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El Zibala.

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal
The final Edition .Featuring all the diffferent maps of El Zibala including a save file of the original.

El Zibala is an economic scenario set on a VERY small map.It is also my first crusader map,as you know i mostly create maps for the other stronghold games,but i also enjoy playing crusader(i'm halfway through the skirmish trail for extreme),anyway back to the plot,Your character is Simon-De-Grance,the eldest son of a lesser known noble from the first crusade(the full story is included in the file)basically it's where you have to fend off attacks by arab slavers,while quarrying 300 stone blocks to repair the cathedral at Jerusalem,while also dealing with simple things like lions,fire and plague.UPDATE-i have amended the win conditions,and have added an 'up and running' version which is slightly harder.LD
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peter2008 This mission brings something original and tricky. You get a story to read but there's a history told in it. You think the drama comes from outside in form of raiders? No, the things will go badly inside the village. At the started I was astonished to find an almost well-built enclave (look at the map) but the closer I got to fulfill the requests the better I understood why it is called El Zibala, the trash can. Or is it a kind of scrap yard? Such a Lord cannot expect any reward (as I thought was missing in the story) but eventually has to leave his estate.
So, Lord dredde, thanks for your map. The winding village centre looks lovely. - One is easily in control of the invasions (bought 10 bows, archers are fastest against slaves). - You have found a new, intelligent and stringent type of requests. - Unfortunately you gave no hint that victory is also connected with January 1141 (had to study your scripting in the editor). Here, I think, you should amend.

[Edited on 01/29/09 @ 08:09 AM]

lord dredde
File Author
Peter 2008,well done!.You interpreted the story exactly the way it was intended,even the with the start date,the scenario is a blend of present day(1137)as the lord has been there since 1130-a sort of pre-event scenario,the actual scenario starts in 1137.I tried a different approach and it worked.As for the win event,i actually reduced the invasion forces as i got overwhelmed,but i'll amend that and the win event.As for being a trashcan/scrapyard of an estate that is the impression i tried to put across,and that your lord wasnt really expecting anything out of it.If there is anything else you or others notice let me know.Glad you enjoyed the map! Lord Dredde.

[Edited on 07/24/08 @ 05:09 PM]

peter2008 Showdown in El Diablo. Like in a Western there's no city gates and there is heavy street-fighting. The circumstances have become seriously worse and a new, grave struggle consists in keeping both popularity and population high by all measures. Cause here is dying like flies.
Fortunately the winning conditions work well now and every player will feel saved when he's eventually allowed to hide away from this invasion-eco.

PS: It's impressive, LD, how well versed you are in Stronghold so that you can quickly make fundamental and conclusive changes of a scenario.

PPS: I learn from this to wait a little with comments thus giving more people the chance to download and experience the original version of a game.
lord dredde
File Author
Peter 2008,i added the walls and a few other things to make it feel as if the settlement was dying,and that it was little more than forgetten by the rest of the crusader towns and cities.I drew from some of my favourite films,you may have heard of them,Yojimbo-or better known as a fistful of dollars,the seven samurai-the magnificent seven,*the hidden fortress -george lucas based starwars on that.*I saw it years ago and have tried to get a dvd to replace the old video and a few others if i mentioned them all the list would be huge.It is much harder now,but there are ways to win,i tried to balance the events so there was a lull in the fighting etc,to give the player a chance to rebuild and re-populate. Again thanks for the positive feedback .LD

