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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
The Adventure of Jonas Sprye

Countless stories have been told of great adventurers, men and women who have taken on roles of heroes and discoverers, this time let me tell you a story of a man named Jonas Sprye a great adventurer who would seek out the fabled ruins of King Zimbasta who built a vast empire and called his land Zimba.

Jonas Sprye was sailing north across the shores of N Africa gathering more goods to trade, when suddenly cries of a small dingy bouncing in the waves, a number of sailers ran to the port side and there it was a small dingy with what looked like an arm hanging over the side," someone's in that boat sire, looks as though he's dead my Lord" as they came closer, sure enough there is a body laying lifeless one arm over the side " lets get that man aboard quickly now" as the men brought the lone sailer onto their ship " It looks as though he has had it alright, No! wait he still breaths get some water quick" the sailers all move in for a closer look " Get back! give him some room to breath, Where's that water!" Jonas leaned in and carefuly lifted the mans head, he took his bandanna soaked it in the water, with just a few drops on the mans puffed and broken lips, the man pushed his swollen tongue to the fresh water offered to him, but only managed a low groan " careful now there's plenty more water here a few drops on your tongue " as Jonas kept adding more drops of water to the mans lips you could see the life returning until finally " I I i th tha " the man from the dingy let out a slow agonizing breath and fell into a somewhat peaceful sleep.

It was days later before the man awoke in a cold sweat and screaming about lions " theres no where to run the lions are everywhere" and what he did see was Jonas standing over him with a look of concern clucking " there now your safe here, no lions " with the look of utter fear changing to confusion Jonas looked the man in the eye and said " you are on my ship the Sea Raven we spotted your dingy 2 days ago at first we thought you were dead but not quite, can you tell us where you came from how did you get to be where you were? " With a little help the man sat up and was greeted by the cook " here eat this stew and drink the ale it will give you strength, god knows you need it" when the man was finished he looked at Jonas " my name is Ginda I was 1 of the 150 slaves bought by Lord Barken to carry the goods needed to search for the lost city of Zimba, Lord Barken was so confident in his metal clad Swordsmen and his Knights, he was heard saying nothing can stop my swordsmen and Knights nothing it will be an easy run Zimba will be ours" While Ginda stopped another tankard of ale was thrust into his hands he took a long slow drink and set the cup down. " when we reached the last stand all that was left was some spearmen and a hand full of archers and a few slaves, the Knights were the first to go the horses could'nt handle the tidal bogs most were stuck in the mud and were eaten by the sea crocs, the swordsmen were no better the armor was to heavy for the mud and heat they fell to the Arabians like flies, the rest of us, spearmen archers pike us slaves we could move across the land with some ease, the problem we faced was that the land runs in strips leaving most of us separated, the lions and crocs and snakes ate well and the Arabians almost picked us off at will. "

Ginda paused reached for his mug and drank a full mouth of ale, " so when we reached the last stand there was only a small party of troops left, Lord Barken saw a chance to regroup and replenish the supplies, he sent the scouts ahead and set about the task of reinforcing our little piece of high ground " he gave a small shiver and a shake of his shoulders and looked at Jonas " the scouts returned they said the city is only a good days march, here is a small piece of jewel encrusted gold, gold and jewels and more everywhere, but I am afraid we will not get the chance to enjoy these riches the Arabians have us surrounded they will move in at first light, we can only hope that our high ground will give us a chance " Ginda stopped and looked around and he said " Lord Barken gathered us around, he looked at every one, looks like we might have a bit of a problem here, Gared your my best scout I want you to take five slaves and try making a run to the boat, NO NO! no arguing I will give you this map and some supplies now go maybe 1 will get through and tell our story, we left before dark Gared got us out of there, of all the luck he was bitten by a snake with the others falling to much the same fate, I made it back to where the boat was and found the dingy, I don't know how long ago that was but here I am now."

As Jonas stepped off the boat he recalled that day, finding Ginda floating near death in the little dingy, hearing the story, getting the map, it was nearly a year ago, in that time he gathered many followers 200 soldiers 150 slaves and another 20 scouts, he looked at his small army and thought to himself, is it enough? His own trusted scout Harvenn came up and said " Jonas I sent some scouts ahead, the spearmen have started out first and the archers will be in behind covering them and us, as an extra precaution the cross bows will stay in the middle with you Sire, the rest of the archers will cover the flanks and rear, the Knights and Swordsmen will follow in behind the slaves, a good part of the day is lost we must get moving." " Thanks Harvenn lets pray that our luck is better than Lord Barken and his men," Jonas looked around once more then up at his Captain and yelled " Hold the ships here for 3 months if we don't return then we are gone, and you know what to do."

