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In the Desert

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
In the Desert By Sir_Vet

In the desert can anybody hear you scream, well I guess not, Oh! why did I take this mission?

It was only a couple of years ago, I was lazing about the castle when our King came to me" my Lord Basteel you have been the most loyal your skill in military matters are only equaled by your ability to manage a good economy" " well thank you my King" while I whispered to myself oh what do you want now " I am here to serve you" "very good my friend I have need of stone, we have found a quarry in the desert a few days ride from here, I would like you to go there and get the stone we need" "yes my King I will leave right away is there anything I should know?"

" A couple of years ago, Right!, Anything I should know! " My King advised me that a keep is built and ready, there will be plenty of fertile land for crops, more than enough trees for shade and all the building we will need, water in plenty, iron and stone enough for the gods, and maybe a few Arabians but not to worry. He said there would be plenty of gold and resources to get you started and maybe a few Infidels but not to worry. "Ha not to worry".

"He should have said" I am sorry my friend but you are the best choice for the job, the keep is built but the land is not to fertile, crops will be hard to manage, trees are few and away from the keep there will be no shade and building will be difficult, water in a dirty little pond, tastes like the iron just in behind, iron and stone enough for the gods if you can defend it from a few Arabians but not to worry. The gold and resources I send you with are meager you will have to scrape up what you can find. " He should have said " When you tire of the squire warning of the Infadels attacking, you will be happy to hear it is the Arabians attacking this time." " Right! anything I should know!!!

" Well squire no point crying we're here now " " Now we make the best of what we have, I am Lord Basteel and we will persevere, the King sent me here to get a quarry set up and send him 400 stone blocks and that is what we will do."

PS: I have updated this map,the change is that I have added a timer so you can watch your get used up.
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TwoDie The name of this map is very usable when i naming map :D

[Edited on 01/24/10 @ 02:28 PM]

peter2008 This is a manageable task for your king DID give you enough resources at the start to rapidly build up a basic economy. And though we are told to settle in the desert the terrain shows more of a mediterranean climatic area, grassland and lots of trees.
The core of the landscape is fine, sensibly worked out. You move in a maze of canyons with soft lopes and pathways in between. Stone and iron spread around (not in odd clusters). Without bad neighbours I would have liked to stay there for hiking.
Stones are to be found pretty far away from the keep but due to the size of the map it is possible to wall in some quarries. This fact makes the task too easy ...
... but there are big surprises to come: invasions from different sides at the same time and the troops seem to be rather crowds of bandits than purely infidels (in the later part of the game some of them turned out to be strong enough to breach a thin wall and even rush to the keep!).
And there are also many bad and some good events to deal with. Funny: I did marry at least two times. - After all, why didn't you call your map "A Stony Job"?
lord dredde I agree with peter 2008,this is an enjoyable map(i'll review it later).The trouble is i've just uploaded a map i made two weeks ago and its very similar in objectives regarding stone,except mine requires 300 stone and is an economic scenario,any way you'll see it soon,but your map is good. -UPDATE -I've posted the review for this and should show soon .LD

[Edited on 07/26/08 @ 08:13 AM]

lord dredde Playability: 4
(A highly playable map, a well constructed scenario.Plenty to keep you occupied in a positive way )

Balance: 4
(this was a bit tricky as the enemy seemed to attack my resource gatherers,and i did have to make a stiff defence of the keep on more than one occassion!You start off with all troop types and buildings avaliable-a very generous king you have as your'boss'but dont let that fool you into thinking it will be easy-planning and managing your military and economy at the same time takes practice for a less experienced player.Some may be distracted by the scripted events all happening close to each other,but that's what happened in those days,minding your own estate and then-bandits!making a run to the keep-suicidal though it was thanks to my mercs,i built european troops a bit late when i had more money,my initial starting tactic was to build a 'curtain' wall and a gatehouse.slaves-those arsonists get everywhere!)

Creativity: 4
(I felt that this a a highly creative map in that it was challenging but not frustrating where you have to continually restart- i saved as the scenario progressed-i confess i peeked at it in the editor)

Map Design: 4.5
(The design overall is highly detailed,the mini-map sugessts there could've been a dry river bed where the canyon on the left is.I've said it before and it's something that defines a great map- which is being distracted by the features,when i felt the castle and economy was safe i took a 'look' around and found it had a variety if 'eye candy'a previous map i reviewed i nearly lost because of the features,i agree it would be a great place to hike/camp if not for the invasions etc.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(A nice little story,it tells you what is required and sets the mood well,i liked the play on words- a fan of alien?)

Additional Comments:While this map is highly enjoyable and reminiscent of 'holiday in the sun'i felt that a few troop and building restrictions would've enhanced the scenario.
Finally a delightful scenario and i highly recommend it.LD

[Edited on 07/27/08 @ 09:03 AM]

File Author
Hi Guys Thank you so much for the comments.

I am glad to see you liked my map, I was trying to make a map like the Crusader trail. Well obviously that did not work out, so this is what you got. The start conditions are similar to a trail map, the balance I thought the invasions increase at an equal or lesser rate than you can get built up giving the player a bit of an advantage, I didn't want you to get bored or find it to hard, the Hard rating is for most average players like me.
I did test this map many times for balance and difficulty, a little change here and there, but the hard part in testing your own maps is I play my style, for me that means using 1 or 2 towers loaded with archers and a few swordsmen on the steps to guard things, rarely using walls which I did use to help with the stone. Getting the signposts in the right spot was tricky, I had one in the encircled area but the enemy would come in at the keep so I removed it, I also added one in the middle on the west side, it made the one in the lower left corner unused, before the enemy would come in and go straight up past the stone to the keep. Maybe I should change it back. One thing I didn't like is being able to place walls and towers anywhere except close to the signposts.

Lord Dredde Thank you for the rating, very appreciated! Your good at it you should do more. I've made a lot of maps, making a map look like a place where you would like to be is something I try to do, and I try to make a map most players can play and enjoy. In the time I have come to this site the comments received have helped me make better maps. But I am still trying and learning.

Thank you all, if you would like to talk more about making maps I have an empty thread in the map room. And a new map on the way.


riderwinz Another excellent map by Sir_Vet!

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