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The Black Ghost

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
----------NOTE BEFORE PLAYING: At the start of the map, DO NOT order your horsemen to destroy the enemy's trebuchets BEFORE they destroy your gatehouse. Otherwise, the AI will not attack the way I have set them up.

The fog silently creeps its way across the ocean like an assassin preparing to kill. All is quiet in the harbor as the calm waters are black and still. The city is ghostly; its dark structures rising high above the harbor and the streets empty like the depths of space. Every soul that lives in the city sleeps mindlessly in their homes, warm in their beds. An hour before sunrise, at the time when the light slowly begins filling the darkness, one man is sprinting along the path that leads down to the docks. The sound of his heavy breathing flies out ahead of him into the empty street, but he knows the way.

The dark figure of a cat pounces from an alleyway and lands on the path. The man staggers trying to avoid it and then falls forward onto the paved road. The cat runs off but the man remains absolutely still, not even the slightest breath. He listens for what he is afraid of: but nothing cuts across his ears. He turns and peers into the darkness: no sign of anything. Relieved, but knowing he is still in danger, clambers to his feet and resumes running in the direction he was heading. His mind is not as hectic as he realized he has gained length and time between him and his enemy.

His enemy… an anonymous human being with an unbelievable gift; the gift with which he was born with. The ability of the gift is to detect a chosen life form in a distance of no more than three miles. And, for some unknown reason, this gifted person cannot be in sunlight, or has never been seen in sunlight. Some call him “The Black Ghost” because whenever an individual catches sight of him, it is always in the dead of the night. The only people who have seen The Black Ghost in full detail and up close, are the people who have died by his hand… or either, witnesses to his work. This gifted being is always open to be hired. Hired as what? An assassin or a spy. At this moment, The Black Ghost has been hired as both. One reason: “If the assassination of the most important man in the world fails, then spy and report all details back to us.” Those were his orders given by King Hadrian. Nobody knows why the king wants this man dead, but they do know he will do anything to succeed.

As more light is cast down upon the city, The Black Ghost retreats and the fleeing man escapes to hide wherever he can. The assassination of the most important man in the world has failed, but as soon as the letter of details from the assassin is opened and read by King Hadrian, an army of ten thousand men will siege the city the next day. The king does not care if the city is ally or enemy, he will do anything.

The man that had escaped hid himself carefully upon a boat docked down in the harbor. He hides down in the hull, not knowing of what dangers are bubbling outside. A peaceful and boring day passes in the city, then to night. At the next sunrise, the citizens awake to find an enormous army standing ready a few hundred meters from the city. All the army needs now is confirmation.

King Hadrian speaks to his 2nd in Command officer. Suddenly, breaking the conversation, a small grayish hawk lands on the shoulder of the king. King Hadrian pulls the tagged envelope from the bird’s leg and opens it. The hawk lifts off and flies away as the letter is read.

Sorry once again for failing the assassination.

I detect he is still hiding in the city… down in the docks is the highest possibility. Once you surround the exits, he can not escape.

I’m sorry it had to come to this. Good luck.

King Hadrian looks up as a slight breeze lifts the letter out of his hands. The 2nd in Command officer speaks.

‘My lord?’ he asks. ‘Do we have confirmation?’
‘We do,’ the king answers, coldly. ‘Prepare to attack.’

At that very instant… at that very precise moment… an unsuspecting captain rallies his crew. Totally unaware of the danger, they leave the docks and sail off on a transport mission to another city… the hidden man concealed on the below deck down in the hull.


Well, here is a map which I have been working on for a very long time… but not every day of my life! Here and there, I would touch up on a few things once every few days when I felt like it. And now, it’s finally finished for you all to enjoy (or hate), either way, it’s the best map I’ve ever produced.

I had a go at making Himalayan mountains. It seemed to have worked fine, but there are a few spots where there are glitched squares because the tiles aren’t meant to be that high.

