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The saga of Uther Pendragon

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
This is a scenario i've been working on for a while and precedes my 'Land of the Britons' maps for Stronghold Legends,it is a concept i have had for over a year and finally finished a week ago.There are six maps (some are cede-style)each a seperate mission.The first two are the same except one is a working map-from a save file and the other is a place your own keep. I have included a read me file with the maps.UPDATE-30/7/08-both mission 1 maps have been revised-now shorter gametime and slightly harder-this does not affect the other missions.
You play as Uther Pendragon,in 5th century england,the first missions see you fighting the rat(Duke Leofric in this story,who has helped you fight the Saxon invaders for many years,and now wants you dead because he has suffered the most losses including his family and will go to any length to defeat you.)The Saxon invader in this is the pig as i felt his persona fitted into the storyline perfectly-his 'smash and grab ' tactics so to speak.I have started on the sequel but is only a rough draft.All missions can be won ( fully playtested )Kind regards to ericgolf and sir hugh for their help with the file so all maps can be seen.Enjoy, Lord Dredde.

The seven maps:
Uther Pendragon-1 (place your own keep)

Uther Pendragon v1 (economy up and running)

Uther Pendragon-2

Uther Pendragon-3

Uther Pendragon-4

Uther Pendragon-5

Uther Pendragon-6
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Sir Ravenclaw I shall play these maps in a few minutes, however I can't promise a review due to time.. 6 missions takes me a long time to complete ;)
lord dredde
File Author
To Sir Ravenclaw,thankyou for taking the time to comment,i appreciate it,as with all my uploads.This scenario was pretty ambitious and time consuming(due to real life-family etc),hope you enjoy it.To everyone who has downloaded this scenario-thankyou and enjoy it.Lord Dredde.any feedback would be appreciated

[Edited on 07/23/08 @ 12:06 PM]

lord dredde
File Author
To Sir Ravenclaw,how are you getting on with the missions?

Anyone having problems? any questions? comments?

Lord Dredde
peter2008 These games deserve close attention. Maps 2, 3, and 5 are masterpieces in balanced gameplay that surely provides you the need and fun of several restarts and new attempts. Each map has some unique details. Played no. 1, 2, and 4 on very strong, then changed to strong.
While the wheat-chain is cancelled most times you have to count on animal-economy, hunting and milking. There's plenty of space all around to place dairy farms (which you will also need for leather jerkins). For this reason the landscapes were modelled rather flat.

Map 1. A nice building-up introduction. For my feeling it only went on too long (this part of Britain eventually lacked all of its trees!).
You have height advantage and the invaders acted stupidly. They would not attack the outer line of walls but went along the whole row of marksmen - as long as they could walk. My men-at-arms turned out useless. The worst trouble for the castle were two periods of plague.

Map 2. The in-game text gives the warning that holding control here may be hard work. Well, only the damage of failing taught me what I could make better the second time. Everything fits here: the resources at hand (as long as you can hold them), the number of troops at your disposal, the mess of the castle's structure ... but best is timing and size of the invasions. The Saxon maces are horrible raiders who will find even the last building in the environs. At the same time the castle itself is under permanent attack of well-mixed forces able to achieve the final breakthrough. And when you find the people can find their breath again Briton bandits damage at least your popularity. An engaging "fight-candy" (not only because the invading troops of Rat and Pig are in different colours!).

Map 3. Already begins with an exciting little siege. It's not enough simply to let groups of marskmen advance - giving each over cover - to eliminate the enemy's ones step by step. Here some melees counter-attack and wolves mayinterfere. And finally you have to choose between two Lords to attack (Two keeps side by side. I'm sure, most players will aim at the correct one because of the units who protect him. - Or doesn't it matter which lord dies first?)
Next difficulty to deal with is zero food and zero gold. People will soon leave the castle and it's all a matter of time. I have found 3 solutions (from bad to best). Dismiss your 14 spearmen so that they work in the dairies. Or after having killed the lord wait placing your granary until the farmers have milked the cows and can bring in food immideately. Or after having broken the second gate let these farmers (and the other workers) go outside the castle and then make the final charge. In any case the wolves have to be eliminated.
The main part is pure fun. Invasions come often and with increasing strength but in the beginning you have just enough melee troops to match them and protect your builidings. Place quarries! Luckily I could place or replace one farm, mine, quarry, wall, tower after the other. Bought weapons, too. Rushed archers from one edge to the other to fight the enemies being about to break through.
From time to time the game suffered a lag problem. When some outlaws from the forests wanted to come back they stuck fast at the signpost. Had to click on them in single groups that way loosing time and some of the archers to the next raiders.

