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Ruined Warfare- The Retribution Campaign Pt 1

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Mesiahus climbed up the stairs to gaze upon the horizon, tears well up in his eyes as a result of looking at the destruction of his hometown, the pride of the regions wealth and prosperity, but lies in utter destruction. The beautiful turrets and never-ending walls are destroyed and ruined, Nemanith, the once proud city lays in tatters. The ongoing war between the Nemanithians and the foreign invaders have been raging for several years, the rushing tide of the enemy was finally stopped here, at this city where Mesiahus' men have fought bravely in the defense of this on rushing enemy, but soon he will completly rid the enemy from this city, once and for all...
"Take cover!" a distant shout was heard and Mesiahus dove for cover just in time before a massive boulder came flying into the wall leaving a gaping hole in the battlements.

"Are you serious?" questioned Barbaros.
"It came straight from the top, this is about as serious as it gets" replied the vanguard. The vanguard were the elite of the elite, the personal defense of the emporer, the sudden appearance of one, especially in this city made him feel nervous, but what he heard next completely stunned him.
"Look, the emporer is getting irritated, the once sweeping campaign has grinded to a complete halt, and taxpayers money is being wasted for arms and siege weapons only for it to be wasted here in this hole of a city."
"Our intel source is reliable, there will be a massive invasion coming to take your section of the city and move outwards from the city to link up with their brethren sitting tight in Na'minith."
Na'minith was a fortress in which the Nemanithians have taken refuge and are holding against constant assualts, the extra reinforcements will have the Imperial Guards locked tight in a vice grip in which surely they will be slaughtered. A loss of the capital of the Nemanithians (Nemanith) and the outbreak from the fortress of Na'menith as well as the loss of Imperial troops would be devestating, enough for Barbaros to lose his command and the initiative of the war, but more importantly, he could lose his life. Barbaros was an efficient commander but was being held back by superiors who gained experience on the homefront collecting taxes. His experience on the battlefield was what landed him in command of the city's garrison. But his superiors decisions had always faltered his conquest of this city and now an impeding invasion may ruin the chances of winning the war, seeking out vengeance from years of turmoil between the empires.
"But thats not all" the officer said. Snapping Barbaros out of his trance.
"The emporer want you to...after the invasion take immediate action against the enemy."
"What sort of action?" fear beginning to grip Barbaros.
The vanguard unwrapped a small cloth...
"In accordance with your pledge to serve, protect the emporer and your pledge of faith to the God on Earth, his Imperial Highness demands of a swift end to this campaign in style of an immediate counter-attack in removing the enemy's occupation of this city."
Barbaros was immediate counterattack?
"Basically it means after the invasion he wants you to invade the city and take control of it."
"That's impossible!" screamed Barbaros. But the divine word of the emporer was final, his wishes must me served with, defieance is punishable by death.
"The emporer's word is final!" retorted the vanguard.
"We have no proper defense of the city! An invasion would cripple our offensive capabilities! And a counterattack!?!"
"What is the estimated number of invaders?"
"Our sources indicate somewhere in the 1500-2000."
Barbaros face grew pale.
"And I'm expected to defend with 200 or so troops and launch a counter attack?"
"You will receive support from the west, they are barbarians but they fight well.Good luck..."
There was only silence thereafter...the calm before the storm.
And thus that is the story so far of the Retribution campaign, more will be found out in the next edition of the campaign.
This is my first map upload, and hopefully you will enjoy it. Comments on problems that can be fixed is more than welcome.
Objectives: simple
-Withstand the enemy's invasion
-Launch counterattack to rid city of occupants.

-Since you have no proper defense of your sect of the city, the best you can do is your OFFENSIVE capabilities to defeat the incoming tide.
-Use what is left of your cavalry to charge the trebuchet hill of the eastern sect of the city.

Good Luck and enjoy!
The bahh.
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The Hitman That's cool!
lord dredde Great looking map you have there!

File Author
Hey, thanks, have u played it yet? if so, any problems or things i can improve on would be greatly appreciated.

File Author
hey guys once again, i updated the map to include siege engineers that are actually manning the enemy's mangonels, they weren't manning it because i had to create some more ruin effect and they were annoying in constantly bombarding my catapults. so now they are there, and therefore should be more challenging to complete.

for those who have already downloaded the map, just tell the enemy to man the mangonels down the bottom of the map.

have fun and keep those comments coming! :)
peter2008 Hi Bahh,

it took some time before I came back to your map. So, here's some comments.
Great, "cool" scenery. All these ruins look exciting and impressive. By no means boring because you did a lot of variety including some raising and lowering of walls (and an eyecandy waterfall). Must have taken you hours to damage all the walls and towers. And the ways through the ruins work!
Also the idea of defence AND counter-attack is great. A pure fighting scenario is a nice change for there are not much siege scenarios in Crusader.
The gamplay you could improve and work out better. Up to now I find the map too easy.
Concering the defence: The invasions are too big, most of the soldiers don't proceed or unfold but keep standing around the signpost for too long. You may script invasions that are smaller but appear repeatedly and / or overlapping. On the other side - let it be 10.000s that run against my 60 xbows, as long as I can simply delete the stairs in front of my defence lines they are but poor victims. Here it helped to place all the walls from player 2 only, so that I could not change anything.
Also the counter objective could be more challenging: If it were attacks that offered better defence positions (towers, gates). And if there was a time limit.
At last, I got confused by the story. Did Mesiahus die by that boulder? He doesn't play a role in the following chapter. How are the the different persons assiciated to each other?

Nevertheless, many thanks for your first map here. I'm very interested to see your part 2.

PS. Please add a hint in the zip file for new players who don't know how mounted troops can climb stairs.

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