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Raven's Coast

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 6
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
My 2nd map ;)

You should be careful.. there are many lions... too many^^ Well, the thing in the north is a dried out bay.
Before you play this map there is something you have to know:

+It's funnier to play with friends
+Try to use some tactic. I'm sure, youll find some nice places for your archers :D
+Do not start on the big island because it's just too easy

Allright, just try the following: You are in the north. On your left and right, are two Saladins. On the Island there will be a wolf and the rest: two "Richies".

Here is a little pic^^

Enjoy... erm... and I hope there is not too much water comming frim nowhere XDDDDDDD

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Map Design4.0
Raven's Coast, a fun map for any type of play! Anyone looking for a fun and challenging map should play this map! I hope you like long reads, mane! Also was my 250th skirmish played.

Playability: 5
My match was: Me(southeast) 7000 gold, against: Sheriff of Nottingham(East-middle), Emir Omar and Emir Sapehr(one in the bay and one east of the bay), Saladin "The Wise"(on the southern peninsula), and Wazir "The Terrible",(West middle), 20000 gold. At the beginning I had to wall off quick, or the lions would come and get me. Suprisingly, no AIs died. Soon after I was able to start recruiting, I set sheriff alite, and it spead into Emir Sapehr's castle. Right at that moment, Saladin, Wazir, and Emir Omar started taking troops out. I armed my four towers with ballistae, and filled them with archers,
c-bowmen, and portable shields. This attack, suprisingly, was easy to repel, althrough I had to pick off Saladin's assassin's one by one. Eventually I killed Sheriff with only twernt macemen. Then I went to eat breakfast...came back a saw popularity=zero. I still had food, so I bribed and I had one hundred again in no-time. Next, I took about eighty swordsmen and ten pikemen over to emir Sapehr, and wiped him out. I still had enough to kill Emir Omar, so I did. That left Wazir to the west and saladin to the south. It took three waves of one hundred horse archers and one wave of fifty macemen to take Wazir out. That left Saladin, to the south. Saladin had surrounded two towers with moat. The had ballistae in them. I attacked with two-hundred horse archers, and 50 macemen. Suprisingly, there was very little resistance. I won that game in 1227, it took forty-six years.

Balance: 4.5
"In the beginning...God made light...then a bunch of lions came out and tried to eat me..." Well, they did! At first the lions screwed me so bad I had to start over. That's -0.5 of a point. It was a very hard match, but I was barely able to beat it!

Creativity: 4.5
It was very creative how you mixed the ford into the mountains at different places. Also, I don't think anyone has ever thought of a dried up bay before. However, the cliffs were not original, So I haev to subtract a little. Overall a very creative map design, and on your second map!

Map Design: 4
The map design was excellently put forth. The many ruins said to we this was once a massive settlement, but I guess people destroyed it. The many cliffs gave options for fire ballistae to pick off my archers, yet I couldn't fire on them. The translation from the land to the sea was wonderful, yet there were no rocks in the sea. All the water seemed to flow from a place, and nothing seemed like it was walking up walls or upsidown!

Story/Instructions: 2
Unfortuately...there was no story and barely any instructions, so I can only give a two. here.

Additional Comments:
This is wonderful for a second map, and you say you worked on it for a month? That amount of persistence is amazing. Kudos to you!

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Map Design4.0
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