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Widespread Bloodshed

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 3
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal

Widespread Bloodshed -
By Fintrollx


This land in the middle east was an peaceful place for nature, trees to grow, rocks to rest, no one had set to this place to camp, i believe no one ever knew from this place until one day... all hell broke loose!
Crusaders have been traveling to fight against false believers and blasphemers! they come to this land in the evening seeing only a place for rest, tired of the long trip from their home land they make camp there, start sleeping, in the morning, one of the crusaders wake up early, he looks around when sun starts to shine from the mountains, he hears odd noise from the other side of a little lake, he sees something moving, he goes closer... he sees muslims praying for allah towards Mecca, they have also set a little camp, actually they discovered the place in the same night asthe crusaders! he runs fast to the camp wakes up everyone, terrifying of what the scout saw they start building defense, get food for themself, get more weapons, they know they can't go away now, the Sultan's forces would attack them from back, with mounted horsemen! Sultans forces also see the Crusaders, now it's even both knowing, they have to fight for this land.. NOW.. they know battle will be long, but hectic... The two lords start to prepare men for a bloodshed! "Show them no mercy!", Lionheart shouts and his brave crusaders start working!

Instructions and Authors Note's

You can choose between 1-2 opponents, i recommend to have 2 opponents to have the most hectic and get most fun from the battle, then it will be alot violent, as we like it :)
Get alot mines fast, i can tell you that, start fightning for them soon from the start. use your strategies wisely. This is also my first crusader map so i hope you like it, the actual place where to build is small but the mountains give nice eye-candy and place to make sneak attacks and ambushes to enemy. and honestly... give your enemies No Mercy!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
von Schmidt
Map Design3.5
Hey Fintrollx, this was a pretty fun map, but had a few problems, mostly with the enemy AI.

Playability: 4

I enjoyed this map, probably becuz I won :D But the enemy AI didn't attack much, which doesnt add to your score.

I played vs. the Caliph and Saladin (allied) with a slight computer advantage. I put myself in the left area, because it looked smallest, the Caliph in the top right corner, because his castle inst very big, and Saladin in the bottome right corner, because it looked like it had the most room. I quickly built up my defenses, trying to block off the areas where my enemy could enter my castle. I built a granary, woodcutters, wheat farms, bakeries, mills, and some weapon production buildings (fletcher and pole turner) and an armoury at the beginning. A little later I built up the walls a bit more, and placed a quarry and a couple ox tethers, along with a barracks, and later some more weapon production buildings and cow farms Throughout this time the Caliph attacked me, using small forces of slaves, horse archers, arabian archers, and swordsmen. At one time a fairly large band of the Caliph's swordsmen managed to break through one of my walls while I was busy elsewhere, nearly killing my king, but luckily I managed to get my king out of my keep before the swordsmen reached him, then brought them down using arrows. After that I built a mercenary post, and started bulking up my defenses with arabian archers.

After a while I had my defenses where up and I started focusing on defeating my enemies. First I built some horse archers. I took them to the Island in the lake that is covered in stone, and used them to shoot at any of the Caliph's men that came around. Later I added more men to their force, sending in more horse archers, and later a catapult, followed by crossbowmen, arabian archers and regular archers. After a while I had diminished the Caliph's forces significantly. Then I moved in my archers, killing everything on top of his keep. Throughout all this time he had not build any walls or towers. After all the archers and some of the swordsmen on his keep were killed, I moved in with 10 macemen and 10 pikemen and killed him. Then I simply went over to Saladin, who had not built anything military-related, shot his archers dead, and killed him with the pike and macemen left over from the last battle.

Balance: 2.5

The game was too easy. I think most of this came from the large amount of trees around my enemies' castles, and the lack of space in which they could build in. I suggest going into the editor and deleting more trees, adding more stone and iron closer to their keeps, and lowering some of the cliffs around them.

Creativity: 4

I think the map was quite creative, with all the cliffs and pathways. An interesting idea which I haven't seen in many maps.

Map Design: 3.5

Its okay, and the mountains, cliffs, and tunnels look nice, but there are some problems. The grass doesn't fade away, instead it stops abruptly. The cliffs dont have stone and iron around them in small clumps, instead there are a few large clumps. All in all, it looks good, but nothing really special.

Story/Instructions: 3
Basic story, not really very interesting and with grammar problems and other smalls things. About average.

Additional Comments:

This map is pretty fun, but needs work. Multiplayer would probably work better for this map.


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Map Design3.5
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