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Kriso-Great Castle

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
In March 1483 Nikolas The Great invaded a small village with a huge army and destroyed it till the last tile. But in February 1502 the village was rebuild . The Nikolas got hatred and invaded with an army, double size than his first. He made a lot of damages, but the village somehow survived and it's villagers went Nikolas to R.I.P. by 5 arrows in his head.
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File Author
It's my first map, so I'd like if someone rates it or tell me it's bad sides.
GrumpyGills I know I may soon have the admins jumping on me, mods tackling me to the ground, but I really do have to say this:

Do you think that this map looks realistic?
I downloaded it, had a quick look, promptly exited, deleted the file and emptyed my "Recycle Bin".

I think it would be good to have a look at some ways to make this map seem a bit more realistic, I mean, the quarry?
Where did all that stone come from?

Also, their are no deer for the hunters... Nice.

Try using some variation in the wall/tower building... All round towers get a bit boring.
And what is with that really high patch of river?

OKAY, my spout of abuse over, lets see what you can do here.
You mentioned it was a small village; that village is not small.

Do some research on medieval villages, you will be rewarded, and it is really quite good reading.

Try to have some plan to your castle, for example, have the keep somewhere, perhaps on a hill, and beneath that, buildings alongside a main road, with the ocassional path going off into the side.

I think you need to build the terrain up, and then build the buildings.

That quarry really needs a good reason to be there, perhaps a quarry that has been mined from a mountain?

I honestly suggest re-starting this map, make a new one.

[Edited on 04/03/08 @ 04:37 PM]

Venomrider GrumpyGills will you please stick to constructive criticism? Telling a new mapmaker you took a quick peek at their map then deleted it and emptied the recycle bin to get it away is pretty offensive,every one of us made even poorer maps while we were getting better at our skills so don't take it out on a newcomer.(don't take this as me trying to offend or insult you GG)

kkrriissoo,just a few friendly recommendations for you to help you along:

When I made my first maps I did almost exactly the same thing as you did here although my castle was too big and the sprite limit was exceeded and I had no fun on it,why? Because I left the player nothing to do so when you decide to make a map it is good to decide what the goals and invasions are going to be then build the scenario around it.

Many players actually prefer not having a prebuilt castle since it is kinda hard to take account of a large castle and everything in it at the start of the game so you might want to consider that next map you make.

Try to make resources look realistic,like making mining stone be put at the foot of a crumbling mountain or the thickest oasis land nearby a lake or stream and maybe iron in the hills etc. In other words,use what could really happen in nature.

Never forget that you have a wide selection of rocks,pebbles,and stone among other eyecandy items that can really set a mood to a map but as always,too much of a good think stops being so great :).

I hope this helped and I would be happy to see you working on another map and continuing.
The Hitman hy, don't kill the guy's mood to make maps GG :D It took me looong time, till I teach him to do this...
Alien Lord92
Map Design2.5
Playability: 3
It's ok to play. It cn be fun for some people but because you have put so many gates there the enemies occasionally just stand near the signpost and aren't going to go anywhere. They send few soldiers and that's it. It's okay when attacking. Why there are hunter's post but no deers? There is a trick to leave them in siege.

Balance: 3
See above.

Creativity: 4
Yes the castle looks nice but there is so much unnatural things so i give you a four.

Map Design: 2.5
Unnaturality drops it to 2.5.

That resource island is unnatural.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story is made in 15 minutes :F

Additional Comments: This rewiew is propably a bit overrated but it is mainly to ecourage you to make better maps in the future :)
RhOdZi hy, don't kill the guy's mood to make maps GG :D It took me looong time, till I teach him to do this...

Yhe dont make him not want to make maps agon he could be making fantastic maps in a few wekks time he just needs to look at over people maps take a few ideasd from that (dont compltly copy).and look at mapmaking 101 for tricks with fountains and such and bidges.I looked at them before looking at maps and people say i made agood first map.

Good Luck.

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Map Design2.5
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