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Assassin's Creed

Author File Description
The Hitman
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
Hokay, perhaps some of you know the game and some may not. Whatever. I made a SHC copy of the mission before the final boss. Well I changed the story a bit. You're in Damascus and unfortunetelly the river Barada has flooded a big part of the town... Thanks to the fast reactions of the citizen they managed to save most of the town. The water is filled with ruins and dead bodies and rescue operations begin. You were caugh by dragoons, but you soon manage to kill the guard and escape from the dungeon.

Image Hosted by

The french general Robert de Sable arrived in town, for the funeral of his brother, also a crusader died near Jerusalem. Due to the conflicts with the saracins he took 6 swordsmen, as bodyguards. The count of the domain wasn't a fool too, so he ordered to guard the graveyard and himself by swordsmen too. However the river Barada flooded the castle soon and Robert left stucken in Damascus. Caravans are about to pick him up soon. He is an important target for Altair (the assassin) and he has to eliminate him while Robert is stucked. The main defenses of the town are trying to stop the water and there are several weak points in the town, which Altair can use to get Robert. The french general was on war too and has been hit by a slinger in the head. He's heavily damaged and can easly die - another advantage to Altair. Now it's your turn to find a clear path, leading to Robert and hack him with your hidden short blade.


Sorry for the short story, I don't know english very well, perhaps the story is filled with mistakes, anyway :)


DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT BY DESTROYING BUILDINGS , because you won't get the reward, which you awaited. There clear paths and other that are guarded. You have to think and choose the right way. If you try to make a shortcut - game over. Please do not restart the mission via the "restart" button, because this may cause some bugs. If you have little health, don't worry you still have the strenght to kill Robert. I suggest you save your game frequently.

This is RPG kind of mission, where you control only one man and you count generaly on your thinking and strategy. Not very hard mission. RPG invasion and eyecandy in one map! Please enjoy and rate :)

The Hitman


Version 1.1 updates:
*Bug fixed - now it's impossible to pass through the stockpile's guards.
*The crowding streets with peasants are now past.

Version 1.2 update
*Bug fixed - the smiths are now sleeping, so you won't ever get hurt(killed) by them, like before.
*Landscape improvements

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AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design5.0
Assassin's Creed
Another third person action game type mission has been posted, and I think it’s more than great to see these maps. After creating Jack Wolverine, I was happy to see a great RPG mission from Barbarius, and now an excellent work by The Hitman.

Playability – 4,5.
An interesting and thrilling playing time is guaranteed for every player, no matter whether he’s an expert or just a rookie. I must say that the mission was a bit too “calm”, this aspect comes due to the time’s indetermination: the player can think as long as he can. I don’t consider this a drawback, but a lose timer would give the mission even more tense. I loved the idea that you have to control every step, if not, the mission is over. The small features, like wall climbing, searching for the right way (the hardest part was near the stockpile, where the ram was hiding the path), destroying siege equipment, killing slaves, make the whole playing time more lively, and the small maze with killing pits is really good, too. But as I said, a time limit, and possibly some more patrolling troops with a handful of archers, would make the playability even more thrilling.

Balance – 5.
Excellent work here. The main feature is the desperation: how can a single assassin fool hundreds of enemies, and even kill the lord! That was a fantastic achievement. The large amount troops (some of them patrolling), the killing pits were set in right places. The whole city with hundreds of guards and even more workers looked like a real economical and strategic center, like the real Damascus. The enemy lord had the right amount of lifebar left, enough to kill him even if being hurt. The assassin (Altair) really looked like stabbing Robert from the back! Overall, great work balancing this one!

Creativity – 5.
Huh, truly a creative interpretation of a game (or the game’s mission possibly), I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed so I can’t really judge this aspect. However the way the whole structure and mission blended with rest of the map and the story was superb. The idea of the flood was very interesting; the castle had its more-or-less flooded areas. The small details like fences, training grounds, custom gardens, etc. are really eye-catching. The clever usage of the killing pits, and the way you’ve realized that the player might try killing the main ruler of the city, thus adding some strong defense, was splendid as well. And of course the playing style, stealth, silence, fooling the enemies is always a gift for all players. Thumbs up!