Jonas had only taken a few steps when the screams began up ahead, word came back that 1 of the spearmen had his leg bit right off by a large croc, the other spearmen and archers quickly killed the large croc but it was to late for the spearman...

If you want to read the rest of the story you will have to download the file. I have made the story and the map to work together, if you read the story then play the map hopefuly you will get a feeling of being there on that little piece of high ground. And if you find the map to hard I have included a Spoiler telling you how I did it.

Enjoy, By Sir_Vet
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Matt_The_Wise like your map
Dragol I see you put alot of work into that amazing story... are you a writer? very nice.
The idea of the terrain on the map I think is pritty unique which is good :D
Keep up the good work
lord dredde Great story,great concept.

[Edited on 09/16/08 @ 02:54 PM]

Stratego Sir Vet,

simply wonderful!! Congratulations on an entertaining and challenging map! "Zimba" took me 3 attempts to understand the tricky situation, and I even managed to complete the three objectives until October 1213; at first, I was misled by the ability to erect barracks, the pitch worker and the quarrymen; but it's even possible to accomplish the tasks without using these workstations ... my comprehensive review is coming up soon!

[Edited on 09/17/08 @ 04:46 PM]

File Author
Hi players thank you for your comments, they are always welcomed. I'm not sure what took longer building and play testing the map to get it to work just right or writing the story, both were fun though.

Stratego I am looking forward to your review, your comments are on the money, when you read the spoiler you'll understand. I called it hard but once you figure it out it's really quite easy.
lord dredde
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(What can i say?This is a very addictive map as you have several ways to play it.Do you build resource gatherers and build a barracks or do you concentrate on just the required goods to accomplish the mission?Well if there was more time avaliable i'd go for the in depth and harder option,don't get me wrong this is already involved scenario as you have to manage the few troops you have very carefully,i placed most of them on the keep,i recommend that you disband the slaves and manage your fragile economy with zealous intent.)

Balance: 4
(Well seeing as you are the protaganist here and everything is very limited,it was challenging and very different,it took a second attempt for me to 'get it right'-regarding that you have very few troops and a heavily restricted economy, i enjoyed the challenge -it reminded me of 'muddy waters' for sh2.It's good to have a map where there are limitations to what can be built and what you can trade.)

Creativity: 5
(This is a very creative scenario,you've obviously taken a great deal of consideration in designing this and it shows,the timing of events and invasions are well balanced,the scarcity of trees was a great idea.Your use of making the player decide for himself/herself wehter to build a barracks to reinforce your dwindling force made for a brilliant distraction,due to the fact if you built a barracks and trained troops it would deplete your armoury of the reqiured weapons needed to complete the mission-a very subtle 'pitfall' nice one!)

Map Design: 5
(Highly original map design as it 'breaks' from the traditional fayre of maps we see for crusader.The player is situated on a small peninsula in a very exposed position,where a good defence is paramount.The location suggests that if you could explore further you may find more resources and possibly a better defensive position,but what dangers would you come across? pirates? cannibals?)

Story/Instructions: 5
( A brilliant story,it immerses into the scenario before you even load up the game.You get more than a feel for the map,you can empathise with the character and wish you could send in a rescue team!.The story is highly enjoyable and deserves its'own merit,you can step into the boots and be Jonas Sprye,take a deep breath close your eyes and feel the warm breeze on your face.)

Additional Comments:What can i say? this has to be one of the most original maps for crusade in a long time and i hope it inspires others to be more creative and be spontaneous with their imagination.I look forward to the sequel with relish.Finally are you a fan of H.Rider.Haggard?the story reminds me a little bit of 'She' and' King Solomon's Mines' somehow.I love a good adventure story,well done and thankyou for sharing.keep up the good work!
Lord Dredde
Map Design4.5

If only more maps were as good as this amazing creation by Sir Vet. Oh, I love any type of warlike eco-maps, where you are bound to deal with restricted conditions and just a handful of pre-selected troops. There are just eight peasants available, so you have to coordinate your military planning and establish economic priorities temporarily. Victory is possible in diverse ways, even if you get stone production going right from the beginning. The placement of barracks and the recruitment of additional troops may equalize your casualties, but it’s hindering your efforts to quickly stock up the requested weapons. A good deal of systematic thinking and micromanagement is of the essence – simply great!