Map 4. If this is capital it still needs a decisively ruling lord to rebuild everything and to supplement buildings needed. E.g. I changed apple orchards into wheat farms or replaced the weapons buildings next to the armoury. The cash box is full so use the money to make your stand a strong one. Had about 30 wells using their workers to recruit new soldiers.
A siege engine (which I like to use most but is) too seldom seen in deployment is used here.
The valley deeply cut into the scenery adds a wild athmosphere.

Map 5. Who the devil told the Romans to build their fort in a hollow?! With very restricted measures you have to hold off big invasions and even seem to have lost height advantage.
This game is relatively short. The experience of earlier missions turns out to be helpful. In addition I lowered game speed to ten some times giving me time to find best positions for (re)placing buildings.
Wood is most crucial here (destroy the iron mines). You need it for everything, for priceless traps and weapons. Also it's the only good you can trade. The initial archers should go hunting bears and wolves.
Marksmen rule, so I built some more fletcher's workshops and towers on the plateaus. (Remember: archers are good against pikes, so use the xbows to fight the swordsmen). Grouped all macemen as special force to overrun the hostile xbows and meet single enemies in majority situations.

Many thanks to Lord Dredde for sharing with us such thrilling maps! Admirable job, Sire.

[Edited on 08/01/08 @ 01:53 PM]

lord dredde
File Author
Peter 2008,many thanks for the feedback,i'm glad you and others are enjoying this campaign scenario.
The missions are designed to be challenging in different ways,i too noticed while playtesting some of the maps became devoid of trees,while making maps the trees are the very last item to place on the map as they tend to go through the 'seasons'.Getting the balance was the fun bit,playing each mission as they were made adding more to the maps,).SPOILER ALERT-map 3,the reason i placed two keeps is because of Duke Leofrics' oversize ego, so he had his men build a large wooden keep.Keeping control is hard, (you're on the right track, with your approach)but can be achieved.Again thankyou for the in depth feed back it's very much appreciated.UPDATE-MAP 5,indeed who did tell the romans to build a fort in such a place?Well it has to do with the iron/Tin deposits,and the natural spring located nearby,they built a bath-house,but time took its toll and there is nothing left,the lack of stone meant it had to be bought in by oxen,the only problem is you have to use wood to rebuild most of the fort,if given the chance.Perhaps the person was an ancestor of the rat?The capital,while not based on one city in england at the time,i tried to convey a mixture of old roman defences combined with hastily erected wooden walls-hence the appearance.Mission six,this can be won but in a way isnt meant to be,which is why it starts with a raging fire,and an invasion soon after-The reason this is a 'no-win' scenario is based on fact and mythology,I made references to ths in my other maps such as those for legends and one for stronghold.Records tell of a warlord that fought the Saxons ,as well as Angles,Jutes and Picts,but most of this cannot be deemed reliable due to the passing of time and the early monastic chroniclers.As for the 'Pendragon'idea,i based this on novels by Bernard Cornwell,John Boormans' Excalibur and an awful lot of research on the net!
As for the sequel,again a blend of history and fiction,the one after that well that is just a rough draft on a pad of A4 right now.
As for the different lord colours' that was a cross between hexidecimal editor and 'why the same colour?'
Again many thanks for the feed back and that you enjoyed the scenario,i have updated mission one-both time and event wise,you start 'running' and have little chance to get a break,with both the P.O.Y.K and 'the up and running'
Thankyou to everyone who's downloaded this and i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

Lord Dredde

[Edited on 08/05/08 @ 01:28 PM]

Lord_Zerah Map number 5 is the hardest challenge I've ever met. I've been trying time after time without a significant progress. The other maps are hard as well and very well designed.

[Accepted as a comment. Please see review guide: - Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 10/08/16 @ 04:21 AM]

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