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Barbarian invasion

Author File Description
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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Hello everyone,

This is my latest map. I have been trying to create this map for months, since I uploaded my last map. I completed several maps but scrapped them because if one thing was good, there was something bad about it.

I have finally perfected it. (in my opinion). The scripting took the longest to get right. The terrain was not too hard but it looks very realistic, very like the carnage and ruins after a flood.

The invasions are well sized, but manageable if you are a quick thinker.

I enjoyed writing the story, not too long, but enjoyable. If there is one bad thing about this map I would say the size. Normally I create quite large maps, but this time I got frustrated after scrapping so many maps like it, I just wanted to get the terrain out of the way quickly. But it came out very well.

Many thanks go out to LourDog, who has been constantly playing this scenario for the past few weeks. He was an excellent playtester.

(Get ready to playtest another map soon, lol)

Overall I found this map challenging to play on the normall difficulty. Plagues lower popularity and food is constantly stolen, plus you have very little space initially to get food. Also raising gold is required for troops. (A wide variety of challenges squeezed into one map!!)

Objectives are:

Gather 15 Stone blocks

Gather 15 Iron Ignots

No enemy and invasions left

Lose conditions are:

Lord killed

resources not gathered by 1092.

The story is in the description.

You can approach this map several ways. How I did it was place a wheat farm on the grass to the south, an armoury, and several woodcutters.

Then I began digging pathways through the flooded area (enemy moat) with my troops, to the forests and grasslands.

The rest is up to you!

Again, many thanks again to LourDog for playtesting.

I welcome comments and reviews.



I can tbelieve nobody has commented...

If you download the map, please comment
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Map Design4.0
I'daccept your thanks graciously, IrishKern... If you could spell my name right! ;)

But seriously, I enjoyed playtesting this map, and here is the review I've been promising:

Playability: 4.5
I was never bored on this map. I was always kept busy with plagues knocking my bakers dead as they carried their freshly-baked bread to the granary... which I desperately needed, as all my food was being stolen. And then there were the invasions to worry about...

Balance: 5
In my opinion, the high point of the scenario. I'd describe myself asa mediocre player at best, and I frequently found myself on a knife edge, juggling the economic goals with repulsing the invasions.

Creativity: 4.5
The use of moat as flooded land around the keep gave this map a distinct feel, as the little building space severely limits you early on, and it places a lot of pressure on you to direct the few troops you have to fill in the moat as quickly as possible to get your first structures up.

Map Design: 4
Overall, I found the map was decent; it was natural, with nothing that stuck out too badly. But what bumps this up a bit is the positioning of the iron and stone deposits: the distance they are from your keep makes them harder to defend from roving macemen, and increases the time it takes for you to get the resources in.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story wasn't bad, but there was nothing outstanding about it either.

Additional Comments:

The only thing - the one and only thing - that annoyed me slightly about this scenario was not your fault, but Firefly's. My units had an irritating disposition towards leaving single tiles of moat out when digging up the area. Tiles that would inevitably be exactly where I wanted to place my next building. But a lot of furious clicking can remedy that problem.


Hang on - playtest another map? You've got to be joking! You think I want to get sucked in to another scenario that could be even better than this one?!

Great! ;)
File Author
Ah, I see the spelling now!

I was unsure, but too lazy to check. Ill update the map ;)

Thanks for the great review! And yes, another map is on the way!

[Edited on 05/02/08 @ 12:37 PM]

File Author
Guys, the downloads are increasing every day. If you download the map, please leave a comment
Map Design4.0
Review of IrishKern’s Barbarian invasion

Summary- Overall score 3.9
A very good scenario. Relatively short. I had great fun. Players should definitely download this one!

Playability: 4.0 – Excellent.
You have a very interesting start. I had great fun choosing where to start filling in moat to make ground for my economy but still leave the town protected.

Balance: 3.5 - Good:
Won first time on Hard setting. I did not feel worried they would break through very often. Use of events did contribute to good balance. The invasions needed to be a bit heavier to have pressed me.

Creativity: 4 – Excellent:
The flood idea is not totally new but it is still a nice one to use. The story tied in well.

Map Design: 4 – Excellent
Positives: -The placement of resources over the other side of the river contributed to the challenge. I had to decide when to venture over there and had to take steps to secure the resource sites from the invasions. The areas of high ground were nicely placed. The use of ruins around the flooded settlement was nice. The frequency of invasions was about right. The restrictions on defensive build options were well thought out. I saw no anomalies in what I could, and could not, build or make. I think that it worked out very well as a normal size map (Which these days is smaller than usual).
Negative: The river, while perfectly functional was not totally convincing and could have been improved on.

Story/Instructions: 4 – Excellent
The instructions and details on the site description were interesting and useful. The story in the map set the scene well.

Additional comments:
To the author I say thanks for making this great fun map. I really enjoyed my game.

[Readers of this review please note. This review contains *my* opinions. If you have different opinions then write your own review. Please don’t expect me to hold the same opinions as you. I detail here the URL to the review guidelines should you harbour any thought that this review does not conform to them:

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Map Design4.0
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