Map design – 5.
Terrific! No doubt, the design of this map is the best, compared to your other work! The landscape look really natural, with small hills, various details like shrub, boulders, rocks spread everywhere throughout the map. The water channel was a nice touch, and I really liked the caves-rocks inside the city, now that’s an extraordinary touch, well done! The whole city had an impression of a very important and huge structure, and I actually felt very little when, crossing its streets, paths. The small eye-catching details were the custom gradens, yards with fences, etc. The flooded part of the castle looked good as well. To sum up, a great map, with a lot of eyecandy features.

Story – 5.
A good work with the html codes, I liked the pictures, the color’s you’ve used etc. Even though I haven’t played “Assassin’s Creed”, you’ve explained everything: the situation, the objectives, other details (like the flood). It’s great that you add some explanations and your personal thoughts about the mission, this shows that you really care about both your work and the players.

Overall, a very interesting, thrilling and eye-catching mission, a great example what results can be achieved with the right amount of time.

Suggestions – as I said, a lose timer, and some more enemy troops, archers for example would make the playability even more intensive.

Map Design5.0
Assassin's Creed by The Hitman

Before I start I want to say that this was truly an extraordinary map. I can’t remember another where I had to think about so many things at the same time not to mention that I made about 60 saves.

As previous reviewers said the map isn’t really hard once you get the hang of how things work. For me the map from the start to the finish has been a total nightmare. When I started my first strategy was to destroy buildings in order to advance. But as most of you have found out the entire caste is full of deadly traps. One wrong move and it’s all over. It’s a good thing that the traps were somewhat visible (compared to the grass) or I would have been struggling with it even now. I must have tried about 10 or more roads to the victim, but unfortunately none of them were successful. Even now I can’t describe the exact road I took, because I made radical turns whenever danger was in front of me. As I reached the stockpile I stumbled into the most difficult part of the map. I tried to go through one of the towers down to the assassin, but soon found out that the road there was impassible. It’s also very cool how the troops were placed. Eg. The only way you could go down is via one of the towers, which happened to be guarded by a slave (easily killable: P) so it kind of forces me to use this road. I don’t know if this is placed there by mistake or if it’s bate. If it is than I could only shake the designers hand because I fell for it (that must have been the initial plan). Even though there isn’t a timer or anything to pressure the player it’s very likely to make mistakes at every turn. In the end I noticed that the rocks on one side weren’t blocking the wall (it stood out because of the other parts, but hardly anything to worry about). I was relieved to get out of the stockpiles and into the next level. It was just like a FPS accomplishing one thing in order to proceed to the next level. I really valued that and want to congratulate Hitman for the work he has thrown into the making of this map. In the second part I wondered a lot wether to use the flood plains or continue through the city. The problem was that my city route went straight pass the castle (something I really wanted to avoid) I tried all sorts of strategies to get pass the buildings and into the water. But after I found that the terrain was seeded with traps I used my second option. So I went straight to the castle killing the workers on after another and watching for soldiers or odd terrain (traps). After I passed the obstacles I found myself forced to go pass the camp fire or back the castle. So I used the back, carefully maneuvering pass a patrolling soldier. Then came a wall which I needed to scale. I want to add that if the soldier is positioned in the right way he can climb off without the Arabian swordsmen hurting him. And after that it turned easy. I had to dodge some of the soldiers who were patrolling and finally was on the home stretch when I died. The garden where the target stood hat multiple traps. Only after trying about 10 times did I use the obvious way following the iron road. And with that I completed the map. It was indeed kind of easy but I died a lot of times and had to keep a lot of things in mind when playing. For me it was kind of stressful because I wanted to pass it but kept dying. So for me it’s hard as the designer has clearly marked and it deserves a 5.
The balance was one thing I thought a lot about. The thing that bugged me was that if I don’t come close to the enemy they can’t do anything to me (you can actually pass the map with full health) I wasn’t sure if the balance is correct, but then think about this it’s an assassin. His job is to move silently and undetected through the city so I guess things were really well calculated. There were literally hundreds of things that can ruin the mission. From the army and traps to the ordinary people like blacksmith who can fight back and possibly badly hurt you. Another thing were soldiers patrolling if you don’t notice them they can quickly turn into a nasty surprise. Note that even if you take hits you can still kill the lord and complete the mission so don’t go about reloading and going through everything again just because you’re yellow. One thing I loved a lot about this map was the precise positioning of the troops. Wherever I wanted to go there were sure to be 3 faces to fend me off. All in all it had a great balance and replay value. The creativity was also something I adored. I think only Jack Wolverine comes close to the idea of your map. Even though they are similar in gameplay I think both are very unique with different obstacles and a lot of fun. The entire map was one large eyecandy structure which I really loved. From the small gardens and fences to the flood and the structures affected by it. The entire castle looked great with tons of small things which catch the eye. As for the map design: that was also one of my “thought points” Not that it’s bad or anything. All of the trees shrubs rocks etc were placed perfectly. The problem was that the castle was so enormous and interesting that he stood out too much. The creativity was extraordinary but the landscape itself wasn’t something unseen. So you see there is a misbalance between the two things. In the end I decided to leave the higher score for two reasons. First one could clearly see that a lot of time has went into the making of this castle and the entire gameplay something I would hate to spoil for such a small thing. And second this is purely my point of view. I was the original terrainer in BMC and those things kind of catch my eye. But others see it as a good landscaping. ;) Don’t get me wrong. The entire terrain is really well managed the problem is that it’s not as majestic as the castle (a problem I don’t consider worthy of lowering the score. And finally the story. It was amazing how you described everything for people who have not played the original game before. All the HTML and different colors and personal information about the map add to a perfect map mate.