That large structure that sits in the ocean is not a huge ship. If you open the map, you can see it’s part of the city. So when/if I get any reviews, don’t mistake that for a ship and put the “Map-design” down. I actually don't know what it is, I added it to the map because it looked good. It may be a large sea lookout for ships or a barrier for the docks for out of control ships that are moving too fast.

MAP UPDATED: Just a small touch up, nothing special. I made all four trebuchets attack the gatehouse, not just two. So now the invasion will move faster then ever! Good luck!

UPDATE #2: The enemy now has killing pits around each trebuchet. So you will lose many horsemen if you try to destroy them.

I have a feeling I’ve left something out… some imperfection. But anyway, enjoy the map!

The Dragonheart
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AZ ViTrAzhAs Looks quite similar to your Reckless Hate Part 1 :) I'll give it a try...
The Dragonheart
File Author
Wow, that was fast. This map took less than 2 hours to get through. When I used to submit maps last year, they usually took 1-2 days.

I also look forward to all your comments.
Hypernova90 The Dragonheart I thought you stopped making maps! This is great! I will download it, but unfortunately since I reinstalled my laptop I lost all my Crusader/Stronghold files and I lost my installation CD, so I will have to wait a little longer, and search for the cd. Anyway it doesn't matter, but the mini-map looks great!
younghappy SCHWEET! This is one really cool looking map. Too bad I don't have crusader :( The curving walls and the overall city design are so interesting.
monkcrazy5 It's about time man, I've been waiting for what seems like forever! Looks wonderful!
The Dragonheart
File Author
Ha, I didn't know anybody was waiting for me :P
I look forward to a review.
romanrook Playability: 4.5
Great job here! I loved your Reckless Hate series and I really like this map. Started great, ended great, and just was fantastic. The only problem was that when your charging knights destroy the trebuchauets the enemy do not attack you and so makes the map very boring. Even though there is that minor glitch overall great playabillity.

Balance: 5
The map was perfectly balanced. After reconsideration I have decided to change the rating, so great job here. Was pretty tough but overly not immpossible.

Creativity: 4.5
Was a very creative map with beutiful tricks and features that all people love, and a cool harbor designalong with the whole city and countryside. However, a minor problem (Not again) was that the map was very similar to your reckless hate map. Overall though was great though.

Map Design: 5
Wow!. Were do I begin. Well let me start with the countryside. It was filled with those little eyecandy tricks that everyone just loves. From custom farms to himilaya mountains, this map had it all. The terain was made perfectly and is a great example of how far we designers have come. And of course, I was very interested in the small ruined farm. It was really cool and made a fine edition to the land. Now on to the city. Once again, Wow! You used the lowering wall trick amazingly well, the walls of the city were works of beuty, the urban sprawl was perfect, you did a brilliant job with the vegitation and rocks, the dock was very good looking and I really liked the quarry in the city. A great map, though you could have explained the island thing in the water, maybe told us what it was for. Also you might have added the ship leaving the harbor form the story to add to the effect, Still, nice job
Story/Instructions: 5
WOW. A great story. Nuff said.

Additional Comments: A great map. Definately worth downloading.Also check out the Reckless Hate series if you want to, it is good!

[Edited on 04/25/08 @ 07:15 AM]

romanrook Hi, I have posted a review and it is processing now. I am kind of new to the reviewing and mapmaking buisness so I hope to learn alot from those great mapmakers out there (You know who you are) So read and comment on my review, and if it is bad, don't bash me too much.
Hypernova90 romanook the fact that the trebuchets didn't work was alreadt told as you could see, but I suppose you already read it. Also the trebuchet issue isn't something you could set of against the balance I think. And the swordsman is meant to make it difficult. But you have written a good review for the rest of the review ;)

I can't even wait to play and review this map myself but I still haven't found my Crusader installation CD :( Well on to the treasure hunting then.
romanrook Now that I think about it, maybe you are right. The swordsmen were probaly a good touch, and I already counted the trebaechets for the playability, so I probaly should have given a 5 for balance. Still a great map though.
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