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Babylon, The Last Stand

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Impossible
The City of Babylon, stood, even in its apparent infancy as two seperate villages.
Canals were constructed as city highways before 0 A.D.!
After a very short time the armies of Assyria dominated the Euphrates and Tigris river area and succeeded in united much of the Fertile Cresent. However, the Assyrians fell into political dissarray after a span of several years and eventually the Persian Empire took control of the city.
It was not to be forever however, as Alexander the Great recieved the city of Babylon's surrender when he marched right up to Ishtar Gate. The city under went a series of cultural changes and gradually became a capital of one of the greek city states.
The Roman influence in the area never quite reached Babylon directly, but numerous officials did live in Babylon. Soon after the fall of the Western Roman empire, the Sassinads took control of the city in order to handle the Spice Trail's route through the city. However, Babylon's largest change was to come shortly.
In the latter part of the 800th century, a new and powerful religion Islam had taken hold on the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Very quickly, the remnants of the Eastern Roman Empire, then called Byzantium, receded into a conglamerate of coastal trading posts and became a naval empire.
Babylon soon became a seat of power for the princes of Islam and was renamed Baghdad.
After this, the canals were dug up or forgotten as serious means of transportation. Many were filled in, but the main canal became a source of water, as well as a place to dump raw sewage and trash.
During the first Crusade, numerous troops departed from the city and the defensive walls were reconstructed-just in case.
The fortifications were unneeded however, as no European armies ever set foot anywhere near Baghdad.
By the 1300's, Baghdad was burned literally to the ground by the unstoppable armies of the Golden Horde. It was not until the great Khan converted to Islam that the Golden Horde receded into the history books.
Recently, Baghdad has become the staging point and capital of the nation of Iraq.
Once Babylon and its impressive walls stood against a backdrop of barren hills and the mighty river Euphrates, and now Baghdad rises up from Babylon's very place and even now trys to live up to former glory.


This is a fictional "What if?" scenario that features the ancient city of Babylon soon after it had been renamed Baghdad. Your troops are a recognizable military force, but they lack superior numbers in head to head combat.
The Scenario assumes that the 2nd and 3rd Crusades succeeded overwhelmingly and are now headed directly for the Islam heartland through the fertile cresent.
What then can be done?
Can the mighty and elite forces of Catholic Europe be stopped?
The answer is Yes, but it will not be easy.
In order to win, the player must rebuild the city of Babylon as a capital and not just a city. What does this mean?
Bring the number of people living in the city up to 201 in order to assume Metropolis status. Also, food must be stockpiled en masse in order to support such a large population during a siege.
What about defense?
The win conditions are to stockpile 10000+ gold, 150+ stone, 400+ fruit, 500+ bread and 100+ spears.
This map will test both the defensive abilities and the economic abilities of any player.
The difficulty is set at impossible because of certain geological features limiting your production of certain materials as well as the intense scripting that will be enacted during play.
Survive the crusades! Build up to launch your own Jihads and retake your lands from the christian invaders!
Please note, further reading will reveal hints and clues to victory...reader be wary!


--> Build wells and water pots and keep them awake at all times! Fires are frequent and fierce in large cities made of dry wood in the desert.
--> Apothecaries can be built for a reason.
--> Protect stone quarries and keep them awake during an invasion as long as possible! Also, scour the map and find as many places to build quarries as possible.
--> In order to stockpile as much food as you need, be frugal with your extra rations. Build nice things or bad things to increase production or raise taxes.
--> Micromanage your resources in order to reach goals as quickly as possible.
--> The invasions come quickly, and often. They are also freakishly large to simulate the amount of troops that were commited to battles during the crusades.
--> You only have 35 years to reach your goals, a massive, all powerful army will reach your city after that time and because you are not properly prepared for your cities defense*, your people opt to surrender. This means you will lose. Do not let this happen!
--> Partisans and bandits are always traveling along the Spice trail. As long as your city is successful, these militants will join your side. If they think that your city is weak, fragile or a ripe target, be prepared to fend off numerous and large troupes of armed bandits.
--> Disease is not uncommon with your people, what makes you think the trees wont rot either?
--> The climate is ripe for wild animals to make a very good living meaning your people can feed off the luxury of meat. As much as these animals are edible for your people, they are also ripe and easy prey to other predators.
--> No, you can't use the horses in the stables. You will see what I mean.
--> Don't throw all your eggs into one basket: fortify your entire castle with troops of all sorts. Also be sure to place melee troops on gatehouses and have them patrol the inside of your walls and the battlements. It is not seldom that choice assassins and spys have been able to open the gates of any fortress right under the defenders noses.
--> Sally out of the city early on with quicker troops in order to destroy siege equipment before it can reach your walls. Your very survival depnds on keeping the enemy out!

Enjoy the map!
It is a nailbiter, the easiest time I had with the map was when I managed to beat it. It took me 33 years and 2 months. 3 Invasions penetrated my outer keep, and 1 penetrated my inner keep. Assassins took over the largest of my gatehouse 4 times..but they were not my largest problem. The largest problem was quite a doozy: Siege towers! I had over 100 spearmen running around on my walltops more than once. It really is quite a riot when they find the staircase and then meet 40 swordsmen waiting at the bottom. Oh, and try not to let the knights reach your farms. It is hell getting them to die!

Have fun!

P.S. This is my first map submission in quite a long time! Hope you guys enjoy this one.. It took me a while to make the hills perfect and barren (hahaha sarcasm, anyone?). Make sure to check out some of my other maps!
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The Hitman What program do I need to open the .WPS file, which was in the ZIP?
peter2008 Let me say that I'm really impressed by your map. Much skill is visible, used in fine doses on every level of map-making, economy, and balance (the crooked one you gave to the game!).
I love the curve of wall south-east of the keep. The greenery or rather frutile banks along the Tigris is exemplary corresponding to the "Rules of Water" by Meh um yeah in Ecosystems 101.
It'll take me a lot of attempts until I'll find the clues to the different tasks. Meanwhile my archers have to run for their lives away from the knights cause many horses made it through the Syrian desert.
Meet you there again.
File Author
Hitman, the .wps file is from my old school version of microsoft word works..yea..sorry about that!

Thank you Peter2008, I put some time into this one so I hoped it would be at least mediocre compared to the other giants of mapmaking on this site.

Move archers back in lines! Less will die, and more will have time to schoot..

I want to know if i should make this a series and start on a second map..
killerwop Nice Map!!!! Very Challenging.....
File Author
Neeone want to review? ive got some more maps coming up as well.. the reviews of this and the map i am gonna upload tomorrow (straights of horam) will tell me if i should post more maps..or not.
thanks men-in-arms!
von Schmidt Hey Hobbithole, I see your back :)

I might try this map out.. but I dont usually finish many maps... sometimes I dont even finish the maps I've made.

Anyway, good to see you back.


Hobbithole, I cant open the readme file either. I have a suggestion: use to write your readme files out.I use it for all my stories and written files. Go to to get it.


[Edited on 08/04/08 @ 11:19 AM]

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