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Wynendale Castle by Thyponruna [UPDATE]

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

The castle of Wynendale (also spelled Wijnendale) is one of the historicaly most important and most beautiful Flemish castles. This medieval fortress surrounded by a circular moat was almost entirely reconstructed in the neo-gothic style in the second half of the 19th century.


The origins of Wynendale date back to the 9th century, when the vikings annihileted the first forstress and villege around year879.
In 1085, Robert the Frisian, 9th Count of Flanders, built an wooden actagonal fortress whic served as the foundation for the present castle.
His grandson, Baldwin VII of Flanders used the castle as one of his main court of justice until his death in 1119.
Upon Baldwin's death Wynendale passed to his nephew, Charles the Good of Burgundy, then to the powerful Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders, Namur ans Luxembourg. Dampierre rebuilt the castle in stone around 1278 and spent most of his life there.
The castle was taken by Philip IV of France in 1300, then sieged and retaken two years later by the Flemish led by Guy of Dampierre's successor, John of Namur.
The castle became the property of Mary of Burgundy, who tragically died at age 25 falling from a horse. She had married Adolphe of Clèvew, and the Clèves family inherited the castle and restored it.
From then on, several famous rulers sojourned in Wynendale, like Charles V of Habsburg, Mary of Hungary, or much later King Leopold II and Leopold III.
The castle was nevertheless destroyed partially in 1578 during the wars of religion, abandonned in the 17th century, and Napoleon ordered the destruction of the whole castle but three towers and a lateral wing in 1811.
After the battle of Waterloo, Wynendale passed to the House of Orange and served as barracks for the Dutch troops until 1825.
Brussels banker J.P. Matthieu purchased the castle in 1833 and restored it. When he died in 1863, his son asked architect Felix Laureys to reconstruct two-third of the circular medieval castle, adding the big tower to give a increased elegance to the structure.
On 25 May 1940, Leopold III had his notorious discussion with four of his ministers in whichhe decided to stay in Belgium during the German occupation. That decision was seen by the Belgian as a sign of collaboration whot the Nazis ans later forced him to abdicated in favour of his son Baldwin.


The king, Leopold II has ordered you to help him out against the fight to Germania. You send all your troops to go on a long trip. Your son has to hold Wynendale for this long. Hi is inexpert and young. Your enemy the Snake know this and ride to your son. As normal your son takes the wrong desicion and feld in to the trap of the Snake. On your last battle in Germania you received a message of your son. 'Dear dad, need help, come fast.' You ride back home and right on time. The Snake is coming to Wynendale. You only have 3 monds time to reorganise your troops. But they are weak, tired and willing to give all they have.


This map is perfect, one of the best I ever made. The design is great and the battle even better. You have to organise your troops and make decisions which can help alot. The castle is on of Belgium's most beautiful. I created how it looks like at the moment so the time doesn't fit.


-Be fast and think fast
-First play the map at easy then normal then hard and then very hard.
-If the spearman get to your gate it all over.
-dont use the little towers.
-dont use the back of the castle, there is more moad and inderstructible walls.
-Take some time to see the castle itself.
-try to make the right dessicions, shall you attack the spearmen or the archers? Shall you use the ballista or the shields ? etc...
-if you see one tower doesnt do much take some archers to an other tower closer to the enemy. Keep doing this else you will lose.
-If you found the good strategie and you placed your troops you can save the game so you dont have to organise your troeps all the time.

Have fun.



(same story). Your son also start building a watch tower just outsite the castle. You cant use it couse it is still under construction. As you already now the Snake will strike hard so you ride to the castle of your friend. As you arrive you see his castle, there just ruins, you dont even see people. Disapointed you ride back. You friend is gone and the Snake is going to attack you. On your ride back home you sudenly see a priest and a woodcutter. They tell you your friend has been attackt by the snake 2 years ago. Before the Snake managed to kill him he escaped and hide in the forest till now. The priest also tells you they dont have enough men to help you. The even cant hold a secend attack by the Snake. Your friend is well and one probleme less you ride back to the castle. Waiting thil the Snake attack.


Couse the first version of the map wasnt that beautiful I added some nice eyecandy's, the terrain looks better there are other men wandering around (your friend in the story). The ruins are bigger, I got some roads and a big fountain. But you better see yourself by downloading the new map.


There are some new problems on the update. First there are some maceman stuck on the tower onder construction, second you cant win the map until you kill your friend. I could make them units of my but then the Snake attacks them and i dont want that happend. If you have any solutions on those problemes place help me.

Have fun
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Dragol Wonderful history and story there good work
The Hitman How confident from your side to pretend "My map is perfect" :D while the terrain needs a lot of details... And so does the wall from towers :p
File Author
XD i didnt mean my map is the best of all maps on stronghold heaven but it realy is a perfect map from all i made. One of the best and i'm very proud of it. hopeful this will be one of the best maps on stronghold heaven to :D

if not it stil my favorite map and i keep trying to beat the very hard. ow and i did say the battle itself was much better.

EDIT: I have to say the terrain is very flat there aren't much hills and stuff in Belgium so I didn't make them that much. But i made some tiny ... (how do you say it ?) ... alot of very litle hills.

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 09:52 AM]

Fintrollx The Castle is cool, only thing i started wondering about it was the north section full of towers and in the south there is no towers at all, and you need to remember that terrain outside the castle is important in the map also :)
File Author
you can find it all back in the historie

"... asked architect Felix Laureys to reconstruct two-third of the circular medieval castle..."

It is a real castle so i made it how it realy is. and is the terrain outside the castle that bad ?
Fintrollx Well if i say this honestly it is bad compared to the castle which is cool ;)

i mean you should add more scenery, bushes, stones, rocks, and some cool things you know, make it realistic. completely flat ground with trees is not really realistic, well you have few 'little' hills there as you said^^
The Hitman Yes, dude, the map is really good, but under details I meant schrubs ;) You're right that's you best map, but as long it is not in Top 10 Stronghold downloads we cannot consider it as a perfect :) Anyway, thanks for sharing, your efforts should be rewarded... somehow xD
File Author
tnxs you all

i going to think about to update my map. but i have to now you like the siege itself. so i could change all of it to get a more better map.

EDIT) i remember i already got some ruins at the south west side of the map. go chek it out.

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 03:29 PM]

File Author
I updated the map but its still the old minimap ???

I added more eyecandy's as you say and its very beautiful.

did i find some glich or something ?? go to the map files and ad a '.' (dot) somewhere in a map name. Then play the map. Something weird.

[Edited on 07/12/08 @ 06:17 PM]

thyponruna, If your old minimp is still showing it could be due to a couple of reasons:-
1) You did not make a new minimap and update it using the upload minimap button in the update page.
2) OR maybe you did do that and all that is required is you use the refresh button on your browser to display the new file.

Actually, I think then minimap I am seeing now is the new one. SO maybe you solved this already.

[Edited on 07/13/08 @ 05:22 AM]

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