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Brothers in Arms

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The Hitman
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
Image Hosted by

Greetings all! My last invasion is released! I've made a trailer, but I still think there's no one, who doesn't knows Omaha beach and it's bloody battle in 1944... I was having big troubles with my super short invasions, they were maximum 10 min, they weren't getting much attention... So this time you'll decide how long the battle will continue. I little change of the plan/history xD Let me "correct" the event - the english instead seizing more territories after securing the hill, they decided to take a refuge on the beach and wait for reinforcements, because they saw that the germans are too much. And you are here, from the "bad guys". You are controlling the axis forces on Hill 331 and it's leader - general von Stauff, who is the main target of the english. By telling this I don't want to offend any english person here, I know you are a lot, but just in this mission, like a mirracle, you will play with the Axis :p So how will you decide your destiny? Well, the enemy leader is Admiral Richard III "the Lionheart", adopted son of the legendary king, who one tryied to capture Jerusalem. You may hold the hill as long as you can and when you want to finish, train an army and kill the camping soldiers on the beach... they will attack you until they run out of army... have one on mind, that you don't have a large army and you can't hold the hill forever.Anyway, to make the atmosphere more military, I've found WW2 names for each of the units in the mission... And here they are:

Image Hosted by
- General von Stauff

Image Hosted by
- Volkgrenadier

Image Hosted by
- Wermacht Sentinel

Image Hosted by
- Wermacht Elite Sentinel

Image Hosted by
- 13th devision's grenadier

Image Hosted by
- Sniper

Image Hosted by
- Berlin's special forces

Image Hosted by
- Red barrets infantry

Image Hosted by
- Volonteer

Image Hosted by
- Pioneer

Image Hosted by
- Advanced pioneer with oil

Image Hosted by
- Grenade thrower

Image Hosted by
- Gestapo agent

Image Hosted by
- Knight's Cross infantry

Image Hosted by
- Deputy General

Image Hosted by
- 22th paranormal division captain

Image Hosted by
- Sabotageur

Image Hosted by
- Colonel von Schpiglitz

Image Hosted by
- Kamikaze

Now, military equipment:

Image Hosted by
- Armored anti-piercing wall

Image Hosted by
- Mine

Image Hosted by
- Bazooka

Image Hosted by
- Panzer IV

Image Hosted by
- M4 Sherman

Image Hosted by
- 50.8mm Mortar enhancement

Image Hosted by
- MG42 nest

Image Hosted by
- 88.1mm AA/AT Flak Canon

You'll can also see: entrenchment with barbered walls, , aliasing field, the residence of the general, secret underground bunkers and a lot more! And finally her majesty - da minimap xD

Image Hosted by

For more info watch the trailer, or just try the map :) Feel free to tell me what can be improved and to post reviews... Attention! Do not restart the map or this could cause a direct blast into the skirmish menu!!! Have a nice combat! :)

All the luck,

The Hitman.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
I saw this map and thought I had to go for it. It was a lot of fun. The most fun aspect of it is that it is very tricky to siege. What I didn't like was the fact that I didn't have to manage any economical things and that the defense of my castle was way to easy and the enemy was just slaughtered. Attacking was fun, but building up an attacking force was a bit too slow. What I surely liked that the enemy castle has some intelligence. The first thing I thougt: LETS CUT OFF THEIR WOOD SUPPLY's! Well it didn't work because the Lionheart directly builded some woodcutters huts again. These aspects make it a lot of fun.

Balance: 3.5
As said before, the defending was way too easy. The Lionheart kept his forces coming but they were simply slaughtered. I think it would be better if the player could build up the defenses them selfe. The attacking part is really tricky and a lot more fun. Also the fact that I didn't have any siege material with me made it a lot more fun.

Creativity: 5
The idea of recreating World War II in Stronghold in the way you did is very very creative. The way you implented an computer AI is also very clever and nice to see. I absolutely loved it. Also your personal touches of Hitlers cross ( Swastika, it was called I thought ) and the loads of eyecandy was nice to see.

Map Design: 4.5
Map design was great I think. The thing I liked most was the Axis base with loads of eyecandy, and the custom farm fields. Although you set up an AI was brilliant but this ofcourse has it limitations to construct an castle since the computer already does, so I won't punish you for that aspect. The only reason I couldn't give a perfect score was because the cliffs were the Axis base was standing on looked not good when I rotated the map.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was easy to read and didn't contain any faults as far as I know. It was creative but not exceptional in my opinion and not very lenghty. But still a good job.

Additional Comments:
This is very creative map, and shows how you can implent an AI in an invasion map. Although... I did think that this was more a "SKIRMISH MAP" then it was an invasion. But keep up the good work, this was a very nice map.
Map Design4.0
Brothers In Arms

Playability: 4.5
Super! One tiny suggestion: Put blue swordsmen and pikemen inside castle on defensive or aggressive stance. Now they are ‘stand guard’ and will never try to defend blue Lord. An unlucky trouble with AI that the game designer cannot help: Richard send expensive catapults on suiside mission many times.

Balance: 4.5
It’s up to player. There is no time limit, so can take any time. Richard’s attack are fairly easy to defend. I suggest less arrow and slinger units at start. Less than 10 enemy units passed through my first “gate” but were quickly burnt. This simplicity also made all my pitch collection useless. It would be more fun with more enemy entering my “fence maze” to see more burning and actually need to renew pitch ditches. With no time limit, player can build huge army and attack whenever want to. It is a little concerning for player since he cannot buy new slingers and bow production is very slow. I think this is very good choice from designer. I also think it is very good choice to have archers in tower that I cannot get down. Very unrealistic, but it stops player from using all arrow units in attack. Good thinking from designer.

Landscape: 4
All nice except putting farms on beach and sand. Nothing will grow in sand. I prefer realism than useless eyecandy that designer wants to show off: “I can build something that editor is not used to”. Extra bonus for the ‘wooden’ walls (using fences as my castle walls). Fetching pitch from ‘underground’ cave is also cute. A little annoying trying to find some of the buildings when I want to put them to sleep. Also hard to find my Bad Thing to delete when I go to battle. Why have so many houses that never fill up with people?

Story/Instructions: 3.0

I think story would be improved by a solid timeline or geographical description of map. When did the units get there? How did this situation develop? From where do they come? How did they get there? Maybe describe it from the 'eyes' of one member of either of the two armies. As is now, it seems thrown together in rush. Reading the story did not increase my enthusaism for playing this game.

Creativity: 5
Nice to combine an AI with ‘invasion’ scenario.

Additional comments:
This is not for beginner. It take some patience and time and careful thinking to win this one.

[Edited on 07/14/08 @ 03:21 PM]

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Map Design4.3
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