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A Sacred Place 2

Author File Description
The Hitman
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 2
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
This time, th sacred place is on a plateau... The legend says: "Who ever drink from the holly water, he will transform into a berserker, doesn't feels hits or pain, he's controlled only by the kill-hungry tough and always hungry for more blood... His rage in battle is so powerful that it is possible the person to die from unsufficient stamina, during the battle"... Disappointed from his teared crusade, King Philip decided to find that place... After months of seeking, he finally found it... However the holly water was guarded by tribal neanderthals... This wasn't a big obstale for Philip's elite army... His army killed everything alive like a Tsunami and the old tribal buildings stacked in the time like a modern Pompey... Philip recaptured the village and settled up for a while... Of course he didn't forgot for what was he came here - the holly water... he drank and... nothing happened... "Perhaps the effect isn't activated instantly... We'll see that after few minutes, hehehe!" But a worse storm than the berserk Philip was approaching... You, my liege, and an african sultan also wanted to reach the devine water... But Philip was faster than you, now the path is very well guarded by the Philips' man and it was almost impossible to pass it without damage... "Let the battle commence" :D Philip's future wasn't sure, but he was quite confident and only rested at the plateau, repeating "C'est la vie, mes chevalliers". Your destiny isn't in the God's hands, this time... It is in yours!


Not anything can be shown by the minimap, so I decided to put an image to show you the heavy guarded path:

Image Hosted by


Map is tested and works fine with all kinds of AIs... Not all buildings are featured in this scenario, due to the story... You're crusader so this time - no merceneray post :P several more buildings are also disabled. The scenario features not only interesting gameplay, but an eyecandy too... On the plateau, where is Philip located you can see: him, just drank from the water, his mansion (heavy guarded, with wooden gate and sentinels), his toilet, giant soup pot :D, giant water pot (to feed his fellas), an artificial river way and some other things... I' appreciate a bunch of comments and a review :) Have a nice, bloody convention xD

The man, who knows how to use guns,

The Hitman
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
svenjo Hey i really like this map (too if it looks ab it unnatural) very fun if u know how to win easily(trebuchet) but its good work
The Hitman
File Author
svenjo, believe me I'm not that stupid... I disabled a bunch of siege equipments, including trebuchet, so you won't get the victory so... cheaply :P have a try! I know you don't understand anything from the story, but at least I tried... Next time I won't have such extras :P

[Edited on 04/02/08 @ 01:29 AM]

JuBuOrangie Playability: 3
The bad part about this is the fact that the crossbowman dont shoot you. I would have liked it if the crossbowman stopped early raids. The AI actually do pretty bad on this I found. I killed the wolf with 30 pikes and like 40 archers. I saw that he had a shortage of food. Anyways on the plus side this map has the perfect amount of resources and oasis.

Balance: 4.5
Everybody is equal with resources, the sacred place has no affect on the map and everything is done well. One thing I dont like is you traded one player having a pitch rig for an Iron mine. I would rather have the iron mine anyday.

Creativity: 4.5
Youre story is very creative and I always like a story fitting in with the map. The center town was creative and looked difficult to do.

Map Design: 4
The map design is fairly good for a skirmish map. It has plenty of space for building. Some areas are lacking though, for example the cliff is pretty bare. Its quite unnatural to just have a big cliff going across the map it would have been better to have unpassable mountains with maybe a small plateau for the town.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is very nice and gives a reason for why everything is like it is on the map. The mapmaker is not a native english speaker so that has to be taken into consideration. I do wish we found out what the water was all about. Are you going to make a Sacred Place 3???

Additional Comments:Please make it so that phillips men fight back it would make it more enjoyable.

Also can you review my map "The Red Sea" I know you are not very good at english but it can be short it would mean alot to me.
svenjo Okay xD
The Hitman
File Author
Oh, brother! Thanks, I haven't even tough my story is understandable for english people xD woooo *party* thanks for review... now the answers: I'm not going to make Sacred Place 3... at least soon... I'm making my ultimate economic mission right now ;) Await Sacred Place 3 after 1 release... Don't worry about the XBowmen... I'm gonna fix this in few minutes, and I suppose that now, when you read this, my map is already updated and you can download it ;) They'll shoot now, sry for the bug >< I'll review your map, as you requested, be sure 'bout that, but I'm kinda busy at this moment... So check out your Red Sea after a week or two ;)
The Hitman
File Author
No, sadly... I removed the farm wall and made them on stand ground and still they don't shoot... Conclusion - neutral ranged troops won't shoot, even if attacked ;-/
kkrriissoo It's nice ... :)
The Hitman
File Author
Thank ya, mate :)

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