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The Final Stand

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
This is the second map i've submitted to Stronghold Haven. This map is a siege mission, however, due to some AI difficulties I couldn't get it to work in defence, so don't try it, or else it won't work.

In this map you play Emilia NightHaven, attacking one of the three Barbarian warlords who plague the region, I should of made it an invasion but I didn't think the AI would bugger up so... Sorry.

=== Story ===

After the reckoning, life was hard for me in this new land. I was still just a child, and I had no family to watch over me. If not for the kindness of an elderly enchantress, I don't think I would have survived. Shifana protected me, became like a second mother. Then age claimed her, and once again I was alone.

Perhaps that is why it was so easy for me to leave shifanas home when the Barbarians threatened our town. The destruction caused by Bronx's murderous horde was still too fresh in our minds, so we packed up our most prized possessions and left.

It wasn't until I came to a crossroads and really looked at the lost, hopeless expressions on everyones faces that I realized this was wrong. Why are we abandoning our homes so easily? Was it because we had felt homeless ever since the destruction of Erathia? Or were we simply cowards?

I shouted "Why do we let these thugs rule our lives?!"

Before I knew it i had everyones attention, so I had to say something, or i'd look like a complete fool.

"I'm just like the rest of you - I lost everything to the reckoning. This..." I said, waving my arm to encompass the world around " ... Isn't our home! So why fight for it?"

My audience looked at eachother briefly, wondering what I was talking about.

"But if we don't fight for it, what do we have? We'll never have a home, will we? We can bend like everyone else, or we can stand up to the chaos and break it before it breaks us! I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like some sense, no, some order back into my life!"

My audience glanced at eachother again, realising that this was the time to fight, the refugees gathered thier weapons, swords, bows and arrows, maces, and whatever the could use. "We will strike the fortress of Bronx!!"

The battle had begun...

* This map is to be played as ATTACKER only, there were some difficultis in trying to play as defender, like lazy troops. The only way I could make it work was by making it an attacking siege, so please do NOT play as defender...

Also, be careful of what you destroy in this castle, if you destroy some of the stairwells, it will make it impossible to reach certain places.

And i'll like to thank Dougleass for giving me inspiration for this map, in thier map 'Mountain Fist'. I would also like to thank WarLord_Designs for giving me inspiration on terraining, thanks! x]

Thanks and... Enjoy!

P.s. Please leave comments telling me where to improve, and any glitches you found so I can correct them, and update the file, I have playtested but I may have missed something.


I have made more defenders on the fortress, making it harder.

I couldn't make indestructable stairs, I did, but when I re-opened the map the stairs dissapeared and turned it into rock terrain, making it impossible to use them, so I just left it, you have to make sure that you just don't destroy the stairs, simple as. x]

Gold has been removed from use, making it so you can't use siege equipment, so on the siege menu, when you select your attacking force, make sure you get rid of the engineers. x]

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hitman Oh, as I see this pretty castle I'd love to defend it :S Oh, well, attack siege...
Fintrollx Damn, i can't win this one, the castle is great looking and the landscape is beatifyl but there's problem becouse i can manage to kill the lord really easily with me having over 200 pikemen after it but the problem the few enemy archers stuck in the ruins which you can't kill becouse there no way to get my men to kill them, map is good and all but i hate when you cant after all finish it, ilike to bomb it down with trebuchets you know.

You should make this more balanced and make sure that the stairs are indestrutible (Just make the land under them where you make them and passable way) alot of less men attacking and maybe more men defending and there's more challange. i suggest you to update this with the balance and few stair problems solved. you can also make away that no one can bomb the city by taking of the starting money with attacking so there is no siege weapons to make even more sure that there is no problems like that becouse i think

it would be really cool to have won this with few troops left, on the ruins of this barbarian fortress really cool mood, but it sucked when i could'nt pass this, if you dont want to remove the gold or fix the stair problem you should make the objective only, kill enemy lord. since it's impossible at least for me was to kill the rest of the soldiers. i hope you update so i can have fun with this castle, have a bit challange you know, then i can review if it works and of course if you accept it.
thyponruna just like fintroll writes. I managed to get up into the castle but there is a probleme. Your center gatehouse. I can get on top of it but cant pass it. you can test it , just take one of your pikeman at the keep and try to walk outsite the castle. If they cant get out I cant get in and its impossible to win this map.

