby had been destroyed in the last parts of Syr Groompy's life, and Lower St John was much more affluent, having vast trackts of land available for farming.

Upper St John lived in peace. But then disturbing news arrived, a larger, stronger rebel militia had formed, and was destroying villages that protested.
Closer to home, wolves had begun pouring into the village's surrounding land, food had become scarce in the mountain.

The peace was over, and the inhabitants of Upper St John decided it was time. Time to rebuild the castle.

News of a pestilence has reached Listibaldia. Will it strike the innocent town of Upper Saint John?

What this map contains:
-Use of the 1000 stone printing press, to create wheat farms without a hut. Unfortunately, you are not able to harvest the wheat.
-A ruined castle, very simple design, but, in my opinion, quite nice

Win Conditions:
I will not give you the specifics, but here is what you need,
-Bread -Fruit
-Stone -Wood
You will also need to attain 80 population, and you must eradicate all wolves.

V1.1 Changes:
Increased Victory requirements
Better scripting
Various map changes

V1.2 Changes:
Edited time difference. I thought to myself. What? The plague at 1066? Starting date is 1348.
Edited various problems with it.

Have Fun
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hitman lol, so you are obligated to play SH only? xD I gave it a try, the common good old economic missions ;) Nothing special, unless the minimap looks quite strange... And don't betray SH by playing WoW... it's not good for your brain :D
Sir Ravenclaw The minimap looks rather lush!
I'll check it out :D
File Author
Yes, I completely spent the limit of trees/shrubs, and I had to use the 1000 stones for some effects I had in mind, but I deleted many hundreds of them after.

I do not feel obligated to play SH.. The soundtrack is lovely, but between the first 1-2 years I got it, and now, I have been playing other games, most notably, and recently, the TW series.

I may move eventually to Crusader, perhaps for a map or two, but SH1 has by far the best looking map-editor out of the first two, and arguably all 4.

[Edited on 03/03/08 @ 04:53 PM]

DragonSpawn You play the Total War Series? they are SO AWESOME, i have medieval 1 and 2 and 2 Kingdoms

Also, the map looks nice, very lush, look forward to more.
Danilh That looks cool, but i don't know how to script :(

You should come to Total War Heaven forums:
Dembones8 hey grump its me noble (dont know why they banned me)

anyway the map looks perfect!
And maybe the tribal war series

[Edited on 03/03/08 @ 08:26 PM]

File Author
Noble, spamming the front page is not condusive to a good environment, that's why we banned you.

Thanks to you all!
4 downloads.. I know some people complain, but I feel special. I hope those 4 people enjoyed it.

Anyway, I think I will be making another one, tonight and/or tomorrow night, so expect another Syr Groompee map.
It will probably be an economic mission, however, there is the chance that it could be an invasion or freebuild.

If I get a good response, then later on, I may upload a group of Syr Groompees in a pack, included with various eye-candy ones.

EDIT2: I understand now that the victory conditions are rather easy, I will see what I can do with making this a bit more difficult.

[Edited on 03/04/08 @ 12:01 AM]

The Hitman I think you should move this conversation to TW heaven forums...
Dembones8 good old grumpy ah well
File Author
I think I am verily done with this map.
I have tried hard, and I think it is thoroughly enjoyable to play.
I have edited the first post, and the map, so I give you the foreseeably final version of Syr Groompee's Baylee.

Soon to follow will be the Syr Groompee - The Annahls offe Uppehr Saynt Jonn - Pt1 - (name not decided)

Have some fun playing.
If you have some time, I wouldn't mind a review, just so I could get a basis on which to improve.

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