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The Bet

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
You always said you loved a good challenge. Now you have been given one. On a whim, you took a bet that you could turn this bit of land into a fully functioning village. In order to win the bet you have to gather certain items to prove you have made this place into a productive village. The land here is strange and you have had to bribe your new villagers with all the ale they can drink.

This is a total economic scenario. No military action at all. The land its self should prove enough of a challenge. You must build in the low level areas. No access has been given to the highest land area. You will need to manage your space wisely.
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Merepatra I'm not going to actually give any rating for this mission. I attempted to play it but gave up after an hour or so when I found myself getting too frustrated, more by Strongholds AI than anything else.

I thought I had done a reasonable job of setting out the buildings/farms etc in the very limited space available but found my planning wasn't working as instead of walking the shortest route to buildings workers were taking incredibly long routes around the whole map. An example was an inn placed in the little space directly to the North East of the major land area, instead of walking through that short passage the innkeeper walked almost to the very Eastern edge of the map before heading back down another passage to the inn. This meant this inn could not possibly be kept supplied with ale. This type of thing was happening with all my farms/industries etc.

Probably with enough patience the mission is winnable, escpecially if I had put down the difficulty level, but for me the frustration wasn't worth it.
Map Design3.0
Playability - Playability was good. I wanted to finish the scenario although I did feel bored sometimes, but I never thought of exiting the scenario. It took quite some time to finish playing the scenario, so The Bet should give you enough challenge for many hours. The scenario has, however, one slight "bug": the victory conditions do not include any population requirements, thus giving the option to gather all the required goods, delete most of the town and easily achieve the 'ale coverage' and 'blessed' requirements.

Balance - Balance was good, too, although I was able to gather certain goods more than was required. I enjoyed adjusting food rations and taxes, but there could have been some more bad events, like fires and plagues. The scenario's main challenge is figuring out what to build, when and where. The challenging map design made the scenario harder than normal.

Creativity - The one thing that makes The Bet more unique than most Economics scenarios, is the unique Map Design. The map is almost like a network of little caves connected by tunnels. Another thing, that raised the Creativity score was the events, which had a resource or a population size as a condition, not just a date.

Map Design - I'd love to rate Map Design 4.0, because the map structure was so clever and unique. Howeve, the map wasn't detailed enough to earn a 4.0, so the average score will have to do now. Some parts of the map weren't designed pretty, for example, the iron and stone resources did not look good on the map.

Story/Instructions - The story was a little more unique than normally, but it was too short to really be attractive and fascinating. There were also a few spelling mistakes.

Final comments: All in all, a good scenario. I recommend The Bet for everyone who enjoys playing a challenging long-term economics scenario.
Map Design5.0
I had a great time playing this map. The limited amount of space made it a difficult and fun map to play. It was a different look, not your normal map, and this made it all the more enjoyable.
peter2008 Bets can be a dangerous issue. What a challenge did I decline here.
The maze looks funny at first. This impression changed when I sent out some workers. Some spots that appear passable, aren't.
Nature on high plain looks nice. But I have to issue a warning. The trees won't spread out across the borders of steep rocks.
On very hard, I ran out of wood and was in severe danger of losing too many buildings to the repeated fires. Some wells could be best placed in the centre of the map, so that the water bearers (which I employed only in acute events) can reach the firebrand.
With the targets of 100% drunk and 50% blessed, I tried to keep my population low. Often disbanded workers and sent them to other buildings (millers / brewers, quarry men / oxen drowers, etc.). Had to figure out how many parts of granary and armoury would be needed: they fit all into the middle cave (but I had to smash one part of stockpile).
A -5 fear factor helped to hasten productivity.

Altogether, the scenario is about the delay of long ways, even detours. To get this different experience, playing on easy seems good enough.

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Map Design4.0
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