Additional Comments:
I know my review is unevenly made but for me the playability was the most important thing and I wanted the designer to know that every little aspect of his game was noticed and made the gameplay outstanding. So nothing else to say accept thanks for the map and I hope all the crusader players experience what I did.

Map Design5.0
I'm big fan of the game. I bought myself a brand new PC just to play Assassin's Creed. Tho AC and SHC are my favourite games, I had no patience to try this one. I haven't made much maps so far, but I'll rate it in my opinion. The map is done very well and I felt that I gotta rate it.

Playability: 5
When I started the map, I was like stunned. I saw a lot of familiar things and characters. The playability was really good. There were few problems however, but they are not enough to ruin the fun. I'm talking about the random passing bakers and mainly blacksmiths, who were ready to fight with the assassin, even armed with a small hammer. I how I owned rober in the end. I think you've mistaken his name by the way. So I needed to think my strategy and way through to get him.
Balance: 5
One man against whole army. What a fair battle. Using silent tricks I managed to sneak behind the arabians' backs and to kill rober, without even being attacked by his guards xD I like the rambo style idea how one man slides between whole army and assassinated only his target.
Creativity: 5
I don't understand much what I have to write here, but lets just say your creativity is great.

Map Design: 5
Briliant, I haven't seen much maps from this site, but this one had really cool design. The castle was so huge and colorful, the towers, which I saw in AC were also there. the idea about the flood is good, but somehow I'd prefer the city dry :) How did you made these wooden walls, they looked like farm walls? The modding is always welcome. Te design of the outskirts was one kind of weird. Stones and iron pieces everywhere makes chaotic feeling. Like there has been a hurricane. With small exceptions the nature design was good as well. Dserved 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is from AC, but I saw you have changed some parts from it. So I can't consider it as stolen. I want to ask how did you inserted those pics in your story?

Additional Comments: I've never played a map like this in SHC, but I left very impressed from this one. Please make more.
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
There are few maps like this, an RPG creation and it's certainly one of the most original maps. As it has a huge factor of difference compared to other usual invasions where you have to either defend/attack a structure, here, the player is given just an assassin to kill a low-health king. This difference from the normal maps makes this scenario very enjoyable and entertaining.

Balance: 4
It is not a very difficult to win the game and the player doesn't have to be very skilled, but it rather takes patience and logical choices in the assassin's journey through the castle by the king. A good thing is that one has to save often due to the easiness of damaging the player's soldier. Overall an excellent balance.

Creativity: 5
The idea itself of an RPG map is highly original and the author showed a very good fictive but (game-)inspired scenario. Also I saw many original things well implemented into the map, the castle itself is a creative structure and everything in it has full creativity marks, the most important thing to consider could be the buildings maze on which the player has to find the path to king.

Map Design: 4.5
I felt like the map design was ignored on certain areas, like the sea - where pointless random rocks were placed - and the desert - where the endless sand hills were covered by a bit too many trees (for a desert). That's why the score is not a 5, but on the relative huge castle the author showed a very good use of tools and logical buildings placement.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I found the story very good, but some more details could make it even better. An excellent work.

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