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Assassin's Creed

Author File Description
The Hitman
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
Hokay, perhaps some of you know the game and some may not. Whatever. I made a SHC copy of the mission before the final boss. Well I changed the story a bit. You're in Damascus and unfortunetelly the river Barada has flooded a big part of the town... Thanks to the fast reactions of the citizen they managed to save most of the town. The water is filled with ruins and dead bodies and rescue operations begin. You were caugh by dragoons, but you soon manage to kill the guard and escape from the dungeon.

Image Hosted by

The french general Robert de Sable arrived in town, for the funeral of his brother, also a crusader died near Jerusalem. Due to the conflicts with the saracins he took 6 swordsmen, as bodyguards. The count of the domain wasn't a fool too, so he ordered to guard the graveyard and himself by swordsmen too. However the river Barada flooded the castle soon and Robert left stucken in Damascus. Caravans are about to pick him up soon. He is an important target for Altair (the assassin) and he has to eliminate him while Robert is stucked. The main defenses of the town are trying to stop the water and there are several weak points in the town, which Altair can use to get Robert. The french general was on war too and has been hit by a slinger in the head. He's heavily damaged and can easly die - another advantage to Altair. Now it's your turn to find a clear path, leading to Robert and hack him with your hidden short blade.


Sorry for the short story, I don't know english very well, perhaps the story is filled with mistakes, anyway :)


DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT BY DESTROYING BUILDINGS , because you won't get the reward, which you awaited. There clear paths and other that are guarded. You have to think and choose the right way. If you try to make a shortcut - game over. Please do not restart the mission via the "restart" button, because this may cause some bugs. If you have little health, don't worry you still have the strenght to kill Robert. I suggest you save your game frequently.

This is RPG kind of mission, where you control only one man and you count generaly on your thinking and strategy. Not very hard mission. RPG invasion and eyecandy in one map! Please enjoy and rate :)

The Hitman


Version 1.1 updates:
*Bug fixed - now it's impossible to pass through the stockpile's guards.
*The crowding streets with peasants are now past.

Version 1.2 update
*Bug fixed - the smiths are now sleeping, so you won't ever get hurt(killed) by them, like before.
*Landscape improvements

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IrishKern Hitm, this looks like an outstanding map...I have played the game assassins creed and this map looks so much like it. Well done, I will definetly rate this
staisy17 Hey!AWESOME MAP!!!!! This is your best work yet!! 6 out of 5!

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 10:36 AM]

The Hitman
File Author
Um thanks for comments and generaly for the downloads, hope you like it guys ;)

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 02:49 PM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs Roshko is Morbid Angel I guess, good to have you back :)

Excellent map! I'll try to find some time to give it a go!

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 02:58 PM]

von Schmidt I'll try it, might even rate it. Haven't rated anything for a long time now.. I'll give this one a go anyway, looks cool. Thumbs up!

Great job on your write-up :-)
Nice to see good use of the HTML facility for description page with super graphics. Well Done!

A couple of things I tried to put in an email to you (but it would not go through):
Maybe just a bit OTT on the size of Heading tag used for the "I Warn ....." bit. I am thinking of users with smaller screen settings. Also, for your graphics, you might want to try getting yourself some free webspace (I use That way you would not to have the Imageshack caption stuff. Feel free to ask about this stuff in the SD or Maproom forum.

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 03:14 PM]

barbarius I'm glad to see a new RPG-map. It's always a pleasure to play on maps like that.

Playability: 4.5
There's a little problem in your map. I think you forget to put in as a "Solo" game. So, when I wanted to play on it, I didn't find it anywhere, excepted in the Editor. So, I change the mode, putting "Solo" instead of "Multi". After that, I can play. It's the only default I saw, but quite embarrassing if we don't know the combinatioin "Alt + ,". Anyway, about the map itself, it was indeed a real pleasure to move our Assassin into the streets of Damascus. A tht beginnig, I didn't see my assassin, and I confuse Robert de Sablé with the Lord of Damascus ^^ I finally saw Robert, in the cimetery of the town. Altaïr made a long way in order to catch Robert, but it's not very difficult, because there's just one road to follow. Of course, I find some difficult points, like when I was on the wall surrouding the stockpile. But, generally, it wasn't very problematic. The end of the game was quite vicious, with the killing pits (they killed my man ^^). But the playability is quite good. You made a good work about that, and the way to victory is spread of many traps.

