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The Ourea II-By Warlord Designs

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Greetings to all of the SH community,

Arthus has once again busied himself with another free-build, and it is with great pleasure that I can announce its arrival. Drawing on what we loved in the first Ourea Map, the second in the series combines much of what we enjoyed in the first map with some new improvements. Plenty of space and the option to build in the more challenging heights, offers the player a greater variety of options when playing the map.

The map features an invisible signpost, which is located in the west corner of the mountains. A trial invasion may be wise before deciding to settle.

Well let’s not delay it any longer.

We hope your enjoy The Ourea II.

Here’s a snippet of the story…

The Ourea II

Deep in the Germanic wilderness a road winds to a great extent along a river that passes through and runs with the Danube. The path is still and the air cold. Mist hugs the ground in the mornings and hides by the afternoon. The nights are unbearable…

Three soldiers march towards camp…
It is morning.

Deep bellows ring out amongst the trees stirring birds from their roosts.

“Victor surely there is no soldier in the kings army as ugly as you.”
“ Well now I’m not so sure of that, you my dear friend can’t be too far behind,” Victor replied, fighting back tears.
“Please don’t be so modest Victor, the pleasure, I assure you, is all yours.”
“Will you both shut up! You are like two little girls…this place is dangerous.”
“Lord protect me, said Victor crossing himself. Would you fancy that Bruce? Mathew says it’s dangerous.”

“Oh yes”, replied Bruce…”like the couple of savage women in the last raid, they could dish a fair slap”…

Mathew stops and is still. Bruce and Victor joke on. Before long Bruce turns and sees Mathew.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” calls Bruce.
“Quiet, I heard something.”

The sound of dead branches breaking underfoot sends Mathew’s gaze over the river. Above crows spill from their high roosts, their harrowing calls echo outward into the abyss. Mathew’s breathing begins to grow heavier and his heartbeat more intense. He looks to his friends but finds no one. Fear grips him and around him the trees seem to grow taller blocking out more and more of the suns white rays. The forest around Mathew begins to spin, faster and faster until it brings him to his knees, his hands grasping his head in agony. He begins to scream…

Best wishes from the both of us,

Have fun.

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File Author
cant ask for a better comment than that, very happy to hear that mate - enjoy the map.
monkcrazy5 I've been waiting forever! This will be awesome!!!
File Author
I hope so mate, enjoy! :)
monkcrazy5 used my well trick!
I feel honored!


[Edited on 05/31/08 @ 07:32 AM]

File Author
It was too good not to use :)
I remember doing the burining farms. I read your post the next day and thought "wow that will make the start of my map that extra bit special"
Just a shame no one else has used it in their maps - another thing that shows the power of the magic eraser!.
monkcrazy5 Thanks.

It is a wonderful map, i'll surely rate it.
Map Design5.0
Indeed, a very good map. I stopped when I had more than 300 peasants.

Playability: 5
As you said in the presqentation, there's some different ways of development. Personnally, I put my keep in the NE of the map, and start a basic development, putting woodcutters and apples orchards. We don't have a lot of resources at the very beginning,but I can quickly develop the castle. The wood was very close to my keep, so, after the first deliveries of wood, I can intensify the production, and, quickly, obtaining a huge population, with a lot of money. Somestimes, my woodcutters were attacked by some bears which weren't really dangerous. The resources of wood are quite generous, but, about the stone, it wasn't the same thing. I can only put a quarry in the SE of the map, after killing wolves with spearmen. But, well, I really liked to develop a castle on this map. Generally, I dislike the freebuild maps : there's nothing to do, except creating a castle, so, in my mind, the freebuild maps is more something to spend ourtime than other things. Anyway, here, it was really pleasant to create a town (surely because of the design...).

Balance: 4
Hum, I don't think this category is really useful in a freebuild map. Normally, in this catgeroy, we have to evaluate the difficulty of a map, but, in a freebuild map, the difficulty is... quite delicate to evaluate (like in skirmishes). But, from the little experience I have about the freebuild maps, I know some maps ar emore easy to develop than others. On some freebuilds, we start with nothing (5 Woods ^^). Here, it's not the case. Well, we don't start with abondant resources, but with some resources which permit a tranquil development, without a lot of problems.

Creativity: 4.5
In this category, it's especially the few eye-candies which catch my eyes : the wheat farms, but also the eternal fire at the beginning, the firefighter who don't need a well... Very impressive. Moreover, I like also the fact that we ca choose differents way of development. I think I've chosen the more easiest. We can also put the keep in thye hills, close to the iron, but without a lot of farms near to the castle.

Map Design: 5
A very great work here. I like the mountains with the snow, which seems to be like gigantics claws which create a king of frontier between the plains and the wild world, the human world (with my town ^^) and a sauvage world, stony and dry. A very good work, with a big forest in the South of the map. Mreover, a large part of the plains seems to be burned. So, I've really the feeling to be in a very sauvage world, inhospitable, quite dangerous and devastated.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story given in the .zip file is quite strange (being a French, I don't unterstand everything, sorry), but, according to what I unterstand, the story is a good illustration of the map, especially when Mathew is separataed from his two friends at the beginning of the story. At this point,I've the feeling of a dangerous and wild place. I don't really unterstand the end of the story, but it's because I'm French, not especially good in English language.

Additional Comments:
I don't played on the first version, but the second version is a very good work. I give you my congratulations !
strongholder nl *A bright white light shines down* "aaaaahaaaaaa"
monkcrazy5 [Comment removed - spam - Let's keep comments relevant to the map folks. - edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 06/02/08 @ 05:44 PM]

Lord Boz Beautiful what else can I say :p you inspire us all
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Map Design5.0
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