The precisely timed invasions tight up to an efficient choice of military units and occasionally roaming lions keep you on your toes all time long. You never get bored, as change is the thing! The completion of the economic objectives is perfectly synchronized with the defense of the manor house and the repulse of regularly occurring enemy attacks, to say nothing of the fires! Yes, keeping your soldiers out of flaming soil – that’s a matter of importance here as well. “Zimba” is classified as “hard”, anyway, I’d assign it to a “normal” difficulty range, right after having managed to win until “October 1213”. I didn’t disband any military units for the sake of any increase of the population.

The map plays smoothly, and all aspects needed for a perfect map fit together in a pragmatic harmony. I experienced no glitches or flaws that might be bad for an enjoyable and entertaining game progress – grandiose!

Map Design:
Awesome! I’ve seldom seen that kind of unique landscape design! At first, I was attracted by the minimap itself, and the modeled terrain as if a gigantic torrential flood had washed away or scratched out millions of tons of fertile humus. The only spot I personally dislike is the pitch field – just a bit too disproportionate and unsuitably placed, in my opinion. I’m not sure if pitch diggers are really necessary – you could leave them out easily.

That’s it! Cracking stories like this one, keep the interest up by conveying an adequate in game feeling or inducing every player’s addiction. The author also added a separate “spoiler” which reads as a walkthrough, though not being used by myself. I’ve tried to find my own strategy, for I didn’t want to get influenced by another one’s recommendations or hints.

Don't miss it - It's a great map revealing a special challenge!

File Author
To my great reviewers Lord Dredde and Stratego, you have definatly made my efforts worth while, Thank You!

This was a fun map to make, a lot of playtesting and suttle adjustments went into getting this map just right, there are many ways to play this map, I threw in some extra stuff just to throw you off, and that was a success. Some of the parts of the map don't fit, like you are in the middle of nowhere where does the manor house come from, the game requires it, 10 years game time reality would be more like 3 weeks, and you keep getting 8 villagers even when they keep getting killed, I hope the story is enough to get you involved in the map instead of thinking of the little details.

Just a reply on some of the points you both made, Stratego hard or normal, I would say hard to figure out but normal when you get it, you and Lord Dredde are accomplished players, for most it is hard by the # 3.8 maybe.

It is a cool looking mini map, turn it sideways it looks really strange.:-) And as far as the pitch goes I was goofing around and was going to clean it up but never went back to it in fact if you place a rig at the entrance you can't even use it.

With the limitations, it's 1208 and you are on a journey all you have is what you brought with you, and what was left behind by Lord Barken, you won't find a market out there.

The location suggests you could explore and find more resourses but what would you find? Not pirates or cannibals but more lions, snakes, crocs and of course more Arabians, and go far enough maybe the city of Zimba.

I hope you take this in the lite manner in which I meant it, and I also hope that you will enjoy Zimba 2 as much.

With the quality of feed back I have recieved on the Crusader maps I have uploaded hopefully I can come up with something new and as good as Zimba or better, any suggestions, something you would like to see?

Thank You Lord Dredde and Stratego for taking the time to review my creation.


[Edited on 10/05/08 @ 12:58 PM]

peter2008 A really special mission showing Sir_Vet as great master of concept and scripting and landscape. For me the clue of the scen is combination working on each level.
No walls, no trading, no hovels!
Economic actions best done simultaneously in minute interrelaion.
Different troop types best operating as mixed forces. Had my archers and knights changing positions permanently (at least there was calming height advantage). Melees melting away in close combat (with animals). Succesfully used my slaves to distract slingers or stop raiding hostile slaves.
And events fittingly timed so close together, this impressed me deeply. From one side invaders attack while from behind a huge horde of lions penetrates the settlement.

Learning from the forerrunners I managed the missionin August 1213, haha (four fletchers in the end). Next time I'll disband the apple farmers in between!
File Author
Hi Peter, I don't know if I would go as far as calling me a master, but I would agree that this map turned out to be close on the scale of masterpiece. Thank you so much!
You guys managed to win by 1213 the best I got was 1216, that's what made me decide on calling it hard.
I added the slaves for the purpose of disbanding them for workers, but their yours to do what you like.
I'm so glad you all enjoyed my creation I had a lot of fun making it and receiving your comments and ratings.
Thank You All

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