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KoH 13 - Jerusalem

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Hello everyone,

First of all, this map was made by Darthsupreme, who gave me the authorization to post it.

About me and this map, I must say that I control a French forum where we have decided, for months, to make a Mod about Kingdom of Heaven, a movie realizd by Ridley Scott. Till now, we've produced the first version of the Mod, but a second version is planed... For a long time. Anyway, this map is in Jérusalem. If you've seen the movie, it's when the Crusaders, leaded by Guy de Lusignan, kill a lot of Saracen, including Saladin's sister. At this poiint, two diplomats come in Jerusalem, demanding the fall of Jerusalem, the die of the culprit. Of course, Guy de Lusignan disagrees, killing one of the Saladin's man. In the movie, the two others can go out the city without any problem. You, no.

You control one assassin (two if you restart the mission, but it's more easy with one man, trust me), and your mission is to find a way in this big city to go out, and killing the Lord in the NE of the map. It's a henchman of Renaud de Chatillon, a Templar wounded, close to death. If you can kill this man, Saladin must probably not kill you. But, well, you must go out... I don't know if you know the myth of the Minotaur, but there's something like that here. You're in a very big city, lost like Pinocchio in the stomach of the whale, but you must also be very quickly, because a lot of macemen would kill you if you are too slow. Find the good way (it's not really the problem here), and be careful. If you are too slow, and too close from the macemen when they're stopped, they'll kill you.

To conclude, this map was inspired by the trailer of the map Sin's of the Father, Chapter 2 - Jack Wolverine. Many thanks to Az-Vitrazhas, who gives us the concept of the map (thanks to his trailer of his map), and to Darthsupreme, who made this map after ten hours of work.
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The Hitman I gotta add, the best restauration of Jerusalem.
AZ ViTrAzhAs Looks really nice, Barbarius, I'll surely find time to play this one :)
File Author
Thanks, Hitman. Yet, the center of the castle, with the dig moat, isn't realistic, but I authorized it. It's beautiful, but we can also see that, through the architecture, that Guy de Lusignan is a paranoid man.

Good luck, Az ;)

[Edited on 05/25/08 @ 10:10 AM]

The Hitman That's just excellent RPG game of SHC. Starting with assassin, solving some struggles... In first I tried to pass by destroying buildings, but this was only a shortcut for the arrows. It's not very easy, but I'm advancing with saving every 30 seconds :D It's much easier than Jack Wolverine and, for me, possible to accomplish. It reminds me of some Jacky Chans' movie, running ninja through the city and swarms of bad mafiots running after him :D Still I haven't get to the wall, but I'm working on it. Strange, I don't even need walktroughs :D The city is made very realistic itself. The story was quite amusing, too bad the guys, who don't know french, won't understand it :) Thanks for sharing, I guess this is my favorite RPG mission in SHC. You took the idea from AZ - that's the only thing (for me) that would lower the score. You're the man (l'homme) xD

Oh... I have a question. Do I have to bring my assassin to the final boss with full heath? An arrow damaged him while sneaking, can this fail the final stealth kill?

[Edited on 05/25/08 @ 01:03 PM]

File Author
In fact, if the assassin is damaged, you can't kill the Lord. I know, it's bad, but it's like that. I tried to change that, but, well, the timing is very strict. Indeed, I did a second version of the map, but, in this version, the macemen were very too close to the assassin, so it was impoossible to win. Disappointed, I let the first version. In fact, we make the objective to kill the Lord because it was the only solution. If you can go out of the city, you've won. But there isn't objective in the Editor like : "Go at this position to win", so we create a Lord to kill.

It's not the same thing as Jack Wolverine. We don't need to use a lot our mind, but to be very fast. Otherwise, the macemen come...

[Edited on 05/26/08 @ 03:45 PM]

Darthsupreme Thank you people. I have just been informed that my map had been posted on SH hehe. I of course accepted that it could be showed on this forum.

I am pretty proud of this map. Even tough it isn't modified with programs to make it as beautiful and spectacular as the Az's maps, I made some Eye-candies, and tried to make a big city, all mixed-up like it was mostly in the Dark Age.

I know the moat didn't make realist, but if Barbarius would have liked, I could have made other kind of separation.

This map doesn't respect the historic of Jérusalem, of course it doesn't, tough I liked to make it, and mostly to see people like Barb. to rush on it, and to LOVE it!

NOTE: I must say tough that you only would normally win if your assasin can make it right up to the lord in the NE, doesn't matters if he gets killed. If you reached the NE Lord, that means you passed over all the obstacles.

[Edited on 05/26/08 @ 04:35 PM]

artofmath Even though it might be a good map, still not an accurate rep. of Jerusalem. :P
File Author
Yeah, you're right, but it's not really a problem, I think.

