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South of Damascus-pt2

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
South of Damascus-pt2.

I have included the full story in the file.

I would also like to mention there are major plot surprises in this last installment and have decided not to reveal them here-sorry.

'Hakim's revenge'.

After surviving several battles of the second crusade,you have made your way home to clear you name and restore your honour.
Sevaral months later you are back on your feet,and planning on raising an army with the gold accquired from your trading post'scam'
You raise the army needed to attack the city now in control of the european mercenaries and have dicovered that there are traps and pitch ditches laid to stop you.You start with plenty of troops for the seige-(this is a cede-scenario)and will have two chances at attacking,i suggest you launch a 'decoy' assault and then launch your main attack-there is a well armed force waiting for you.
Once you have captured the keep your troubles will really start!
This map is for version1.1 but does work with version1.2(the one that came with extreme).
by the way,try and complete the scenario sooner than later as your character is older now and the winds of change blow once more in your direction(okay the third crusade and Salahadin are involved and there i go MAJOR PLOT SPOILER!!)
--- next map----is-'phoenix' and is being tested by peter2008,who bravely volunteered.


Lord Dredde
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peter2008 Hi LD, made 1st dl, lol and lol again for that precise one-sentence definition of a cede-invasion. Gonna have a look at those troubles soon.
lord dredde
File Author
Hi ,peter2008.
Hope you enjoy the scenario and the plot revelations in the story you've downloaded,some real sizzlers!
Look forward to hearing from you.

happy gaming

Lord Dredde
Sir_Vet Hi Lord Dredde another nice map you made for us, the taking of the castle was quite easy, holding it another thing, later in the game the repeating invasions become overwhelming, like you said get it done quickly. The map looks nice your oasis well done, and having 3 sign posts make things interesting.

Thank You for the map!

lord dredde
File Author
Hello Sir_Vet,good hear from you,glad you enjoyed the scenario.I have a few more maps planned for crusader.What did you think of the fountains inside the castle?-i was looking for something different hence the shape of two.

happy gaming

Lord Dredde

peter2008 So, LD, this one's far too easy, a funny spectacle best to be played on a rainy day to make you smile again.
I always like to tear down hovels the dozens. Also tore down chapels and inns and good things - but did not get back any gold in return. Must be due to the cede owning of the castle? At least this way I could recognize the shape of the waterfalls better, a cross - lol - in that time of crusades. How did you make the low-level wall around them?
With the dynamics of a high negative fear factor I was able to fulfill the economic requests just when the first invasion began and had most of the horse archers left to match these guys ;).
The story contains an exciting aspect: to be right next to Salahaddin. Maybe an inspiration for further fictio-historical stories: as general with Nuraddin, as knight with the Lionheart...
PS: Thanks that you gave ME the siege towers in the beginning. And what did I do? Make all the engineers leave their engines and build portable shields ... rofl.
lord dredde
File Author
Hi peter2008.glad you enjoyed the scenario,yes it was a bit easy ,but the next few won't be ;).I thought it was a good idea with the ficto-historical storyline(i have a monty-pythonesque lined up for both sh1 and crusader-maybe the others to).As for the seige towers,i like them and seem to be mostly underused in maps-what was your casualty rate with the seige? i may upload the original template without the 'cross' fountains.Onto them in depth,well firstly i read mapmaking101,and got some great ideas(1)firstly i used the lowered wall technique but felt it lost realism when my troops and enemy troops hacked away at them so(2)i used the'ruins'in the buildings list and measured a template to work with making alterations where neccesary(best to draw a plan on paper).(3)then i placed the small garden in the enclosed area-altering when needed-leaving a single space where the fountain would go(4)i raised the terrain just slightly until i got the desired effect(the bigger fountains were easy).
The delete after cede buildings 'thingy'yes that does happen,i'm surprised that there were any buildings left after the fires.
As for harder scenarios,yes i have quite a few in development,where everything is limited.
Lord Dredde

And finally-would anyone care to review this scenario?

[Edited on 10/03/08 @ 06:06 AM]

peter2008 Thanks, Lord Dredde.
Let me add that I also enjoyed your job of changing the colours of both good guys, initial crew of the castle *and* invaders.
As for siege towers I wholeheartedly agree. Often like to mention that for me they are the most effective way of literally owning a castle (towers, maces, marksmen). Did not want to use them at the beginning because you cannot disband a the tower after it has touched the wall and did not want to leave this entrance open for the enemy.
My casualties: all the slingers, really wasted them to distract and hit the archers. about 20 horse archers, about 30 assassins and some other melees. Later I only trained 4 additional engineers for ballistas and somehow know that there were about 685 troops left in the end (the big keep overcrowded with melees).

PS: Please send me an e-mail so that I get your address. You'll find mine in the Forums, Crusader: Skirmish & Multiplayer » Contact Information for Multiplayers, page 6 bottom.

[Edited on 10/03/08 @ 04:15 PM]

lord dredde
File Author
Hi peter2008.thanks for the reply.
my casulties were higher as i used the troops to the left as a decoy assault due to the horse archers,a previous attempt with the others led to a great attack ,but they nearly all got wiped out by enemy x-bows,a few did distract the enemy long enough for the other group to attack-all those horse archers-all that pitch,my assasins nearly perished!-i test every possible attack option in making and testing maps-takes most of my free time,at the moment i have a backlog of maps that i made last year and i'm busy testing them now-one in particular which will be at least two or more map scenario-no hints-maybe one ,except it is lethal and features a lot of lions and how many...?arghh no!the name,well i'll tell you via email and maybe send you the (almost)complete map-still writing the story though,my email addy is in my profile,if you add me to your contacts let me know it's you and mention strongholdheaven.or it'll end upin my spam filter.

Lord Dredde
and remember folks-happy gaming!!!

[Edited on 10/03/08 @ 07:45 PM]

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