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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Iron Hill

On the hill you will find your keep, around the hill you won't find much but there is just enough, your economy will be slow, food hard to get, trees are few and far between, lots of stone only half if you want the iron.
The water that once flowed here left behind a few uncovered rocks and some iron, but now only the wind blows the sand around trying to cover that which once was, and of course the Infidals and Arabians who will do what ever it takes to rid this land of you and your Crusaders, your task will not be easy.
The ease of setting up your defense will be balanced by the lack of resources, your defense will be tested by ever increasing sets of invading forces, and of course there's all of the other little problems that can crop up haha!
So take to the hill and build your castle, it's a tight spot but you can do it, defending won't be to hard at first, but don't waste to much gold on frivolous things, you will need the gold for troops if you hope to get enough iron so you can leave this cursed place.

By Sir_Vet

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lord dredde
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
(Well this was a tough cookie and no mistake!.Both challenging and enteraining,highly enjoyable,well done!)

Balance: 3.5
(I agree with peter 2008 on this,regarding iron-not being able to trade,but this is offset by other resources.Getting rid of the lions was easy-sell your starting goods and buy pikes. )

Creativity: 4
(Another great map where it actually looks like a desert encroaching on a once fertile valley-i've seen to many maps that have vast swathes of lush greenery,one of the few places i know of is egypt and the nile-saw a documentary on the source of the nile and the history of countless explorers etc.Not that there's anything wrong with fertile maps,if planned carefully.)

Map Design: 4.5
(I'v already said it above -Designed very well indeed,the placement of iron ore leaves room for five mines.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Short but informative,the map says it all,the name suggests a hidden acronym- will of iron-as you need one as you progress further. )

Additional Comments:
An enjoyable map,thanks for sharing this little gem!

Lord Dredde
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
A highly recommendable eco-invasion map challenging the strategic and micro-managing skills of the player. The task is clear, collect some 116 iron.
Each level of gameplay and all the regions you will use require your permanent attention. There is a growing expansion and deepening both in economy and armour production.
All you need is at hand but only just enough if you discover to use the possibilities (hints below). Even the threatening time limit will add to your joy of having got over the scenario.

Balance: 4
You are constantly occupied to defend the land. First against lions, soon against invading packs who you can just match with the units and weapons available so far. At the borders you try to place walls within rocky fields and over dunes. Inside the village you struggle with changing events.
My only case of disappointment (or luck) was to see he invaders heading right to the keep instead of distributing themselves to make more damage.

Creativity: 4.5
Of course the idea of an eco-vasion isn't new itself but the performing is.
Brilliantly scripted! You experience a dense amount of events and they are by no means confused. You will accept flames in the desert and be thankful for good incidents.
To bring invasions from both sign post at the same time rocks.
Not least come the fine details of the landscape.

Map Design: 4
Two valleys cut through a hilly desert area dominated by an almost central plateau. These valleys appear to be unhospitable (first I thought the oasis would be too small and for illustrating reasons only) but hold the resources you will live by. These parts are modelled very thoroughly. Rocks, stones and iron intermingle. The oasis is layed out convincingly. Fine elevations hinder the placing of buildings (water pots or big towers).
The natural fortress of the plateau (with rocks towards the sign posts and smooth entrances on the back) is neither too forced nor can you make too much use of it for you will need the space for eco buildings.
Only the northwestern side of the map isn't in any use.

Story/Instructions: 3
Short story, fitting instructions.

Additional Comments:
When I played the map a second time it turned out as thrilling as at the first time. The scenario allows different developments. You may start mining the iron at once or later (first making the stand a strong one). You may want less and strong units or a "hot", efficient economy driven by fear inducers (for quicker income of iron with the side-effects of hordes of troops).
The fun I had with the game made me note some hints:
Stay cool. Place a market and invest in wood. Clear the forest in the west from lions before the first invasion comes to secure wood supplies. Be aware of bad events to happen (you often will loose a hovel and the farest field by fire). Send all your peasants/eaters out to work, place a lot of water pots and wells (due to territory) strategically and use the workers to train new soldiers - best only AFTER a fire. Be highly variable in raising / lowering taxes.
While you enjoy the scenario think of the author thankfully.

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Map Design4.3
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