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Tower of London - 1547

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
The castle you see before you is based on those designs of it in 1547. It is an immense castle, boasting a huge moat and numerous towers, and one which you must choose either to attack or defend. Most of the troops and also the moat are situated on the south side; but whilst moving your troops through the northern hills may at first seem a good idea, consider the enormous Lion Tower, atop which sits a mangonel.
As the defending force you are in charge of a severely weakened garrison, since the King has taken most of it with him on a Crusade. What few troops you do have however are in high spirits. You must make use of the cruel traps and little crossbowmen to win the day!
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The siege is actually a fairly enjoyable one, although the amount of ranged troops is a bit unbalanced for the attacker. You archers just get wiped away before they can fire a shot without shields.

Balance: 3.5
Once the attackers get on the walls, it is nigh on inpossible for them to lose. Put in some more defensive infantry, a couple of swordsmen on the keep would be good. In my opinion, the attacker can't make enough siege engines. Give him atleast 10 engineers to smooth things over. Only macemen and archers can climb ladders out of the available troops, so allow some siege towers to be built. The opposite side of the castle is scarcely defended, but you can't get the attacking force around there. A real castle would have an equal defence on all parts of the castle. If anything, you should at least started off with archers moving from their posts over there to the side which the attack is happenening on.

Creativity: 2
It's been done before, in the FFS Excalibur pack, and this is almost a replica, with one or two minor changes. For that, I'm giving it a low score.

Map Design: 3
I'm sorry, but a tower of Lonodn without the Thames and London city is a big no-no. You should only name a map after a place if the castle and the surroundings represent the namesake. However, if the castle had been called anything else, and with a different story - possibly one or two changes to the design of the castle, it could have done quite well.

Story/Instructions: 4
A story is present, and written quite well.

Additional Comments:
Plenty of potentinal, but don't go alluding to what it isn't.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2.5
This scenario, although offering mild entertainment, has little more to offer than that. The way the enemy acted became predictable after several times of playing the map, and the map does drag on a bit too long.

Balance: 3
It took me to my second try to actually beat this mission as defending on normal difficulty. As such, that ramped up the balance a bit. However, a few simple clicks of the mouse can set you in position to win.
Constant management of the forces around the map is crucial, especially the management of the engineers with the pots of oil.

Creativity: 2
I guess, using an outline of the Tower of London in a certain time period is proof of outside research, however, the fact that there is no London present, an almost necessary feature for a Tower of London Scenario, drags down the score.
There is no use of any nice editor tricks.
The way the walls and stairs are used work interestingly, as although you think you can just walk across there, it proves impossible, as crenelations block the way

Map Design: 2
The inside of the castle is rather plain and empty, very few buildings inside. Outside, it is largely empty, and that area could have used some touch-ups to make it looks presentable.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
There was some form of story, or instruction, giving a brief look at what you were to face. There was evidence and use of extensive descriptive vocabulary to help add more detail.
Included is a Hints/instructions file.

Additional Comments:
An acceptable map with a few flaws.

Just some tips:
I suggest not going with the "Tower of London" scenario, unless you are willing to create some form of bustling medieval metropolis around the tower.

With the river in the corner; at the moment, it looks like it and the marsh were just used to add some spruce-moose (:P) to the map, and they look very much so an afterthought.
You could have the river branching down through the map, and possibly make the enemy interract with it, through fjords and shallows.

There is not much more I can add at the moment, I am rather fatigued.
An acceptable scenario, as I said, but some changes would be needed.

GrumpyGills (Knightly_Maps)

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Map Design2.5
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