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An Optimist King

Author File Description
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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Your team has just bought a terrain on a mountain so he can build a town on it.The king wants to get villagers in it.He's not interested in taxes.He just wants to be a good king.
But some thieves wants to steal it.The king is very optimist and wants to defeat them.In just a few years the thieves will come to steal the town.You must be quick!


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.5
Playability: 3
This map was actually quite fun to play. I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of the map as it breathes a really relaxed atmosphere. I liked the way you tried to fill in a real "invasion" with both militairy and economical purposes. Although it was very easy to beat. Here are some tips:
- Delete all unnessesairy things like Smiths creating armour and Swords. You put a lot off these things in it, while the recourses were unavailable. Also keep in mind to not give to player to many luxury.
- Do not only try to add militairy goals. Turn on repeating invasions and economical goals to make it more difficult for the player.

Balance: 2
The balance wasn't too good I'm afraid. It was too easy. As said before you gave the player way to much luxury like knights etc in the beginning. Here are some thing you can do to make it more difficult and maintain a better balance:
- Erease the strong troops in first place. Also make it impossible for players to build advanced units like crossbowman. These will eridacte the units way too easy.
- If you want Crossbowman, just add a couple off archers into your invasion. This will make more difficult for the player.
- Send in a second invasion.
- Make larger invasions if you want to keep your current amount off troops.
- Make less rescourses and turn off a market. In this way players will be in hands off the maps rescoures. This will make it a lot harder.
- Erease things like wooden pits. These are way too strong against strong but small invasions like yours. If I would I could fill up the entire map with just wooden pits.
- Place "ENEMY WOODEN PITS" near the Signpost. This will force the player to keep their troops in the castle, instead off already waiting at the Signpost. This is a mean but fair solution.
- Playtest your map over and over again until you think the balance is superb. I know I sound like a mother off 45 years trying to give wise lessons, but it certainly works. This will make your map way better. If you are not sure make other people playtest your map.

Creativity: 3
I liked the part that you will have to use your economy, but still it is a very common concept you used: Build up and defend. Although the build up an army was already done for the most part in this map. Here are some things you can do about increasing your creativity:
- Try giving the map some personal touches such as a lot off eyecandy, and a very good landscape.
- Write down a exceptional story, so that the player will know what to do, and what the actual story is.
- Make an extraordinairy Castledesign/Mapdesign ( almost the same as the first tip, but just to mention how import people think this is ).

Map Design: 2.5
The map breathed a really relaxed atmosphere as said before. But still there were some ugly points in the map. The waterfall, the transition between the different levels off plain, and the river didn't look outstanding. Also you used a little too much oasis and thick scrub. Here are some tips:
- To make the transition between the different levels off plain better, you must use some rocks to fill up the ugly points. Now the transition will look a lot better.
- Try using more different kind of ground types. You used a bit too much oasis grass and thick scrub. If you decrease these parts it will look better and will also increase the balance.
- For making good waterfalls, look on this site for some tutorials.
- Add a lot off eyecandy. Look on this site for some tutorials. This will also increase your creaitity and some players will even have a better time playing so the playability might go up if you have a beautifull map.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story was relatively short and some things didn't make too much sense for me. Also it had some grammar faults and it surely wasn't exceptional. Here are some tips:
- Use your creative mind to think off a long story that you like very much.
- Use a real story found on the internet and change it until it fits in with the map.
- Make sure your story doesn't have any/has very less grammar faults and make someone else read it. If he/she agrees it is ok, it should be good.

Additional Comments:
Not really a bad map, it was fun to play, but it could use some improvement. I will sum up the most important tips: Ged rid off al those unnescessairy things and make it a bit more difficult. Use a bit more different kinds off ground types and make your map look realistic.

Just one important thing I always say: Making maps takes a lot of time. Sometimes days or even weeks. This will pay off if you finally have made a very good map.

I hope you find these tips and review very usefull in your next maps. If you have any remaning questions, please let me know. I know you can make something beautifull.

Sulis Speaking with my Seraph hat on, this review is excellent in terms of content, clarity and offering constructive advice to the designer for future work. Thank you, Hypernova.
Hypernova90 Thank you for the kind words Sulis. The reason I posted a lot of reviews recently is that I have a little bit too much free time lately. Most of my friends are going to school, and I don't have to, so I'm kind of bored. But yeah writing is really fun work to do I think.
The Dragonheart I have to agree. That review was exellent and provided much positive feedback. Great work, Hypernova. All of these new players have to learn how to make good maps.
evil_space_cows Can we request reviews from Hypernova90? if so, can you please review Ashenvale by evil_space_cows?
(P.S. Be paifully honest

(edited by Sulis)

Please can you request reviews using the relevant thread in the forums.

Thank you.

[Edited on 04/23/08 @ 02:38 AM]

Hypernova90 Wow I am actually flattered and honoured to read such comments like this.
I will take a look at your map when I find my installation CD again ( since I reinstalled windows it's been a real mess at my home ).

But again thank you all so much for your comments. It means a lot if your reviews get appreciation.

[Edited on 04/25/08 @ 04:58 AM]

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Map Design2.5
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