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All come at a cost

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 3
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
All Come At A Cost


Name: All Come At A Cost

Size: 300X300

Type: Skinvasion (A skirmish map but with a small element of an invasion)

Difficulty: Hard

Quick Notes: Lord Regnaut, your rival has found out about your departure and has now sent a part of his army to attack you. He has other things to take care of, which is why only a small part of the army is being sent. You will have to act fast and use the armour you found in a ruin on the way, to train your own units for battle. Rumours suggest that a local merchant has a huge stock of swords with him. You can use Archers, Spearmen, Arabian Bowmen and Slingers as battle units (Swordsmen can be used in the beginning only as there are no merchants around that have a stock of armour). You cannot build any defensive buildings like walls, towers and gatehouses. I made this map to bring in a little different gameplay with having to defend your farms with archers positioned near most buildings instead of enclosing your buildings for safety. I hope you will have a good time playing. When you put in AIs in a map, scripting wont work and therefore it is not possible to place script whereby you lose when your friend dies. So please stick by the rule that goes “Always make sure that your friend does not die as you have come to help him win.” Its not necessary but if you want more challenge. You will have to play the map 3 or 4 times before you can overcome the first and only invasion in this map. Good luck.


The nobles were heartened, by Jesters entertaining, who troubled themselves, eager to live, not be executed by the guillotine, shiny yet devastating, the emblem of honourable yet cruel decisions. The king sat high on his throne, his emotions lonely yet surrounded by the many. He was King Bragold, the King that ruled, the kindest of the kindest and the superior of the superior except for all mighty God.

There was a man, his name was Puce, he was not my rival but a true friend for me. He went away, not for wealth, not for hate, not for might but then again, he was taken away. The day when I first saw him, he struck my heart, like steel upon steel. Later in the midst of happy times when catastrophe struck, when his heart was pierced by an arrow, I who watched it helplessly, felt as if the arrow had pierced not his but my heart. Revenge was all I could think of, cruel and fuming revenge. The price was paid, while I sought revenge I lost it all. He was taken away by my enemies, no it was my mistake, I was blind. I sought revenge, the path of violence, blinded by evil. I still lament, over my misdeed that lost me my friend. I could have saved him, yet I was blinded by revenge. Wars cruel, all brutal, I ended them, in the light of the realization that war did not choose a victor but the ones to die. I touched my sword not once again; it still remains in its scabbard, untouched, undisturbed. It still remains as a remnant of the cold blooded war with stains of my enemies, whom I slaughtered viciously. Yet I do not know why I carry it, wherever I go, whatever I do.

Then all was silent. All eyes were fixed upon not me but a man running towards me. He bowed in front of me and grasping for breath, he handed me a half burned parchment. It bore news, delighting and tear rising. My friend was alive, the most pleasant news I could ever hear in my whole life. All I could think of was get to him blinded by my delight, not reading the rest. I took along with me not much but a few men for my protection and some food to offer to my long lost friend.

The journey began over mountains and valleys. As my horse raced on beneath me I looked to my left where I could see the vast vista of Haldin Glen gradually reaching some foot mountains. To my left I could see the rolling hills, a truly beautiful place, yet I used it for the cruel deed of war. We kept travelling day and night. We rested at places suitable, under trees and in ruins. Once I found a huge collection of shields which I thought would add to my gift to my friend, yet I went wrong.

After having travelled along way I had finally reached my destination but then again my goal was not complete. I had yet to meet my friend. As my mind floated in a dream world suddenly, I started to hear the sound of war, the sound of cruelness. As I gazed to my right I saw a huge army of my arch rival Regnaut heading towards. I felt numb all over my body. I did not wish to wage war again ever and now I am forced to. Yet again I am being attacked by Beauregard. I do not wish to battle, yet I must. Then, the messenger I had sent to Puce returned.
The news was terrifying; I had landed in the midst of war. I was blinded by delight, not wishing to know it all, I hasted to see my friend, who was himself in the midst of a war. The gifts I brought are all I have to help me survive in this place.

And now I wait to battle my enemies, through the cruel ways I had long abandoned. As my friend would tell me All do come at a cost. This was the cost of my friend. The reason that made me abandon my sword, my weapon of cruelness has now made me draw it out; raise it high above me for the same cruel war.

Hints and tips

  • In the beginning, after buying all the swords needed for swordsmen, buy stone for a barrack and recruit as much as possible as you have a high population. Then send them into battle and control them a bit so that they fight together really well.

  • Destroy the extra houses in the beginning for wood and use it to make a granary.

  • You can always ask your friend for some needed supllies.

  • You can ask your friend for food and put the rations on double so that the people spawn faster.

  • Move your lord before the enemy arrives.

  • Recognitions from the author

  • I would like to thank to thank Eliteace for constantly playtesting and giving me feedback on the balance.

  • I would like to thank Spark90 for constantly playtesting and giving me feedback on the balance

  • If you would like to contact me, please contact me at subindxsubin(at)gmail(.)com


    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    The Hitman Very good modification of Armenia map! Well done!
    File Author
    Does Armenia look like that?

    [Edit] Just saw the map Armenia in the skirmish section.

    I didnt edit that map. I made this one from scratch.
    They do look similar though.

    I hope all will have a good time playing.

    [Edited on 04/21/08 @ 05:50 AM]

    monkcrazy5 What an incredible map, Subin! Although I ran out of wood, but I won it :)
    von Schmidt Skinvasion? lol!

    The minimap looks good though, ill dl.
    svenjo Oahh very well done but 4me its impossible :P
    File Author
    Thanks for the positive comments everyone.

    Von schmidt, yes it is a funny name but I felt that it would fit in better.

    Svenjo, is it that the map is too hard for you?
    svenjo Haha no i´d won now

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