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The Red Sea

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 5
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
So on that fateful day after God plagued Egypt with his poxes and swarms, the Jews ran. They ran from dune to dune passing all the pyramids, all their labor. As the leader of the Jews it was Moses' job to lead them to safety, but he had his mind on other things.

He remembered how little he saw of his family before they sent him wafting down the river; the pharaoh was his father practically. It was as if he had betrayed his family. But things had happened so fast in his life, instead of being a wealthy vizier he instead, chose to be a rebel. First he learned that in fact he was a Jew that could not remain hidden for long but when he learned it he was shocked. Then he decided to visit his people and he saw atrocities. The pyramids were not built of rock they were built with blood. He then stumbled across the desert blinded until he came to his burning bush...

So he snapped out of his daydream when he heard loud shouting, he saw the big blur of it. He worked his way to the front of the crowd being manhandled, and saw the Red Sea. He hadn’t forgotten about it yet he went this way anyways, the crowd was extremely close to rioting and running away. Yet while the crowds confident lessened Moses' confidence grew. Then suddenly he turned around and shouted "No thing, no matter the size is greater than GOD!" he had no control of his body and he brought his arm up high with his staff and the sea spread. They crossed the sea, people not even comprehending what was happening and in fact scooping up fish.

The legions poured forth, chariots howled, men coughed on the dust and camels made their camel noise. Surprising as it sounds one man did not have his mind on the 1000's of men running and that was the pharaoh. His second son was betraying him; he had only cared for him and loved him. His daughter who had loved no man in her life yet wanted a child found him while she was playing in the reeds; she instantly fell in live with the cute baby. I who had thought of making the child a house slave (a very good position for a Jew) was later under his daughter's influence and gave him the very best. He turned out to be very good at math and could calculate the cost and time that a pyramid would require. But while he walking around the imperial palace he encountered a slave who told him he was a Jew. After that it was a constant struggle but I the Pharaoh never gave up on him. One day however he drew the line and demanded freedom... Then during the series of disasters of Egypt my only biological son died.

Finally his men stopped at that amazing site of the seperated sea and the pharaoh half crazed ordered them to march through.

Moses raised up his staff once more but he could not kill the man who he looked up to even though he had enslaved his people. No power swept through him, his body had to be willing to accept God.

Now his people pushed Moses aside and got ready to fight with their war leader Joshua at the head.

This story is not entirely historically accurate.

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svenjo haha good idea =)
File Author
It was as if he was family.

When you see that part in the story make it like this.

It was as if he BETRAYING his family.
peter2008 Great map! It forced me into a long, cruel, every-time exciting and absolutely engaging battle against 4 AIs (Crusader game, full advantage for them). Why?
You HAVE got some resources at your disposal, but only a FEW. Less wood! There is immediate struggle for them. You are attacked from both sides. Needed to send marksmen from one side to the other. Three times the enemies (Lionheart, Sheriff) broke through my walls and lauchned a tour over my oasis place destroying the farms. So I was in permanent need of trading, selling stones for demanded wood or leather armours. Finally! After I had smashed the Wolf next to me, the match found its way to an end. Great map! Great use of my time, Sir!

[Edited on 04/01/08 @ 03:17 AM]

Castlefreak Yeah, it isn't accurate... for one Moses was 3 months old at the least. so it's unlikely that he knew his true family at that point, but his sister was watching when the Pharaohs' daughter found him. Pharaohs' daughter wanted a nurse maid to take care of him. and as it turns out, Moses' sister asked Pharaohs' daughter if she should get one of the Hebrews for the job. so, she got her and Moses' mother.

Just wanted to get that out there. this is bare essential of this part of the story

as for the map... idk why i never thought of doing this

[Edited on 03/30/08 @ 04:06 PM]

File Author
My story was only based on the bible in fact I havent even read it. If you look at the bottom it says.

Not 100% accurate.

Edit: Alright story has been updated. Should change in a few days.

[Edited on 03/30/08 @ 10:48 PM]

Castlefreak I was aware of that, i just wanted clear up a part of it.
The Hitman OK, you demanded me a review, right? I just played your map like this Me and Nizar VERSUS Saladin, Wazir, Emir, not much easy, tho. Crusader game with equal argent. Anyway...

Playability: 3.5
It was fine, the AIs worked good enough, but kinda slow and the AIs with big castles had troubles with the space... I mean their castle walls were entering the other players' castle... Too narrow for the big guys, but still it was satisfying, cuz when I swarm their gates, 3 castle defenses attack me at once, which makes
the battles more challenging... Now, I recently got bored to attack a single AI with 250 horse archers and to kill the lord with 20 spearmen :D So at least they lowered my number to 80 ;)
Balance: 4
Seems to be unbalance, as you signed it, but I didn't liked the islands in the middle... Nizar got an whole island full'o stone, which he didn't used anyway and I got 2 islands with iron... They had a lot of iron, but because of the weird shape of the islands I couldn't get it's maximum :( At least the grass was enough for everyone, although Nizar made an attempt to "stole" my grass, but my spearmen defended the Lord's "kitchen" xDDD

Creativity: 4.5
Good, good... Good idea I liked it, however it wasn't made so well and accurate, but still I can get over it :)

Map Design: 3.5
Hmurgph... The map's weak side... Yes, there were places with very good design and with various objects, but just even for Egypt, I found the sand too much :( and the simetrycal
tiles of resources was kinda... Strange looking.
Story/Instructions: 3
A good, big story, however Venomrider informed me it's from the Bible, so... Stolen stories are never rated with more than 3 :p

Additional Comments: Seems to be a good map, judging by the downloads :D The idea was great, but it's realization wasn't that good... I await more from you next time ^^

[Edited on 04/04/08 @ 07:56 AM]

Venomrider In the bible the Israelites actually didn't even throw a spear,after God made a passage through the sea he closed it when the Egyptians were chasing them after the Israelites made it across but still that wouldn't leave any space for a Crusader Scenario would it ;).

@ The Hitman

Lol,it gets a 5 for story but it actually is in a book :)
File Author
Hey thanks for the review but I have to disagree about a few things.

"Nizar got an whole island full'o stone"

You can only fit 2 quarries on the island in my opinion thats not that much.

"which he didn't used anyway"

How is this my fault?

":( and the simetrycal
tiles of resources was kinda... Strange looking"

Can you give examples?
The Hitman @Venomrider - hey, it's my fault, I have never read the Bible :D

@JuBuOrangie - well, yeah you can make only 2 quarries, but still I think the stone onto it is too much, a good question is "from where dooes this stone came from?"

so far, I haven't seen even one AI that uses the stone in the island, which makes it unnecessery...

About the strange iron - well it's pretty seen, you've picked the second brush size and just moved the cursor to the left, making a line... Now tell me, where in life you can meet a perfectly shaped square of iron? And still I think my rating is kinda high for a map with such design...
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