[Edited on 07/26/08 @ 07:10 AM]

peter2008 Oh, I really like these older films by Akira Kurosawa. Seven Samurai has got a deep and conclusive plot. A propos, in that Japanese village they could build up defences "including the construction of fortifications" (as noticed on Wikipedia - only few raiders are let pass and then killed) thus preventing massacres of civilians. In El Zibala there are only two spots on low walls left for marksmen to cling to, allowing some crossfire.
The impression you gave the enclave I felt well. Whereas the samurai led the farmer to fight for the future of their village, at El Zibala workers and soldiers hold out at their tasks fighting for sheer survive.
lord dredde
File Author
I agree peter2008,the older movies have something that today's films lack,i feel that too many glorify crime,but i shant go into ethics and society,many films are just ,well 'eye candy' with an ubelievable body count-i profess to being guilty of a high body count in two of my games(1)legends is 50,000 + and (2) gta-vice city my rank is urban legend.When it comes to map design i try to look at a scenario from a different prospective,as with El Zibala,where as before a village clinging onto life,then thrust into the limelight by fate,the twist is once the settlement 'picks up' it attracts some very unwelcome guests,as for building a scenario it is pretty much like directing a film (i say build because thats what we are doing albiet electronically),where you are the star,the director and everyone else all in one,if you'e tried my other maps you'll find that one of the underlying themes is one of the resolve of the human spirit-(Ben Hur for example)and another is a 'movie like' feel.History is more than the emporers,generals and politicians it is about the ordinary people who each day try and make the best of what little they have,and that they are the ones that make the emporers etc famous,with their blood sweat and tears and suffering.I think that my future maps will hint at this in some form or other.LD

[Edited on 07/26/08 @ 08:43 AM]

peter2008 Lord Dredde,
your words move me. I will remember them, let your thoughts flow into comments of other maps.
And I'm going to play your earlier maps, sure that I will appreciate them.

lord dredde
File Author
peter2008 ,it's good to get this kind of very positive feedback and i hope that you won the scenario.As for my thoughts i'll definitely use them in an interpretive way,as i'm sure you've noticed with some of the stories that accompany my maps, and that of other map builders,i wonder if that'll catch on as a term?.If you or anyone else has any questions feel free to ask.
Regards Lord Dredde.

[Edited on 07/26/08 @ 08:45 PM]

peter2008 Hi Lord Dredde, yes I managed to win your two new versions. The tactics I used was unfamiliar to me and quite cruel. Ever before an invasion would start I unemployed the workers of the quarries and ox tethers. They transformed into water bearers at the many pots. This way I tried to save people. The slaves would set the quarries on fire thereby damaging themselves and their fellows. These would enter the village been shot at from the keep and the two spots aside. At the same time some water bearers would make it through and hopefully prevent the worst. In other words I used the civilians as buffer holding back the enemies and giving my poor troops time to lower their hitpoints and finish them off.
Thus a big amount of the population was included into solving the maps' requests - more than they would have liked to be, "working heroes" within your desert drama. Did you find out a more human solution?

[Edited on 07/27/08 @ 06:40 AM]

lord dredde
File Author
Hi peter2008,my solution was to raise taxes and place 'good things'i utilized the starting units by setting them to agressive,as the weapons came in i placed archers on the remaining'climbable' walls and caught most of the attackers in crossfire.I left the choice of either'good things' or 'bad things' to the individual.The lion attacks were scripted to interfere with replacing workers etc,the horse archers tried to be clever and cause havoc with weapons buildings but got killed by co-ordinating archers on the keeps' roof and avaliable spearmen.I did use 'cruel things' for a while for food /stone production.As you know from looking at the editor there was a big invasion scripted,but buying spears from the market and 'sleeping' certain buildings i raised a large enough force,the few surving crossbow men dealt with any arabian swords men that came into range,any that got to the keep were dispatched by the last few european swordsmen.The addition of walls helped to funnel the attackers,which in turn made it easier to deal with the enemy,as for the fires i used waterpots more than wells as you get three workers in relation to one at the well,i did however feel at one point in development of making tighter building restrictions.However my popularity plummeted at one stage when i 'closed' the inn! I'd like to know how others managed so i can make the next scenario more challenging,as i have a few ideas but your people wouldnt like it. Cheers Lord Dredde

[Edited on 07/27/08 @ 06:02 AM]

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