Balance: 4.5
During this game,I compared this map to the other RPGs I know, that is to say "KoH 13" and "Jack Wolverine". "Your map is more close to "KoH 13". But, in "KoH 13", we're always tracked by some macemen. Here, it's not the case, so this game isn't really stressful. We have all the time we need to think about the best way to choose. So, I don't think the difficulty of this map is "Hard", I think it's "Normal". But the difficulty was quite good,we have to choose the good way, to be very fussy (sometimes, my man brushed against some soldiers, like the Arabian swordsmen). There's also some patrols where we must use the good timing. So, the map isn't easy, but, if I compared it to "KoH 13", it's not a very difficult RPG.

Creativity: 5
Well, all the RPG-map are very original, so your map is quite original. Moreover, it's not a RPG game which is like "KoH 13", or "Jack Wolverine". Till now, all these RPG were different to each other. Your map is more tranquil than "Koh 13" and more realistic than "Jack Wolverine". Moreover, there are some patrols. I liked the patrols. In conclusion, it's a RPG quite original.

Map Design: 5
I played, and I finished "Assassin's Creed". So, I know Damascus. I don't want to be a fussy analysis on your map, comparing it to the Damascus in the game. It's a beautiful city, and you even put the observation towers. I think the stockpile surronded by walls might be the market place, but I can be in the wrong. Anyway, it's a very beautiful city

Story/Instructions: 5
The form of the story is, as Ericgolf said, quite good. About the content, it's a good rewritten (I don't know if this word exists ^^) of "Assassin's Creed" scenario.

Additional Comments:
A good RPG-game !
The Hitman
File Author
Hey, thanks a lot for ze comments, it's satisfying :) Glad you like it!

Eric, I think you attach some data to your letter and they become too big and considered as spam => automaticly deleted. I wasn't having such problem so far, so try to just stick to the simple text and I hope everything will be fine. I'd want to know who was this guy Roshko and why most of the message has been edited, it's a bit confusing... Why would it be Morbid Angel, he has his account, which I think is not currently banned. But I also think this might be some other guy, who everyone here knows with his irritating behavior >;@

um... what the...? Hey, mrs Staisy welcome back :D

Emm, ok Roshko have my Skype, it's in my profile in the forums...

[Edited on 06/10/08 @ 04:21 AM]

Check out this thread "A new dawn by Roshco",3249,,20

(I tried to email you about the comment edit but that did not get through either. My emails are simple text, nothing fancy, btw.)

[Edited on 06/10/08 @ 12:17 PM]

The Hitman
File Author
Wooow thanks for review, mon ami! I already updated the map, thanks for telling me for the bug. However I don't think the map is bad because of this, it has nothing to do with the map's quality ;) Anyway lets consider it was too easy for you :D Yes, if you remember Robert was on the graveyard in this mission, that's why he is there.

I though it's not necessery but I'll post a tip: in the graveyard try to stick to the "red" road in order to don't get killed. In fact this road is something like the well known "ealge vision" which you use to see the right way, lol xD Thanks again! Amities!

@Ericgolf - very strange I haven't seen such problem so far, everything worked fine, while corresponding with Sulis... I tried to sign up at gmail, but it just didn't accepted my password, something was wrong. i tried in Yahoo, but it wanted me some Postal Codes, which i didn't knew and I needed to leave with my old e-mail. About the edits I understood, Roshko contacted me and we solved the dispute ;) Nothing personal. Again thanks for review, everything's fixed now...

[Edited on 09/28/08 @ 11:54 AM]

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