The map itself is very nice and so does your castle.

indeed try to fix the problems

grtzz thypon
File Author
If it pleases you I'll re-submit the map, but I did warn in the introduction to make sure you're careful with what you destroy, some things being destroyed could ruin this map, it was all a plan, and about the gatehouse, I had playtested it many times and managed to win, I'll resubmit the mao later making indestructible stairwells, and fix the gatehouse.

Any other comments about glitches will be greatly appreciated.

P.s. Instead of walking over the gatehouse, try to destroy it, it was designed so you can't casually take shortcuts, all the inner gate houses have to be destroyed.

[Edited on 07/08/08 @ 09:27 PM]

Fintrollx yeah and make it alot harder, this version was eazy-e
File Author
I forget to mention, you were to play the map on normal/hard settings and NOT change the troops you were given at the start.
Fintrollx Review to the Map - The Final stand - By Steve_1805 (Updated)

Playability: 4
I Played the map 3 times won with all times of them 2 on normal and one on hard.
It is a fun siege, no matter there was no siege equipments which i like, it was becouse the castle was beatifyl and well defended even though it was a small. At everytime of them my strategy was to take 1 Crossbowmen and rest Pikemen and few Knights, with 1 Crossbowmen and few pikemen at the start i went to destroy the church of monks and the 'good things' place. that's how i got the enemys Combat bonus to only one Green Square. First time i played i attacked through the closest gate on the east, causing me to lose alot troops on trying to break it. that's why even though i played on normal i lost more troops attacking in east gate in normal, that in Hard attacking to the west main gate. The Map is very Playable for under moderate players or close to that. it was still for me also, but not playable of '5' becouse it was too easy don't want to play map again again and again which i win for sure. so this contributes you a solid '4' on playability.

Balance: 3
Like i little bit told in playability of my strategy, with me attacking the main gate with pikemen caused me to lose many troops unlike in east where i lose alot more.
Here are the scores i made to see the balance rating (from first to last time i played)

-84% troops lost (Normal, using only the east gate for attack)
-71% troops lost (Hard, using only the west gate)
-35%troops lost only! (Normal, using the west gate)

becouse i lost so few troops on normal with right strategy, i cant give you more on balance than '3' but like i said before for newer players this map should be more balanced of couse.

Creativity: 5
I Like the really small but tighly defended castle in the mountains, you dont see them really much, as i remember only Mountains fist map which you mentioned. i like that map also but it is too easy :/. so the designs of your castle was great alot of walls, stairs, it looks so cool man, fantastic job!

Map Design: 5
What can i say the map is beatifyl and realistic, i dont think you should have done anything to it, few bushes more and stones maybe but that don't matter becouse i love the design.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
A Decent story i liked it alot it gave me the right mood and cool feeling to the map i expect from a story. It was also not too long so it's readable since i dont like to read way
too long stories, great job!

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work, increase the balance in your maps and just make them hard, dont be afraid of making a challange, it increases playability of the map alot.

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 07:11 AM]

File Author
Thanks for reviewing my map Fintrollx, and thanks for giving me a high score, if I sort out the balancing issues do you think it could be better?
Fintrollx Of Course, but it's really good now also, but if you make it even more harder i think this would be my favourite 'little castle' siege for sure. but i can't say about other players how hard they find this you know, it's your decision but this map is great!
File Author
Oh, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
It's been updated, making it alot harder, i've made it so that you have less troops, and mainly weak troops, play on Easy to have a half good army, and do NOT change the starting attack force. x]

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 10:28 AM]

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