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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
This is my first map.
Story in map.
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Bartimaeus M looks very odd but ill give it a go.

just one tip (which you might get from most people), try to make it look natural and not plain.

but this is your first map so ill let you get away it it :D
File Author
o my gosh its exciting to get a comment

thx ill try to remember that, no promises though
File Author
I have edited it if its not good enough, dont say i didnt try
barbarius I'm trying your map. Till now, I'm in 1192. Well, the ten first years were very easy. I dont think putting "Hard" is a good choice, but I can tell you more about that when I'll finish the map.
barbarius ~Here is the review of the first version of the map. This review isn't used anymore, so, if you want to know some details about this map, please read my second review, just below. Thanks~

Playability: 2
Well, there is two major problems. The first problem is that your map is VERY boring, very too long. I saw in the Editor that the map finishes in 1 255. Well, it's very too far. In 1200, it was already enough for me. Moreover, the other problem is a lag in your map. Because of the animals, the maps became very slow, which is a big problem. I must killed a lot of animals to eradicate the lag, finding a normal game. Yet, the time is too long. As I say in my last commentary, the map is very too easy. Of course, we couldn't really use the farms, but it's not really a problem for me. I've the custom to develop a great castle without using farms. Here, if we trying to put farms, the brigands destroy them, so we couldn't. Then, we must everytime buy resources in order to spare famine.

Balance: 2.5
The lenght of the map makes a map very boring. But the assaults are very poor. From the beginning to the end, it's always the same little groop of crossbowmen, Arabian archers and assassins who attack us. A miserable group who was destroyed each time. Sometimes, in 10 years, we have a big assault, but this big assault is also too small, because we have before all the time to make a strong army. I make 1000 crossbowmen ! Do you already try to take a castle with 1000 crossbowmen ? Moreover, I wasn't very stressed, I really take all my time, creating a very large defense. The map isn't hard, you might put "Easy" as difficulty level.

Creativity: 3.5
Well, I like the design of the map. At the beginning, I was totally lost, and I was searching all the entrances to protect them. We mpust develop our city without having the possibility to create some farms, or producing some woods. Hopefully, we have stone and iron which are close, but it's not with them that we can produce a lot of gold. Yet, in 1220, I had more than 20 000 Gold in my castle.

Map Design: 4
I must admit the map was good to see. The montainous straits which travel through the map were really good, I like it. I like also the oasis in the NE of the map, with a sympathic waterfall. The design of the map is for me the only positive point of your work.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
A poor story, but I'm generous here, I don't want to make a review with a note too low.

Additional Comments:
Well, your map is bad. Clearly. Yet, make them better is quite easy. I really suggest you to reduce the time (1250 is very too long), and to make proportional assaults...

[Edited on 06/02/08 @ 05:29 PM]

File Author
[Edited by ericgolf - please avoid using any word which some may find offensive]

i just edited it to make it 500 times better and the power went out as it was nearly finished. but now i am doing it again so... yeah

[Edited on 05/28/08 @ 11:33 AM]

File Author
sorry i forgot at least i didnt say something else...
i redid everything and shortened the game by more than 50 years! everything is harder now and it looks a lot better

and could barbarius please re-review my map please!

[Edited on 05/28/08 @ 04:06 PM]

barbarius Well, I just need some time for doing it. But I can swear you I'll make a new review soon ;)
Map Design4.5
As I promised, I just played on it. All I can say is that the second version is really better than the first, even if they are again some defaults.

Playability: 4
From the beginning, we're submerged by a veritable tidal wave. The Player doesn't any moment of peace, because the enemies still atack. So, we have to quickly put the buildings, and finding a way to obtain some Gold money. So, it's a game very intense. We have to use carefully the archers who comes in the castle in order to help you. But, well, there's a problem. I think it's better to end the game in 1195. Indeed, during the five years, there're toomany enemies. They burned my city, so I had to bring toghether all my men in the keep. After that, it was a little bit boring ; the enemies come in dribs and drabs, groops by groops, so killing them is very easy. In a way, all the game is quite funny, difficult, stressing, but the end is... disappointing.

Balance: 4.5
Compared to the first version, the game is very difficult. "Hard" is justified. The enemies come quickly, with many men. Without the portables shields, I think the archers and the crossbow would kill all my archers. But the difficulty is counterbalanced by the end, as I said before, that is to say, when we lose everything (with the lack of food, the impots, and the brigands, I've "-37" of popularity bonus ^^ A record !), the enemies are very easy to kill, because they come slowly to the keep, and they died quickly. Well, it's in this situation that I would like to show you some screens where you can see by your own eyes all the enemy army, waiting close to the signpost. Be careful, we can compare this army with a "Stronghold Crusader Extreme" army !

Creativity: 4
A terrible game, with attacks from the beginning to the end. There isn't really gestion to do, not a serious development. I must say I play rarely on a map like that, with always assaults, a strong game. The great problem in a kind of game like that is what I see in the five last years : too many enemies troops, so poor attacks (very paradoxal). Anyway, this principe works well on this map !

Map Design: 4.5
Compared to the first version, you've got better the quality of the map. I don't have the specific vocabulary to define the map, but it's very good. I especially like the kind of "plat-form" at the right of the castle, with small rivers. Very beautiful.

Story/Instructions: 3
A good story to introduce the game.

Additional Comments:
A very good update ! The only problem comes from the end. Otherwise, I really liked to play on it, it was really captivating !
File Author
Yay! Thank you Barbarius.

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Map Design4.5
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