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e1m1 = pioneering

Author File Description
de keijzer
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Three meters over that hilltop and there it was, The valley. A couple of stream that were hidden by a lush forest and all of this squashed between rocks. Finnaly you had arrived after 2 weeks of travel. Although your orders were simple you felt like something wasn't right. Like why did your Lord didn't send any of his troops with you. Even while he is fighting the bandit lord Snake he coud easily spare one? Well just forget about that there is a weighty task ahead of you. and you must not fail it, this a your biggest change to prove your usefullness outside the battlefield. Although the pass that leads into the mountain maybe a source for concerns, you don't think the bandits will be much of a problem, after all with the period of Darkness coming in a year everybody must prepare for it.
screenies: just paste them in the adressthingy

update 1.1: i made it just a little harder
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peter2008 You've got the fine idea of testing the ability of weakly-armed civilists to beat back hords of wolves, bears and small groups of bandits. It's only the massive bulk of population that helped me to survive. Oppressive the situation that I am scarcely able to act but am restricted to watch the results of my building-up the village!
The map design is really nice and fits well to the confined task.
Shall we start a rating? I've finally earned 7.411 points at normal level.

[Edited on 04/01/08 @ 12:16 PM]

Fintrollx just played this map. It was quite good actually, the map was beatiful (especially the ruins) and it was fun to play and well balanced, great job mate!
de keijzer
File Author
thanks alot guys.

and for next reviewers: this is my first map so i would really like to get some criticism on things i have to improve in the future. even every tiny little tidy can help a lot.

[Edited on 04/01/08 @ 01:02 PM]

peter2008 Criticisms, well ... First I thought the wolves all around would wipe out the red deer. Played again but a few survived within the given time. -
To the map: there are many lovely details like the waterfalls, the thin water streaming out from the marsh, rocky banks bottom left. - When the waters become a river, this you designed too thick and the curves too sharp against the non-rocky banks.
And if I take a very close look, the trees appear to be set out too linear (a "classicistic" fault). Walking through beech forests I enjoy watching the play of different distances between the trees.

[Edited on 04/01/08 @ 01:40 PM]

de keijzer
File Author
made some changes. but the funny part is: i didn't place them that way. you see i just made some bushes and let them grow by themself. but the way trees grow is like: put a tree 4 tiles from the original but still far away from the rest. that way you can get square bushes.
Good to see your map finally out :)
I have not played this final version yet but by the sound of the above comments you must have adjusted the balance well.

[Edited on 04/01/08 @ 04:22 PM]

de keijzer
File Author
well this is the story based version i will need for the story. i did experiment with your ideas about other versions and i got some nice results.

for the eco version i let the forest even grow closer to the stockpile. building farms and advanced buildings will be hard so first you have to build an economy concentrated on cutting trees and hunting deer. after you get some room you can place farms and your economy will be normal except for the fact that it will grow with the speed you can cut trees.

for the invasion version i still haven't tested that one but i surely have to place more signpost and more fords to cross the rivers.

and about the tidy's: i lowerd the drawbridges and towers. made the rivers good and reworked the quarry area, scatterd the deer. and took care that the wolfs won't kill them all.

[Edited on 04/02/08 @ 01:17 AM]

I played on Hard and just beat it as the invasion broke into my castle!. It was a bit frantic at the end because, freakishly, I managed to get a trees growing just inside the entrance to two of the draw bridges. Ofcourse that blocks these one-tile wide entrances and cuts them off. So the enemy concentrated its moat filling at just one drawbridge. I was still panicing about how to get my people out and fighting as the victory banner came up and the spearmen started over the threshold. (with these special drawbridges all the enemy has to do is fill in the maot and he is in!)

So the balance was just right for me on Hard. On easy I would have won before the invasion (but I usually play on Hard these days).

And well done on the "tidy up" of the fort and stone pile. That must have taken a bit of time to redo the drawbridges.

So when do we get to play the episode which allows stone quarrying and adding to the castle?
de keijzer
File Author
as i only have to do some minor changes to the terrain and i have to built a new script i would say soon, the only thing that will prevent this from happening is becouse i am lazzy

about lowering the drawbridge: at first i didn't much time but i forget how i did the stairs( becouse i was only changing things slightly i didn't backup ) only the picture you sent me gave something like a clue so thanks for that.

if you have a regular gatehouse with a drawbridge and the gatehouse gets destroyed the drawbridge disappears with it. as you don't have a gatehouse to destroy the drawbridges are immortal. luckily you can walk through them and the ai sont see it as an obstacle

just a quick question how many outlaws did you get while playing

[Edited on 04/02/08 @ 10:52 AM]

I think I got two outlaws to help me during the game. ( Did I get more at the end? I can't remember. But I certainly did not get enough to hold out against the last invasion. The only way I survived was by reaching the goals before the enemy swarmed in.)
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