[Edited on 05/27/08 @ 11:42 AM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design4.0
KoH 13 - Jerusalem

There are only a few maps available to download with the RPG (role-playing game) scenario, and it’s great, when people take time to create such missions!

Playability – 4,5.
Challenging and entertaining. First of all there’s only one character you really care about - Balian de Ibelin, if I’m correct (he’s in the form of the assassin). And the mission is to escape the Jerusalem, but since there’s no such win condition, another enemy lord was added. The main mission still remains – to escape. It actually took me about an hour to finish, and I must say I was using the saves quite often. The hardest part was to climb the over the thick walls – the arrows always injured me, although after many tries I somehow succeeded to escape into the outer castle section without getting hurt. When playing I had to keep the view always lowered but it was great to hide and run trough the narrow streets of Jerusalem, it really created an impression of an action game, where you are forced to hide from your enemies, who just keep searching for you. After I escaped from Jerusalem through the southern gate, I went through to the mountains hiding from enemies once more. When the victory was near, I saw guards chasing me! So I tricked them by circling the mountain, and finally I’ve managed to kill the lord. Overall, a very challenging mission, there weren’t any boring moments: speed, quick thinking, and a bit of luck. The little thing I didn’t like was that there were some parts which I had to play all over and over, as it didn’t depend on me – like the bows – they missed once and I used that chance, although after many, many loading times.

Balance – 5.
Great work here. The main feeling of an RPG mission in Crusader is the despair, and when the victory is achieved it’s somehow hard to believe that you managed to trick so many enemies. Well, the amount of enemies was just huge! And come to think of it – they couldn’t stop me… The number of patrolling guards was more than enough, too! The enemy lord has very accurately measured life left, and this enforces the player to watch for any dangers – arrows, fighting, etc. It might seem that the buildings and the troops are just placed randomly, however if one looks closely, he’ll see that there are paths, which you have to use to avoid guards, and hide from arrows. I really liked the feeling when you get out of the crowded centre into the outer part with the cathedral; it feels like a gust of pleasant wind: good idea creating few sections of the city – it makes even harder to search for a way out. Possibly a win timer would make the mission even more thrilling, but yet again, the player has to waste some time to search for the best path.

Creativity – 5.
A mission of this type always requires a lot of new ideas and interesting aspects. Although the interpretation of Jerusalem isn’t historically accurate, it really didn’t matter – the tension didn’t let me to think about this. However I noticed so eyecandy features like the irrigating system, main cathedral, army training ground, a small cemetery, etc. Adding the patrolling macemen was really genius, I’ll try to explain. Wherever I went a huge swarm of enemies were running towards me, searching and sniffing everywhere. When they were coming closer and closer, I could feel knees shaking, and what a great relief it was to see them running past me. This was a truly a cinematic and thrilling touch, which keeps on going through the whole mission. Although it’s a movie based map, I found it very creative, full of interesting themes and features.

Map design – 4.
The map presented a huge city of Jerusalem with interesting themes which I’ve already mentioned – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, irrigated farmland, a fountain, army’s training ground, interesting castle sections’ layout, and some small interesting features, like the custom fortification in the north. There was a lot of work done, to set all the buildings with a feeling of narrow streets, the usage of walls and moat is quite good, the gatehouses were placed in the right places. However there were some things which could be done better – the mountains needed more rocks, some small details, like pebbles, shrub… The grand could have been mixed with a bit of rocks, a little grass, driven sand, possible a few trees, which I missed: the few empty spots in the map would be covered. However the thrilling playability makes me forget about these flaws, adding eyecandy features is always a bonus in any kind of map.

Story – 4.
Surely, the hardest part to rate: I don’t learn French, and sadly I wasn’t able to understand the main story, which was written in the map. Luckily, The Hitman told me that the story is decent and I trust him, as know French well. The narration in the main page was written quite well, you explained the main idea, what is this map about, some hints, dedications, additional information, etc. However there were some mistakes, and sadly I would really want to read a story in English, as I only ran my eye over the IMDB trivia about the screening “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Tips and offers – as I mentioned try to make the map design more detailed, use more small editor features, this will help to create a real dusty atmosphere! A win timer would make the mission even more challenging, I guess adding it would be a positive feature. I would also offer to vary with walls and buildings – create some platforms, add a second level with the help of the mid-plain, more fountains, possibly some more castle sections.

In conclusion, it’s a great RPG/ 3rd player action game mission to have some long and thrilling moments! As you said it’s completely different from my map, what is more I feel honoured that mapmakers are inspired by my work.

Thanks for sharing your work!

gardevoir999 Awesome map! It must have taken a long time to make.
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