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You can run,but you can't hide V1.1

Author File Description
Knight of Russia
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The year is 795 AD. You are sitting in the Poison Ale Inn. You and your army have been marching from a war with Duc De Puce in which your army slaughtered his. Your men are happy. Finally they will see their beloved: wife, children, or bride. You have been in Duc De Puce's country for 6 years, laying seige to his heavy walls and deadly defenders, taking down castle by castle, until you have freed all the people living under his tyranny.
Your best friend Jonathan and you are sitting at a table near the ale, happy that you have finally beaten the Pig.You look at him and smile. He is your second-in-command, and a friend you love very much. You have known him since he was born and orphaned, and your parents and you, being six at the time, adopted him. You had no siblings, and a new child in the house was the best thing you knew.
In the war against Pig, he stood by your side, always fighting bravely, not letting anything come near you, and you were doing to same to him. He got hurt protecting you a lot of times. Miraculously, he survived, but was very weak after that.
As you were smiling at your memories, the inn door flung open and a man in armor came in. Everyone started whispering,"Is that the Wolf?" "Look at him. Have you seen a man as powerful looking as him?" Wolf walked up to the bar, and ordered 2 cups of wine. When the bartender gave it to him, he waited for Wolf to be done with drinking. When the Wolf was done, he stood up, turned around and started to leave. But as he turned, the bartender said," Um sir, you forgot to pay" The Wolf snarled,"What did you say?" The bartender repeated. Suddenly there was a flash as Wolf whipped out his sword and held it near the bartender's neck.He said,"No one tells the Wolf what to do." Before the bartender had time to reply, he was slain.
Everyone in the inn was shocked. All of a sudden you saw Jonathan jump out of his seat and, wielding his sword, run at the Wolf. The Wolf spun around and tried to duck, but wasn't fast enough, and got a bit hurt. The Wolf screamed and swung his sword. Jonanthan didn't expect that to happen, and Wolf's sword hit him.
"NOOOOO!" You were running at Wolf, hacking left and right with your sword. But, you accidently slipped on spilled ale and and sword flew out of your hand and broke Wolf's sword.
The Wolf pointed at Jonathan" Hahaha. That fool has been defeated because he tried to attack me." He turned to me," And you... you will pay dearly also. You have destroyed my sword. I will personally make sure you die slowly. You can run, but you can't hide." and he passed out.
You looked at Jonathan, who was desperatly trying to breathe normally, but it was hard. "Jonathan!" you yelled."Don't die! Talk to me! Please!"
Jonathan looked at you." Darius. Hold my hand. I'm cold. Tell Mother and Father I love them and will see them in Heaven. Please tell them." Wolf's sword did its work and Jonathan's eyes started to shut...

________________5 years later_________________

You and your army are almost were lost, not knowing how to reach home, because Jonathan, the expert navigator, wasn't with you. You were in a land full of outlaws who killed for food. You told your men," I have a feeling that Wolf will be here soon. Let's settle here for now." So your people started to build a camp.

______ Read this after you beat the map ____

You have finally beat the Wolf's army, but he was nowhere to be found. You couldn't sleep for days. Finally when your men convinced you to get some sleep, the Wolf appeared at your room window. He climbed up the castle walls with nobody seeing him. Finally he will kill you.
He started tying you up to the bed. He woke you up, and evilly grinned at you."Finally I wish kill you. Just as I planned: slowly." He was about to start cutting when an arrow hit hit from the back. You were shocked. All the men were sleeping. The arrow looked like it came from nowhere.
Then you couldn't belive your eyes.
At the door to your room stood Jonathan.


-Made the events work out.(ex. when you kill all people in an invasion, that's when Wolf sends out a message, whereas it used to be that he sent messages during the invasion.)

-Added some events to make it a little more challenging :)

-Add some iron on the other side of the map, so that you won't have the iron workers have to walk the whole way across.

-Made story less graphic :P

-The lord SHOULD appear; I playtested 3 times.


-As Peter2008 said, a lot of the outcome depends on where you place your keep.

-If you build the keep in a certain area and build a triangular/sqaure-like wall around, you'll easily beat the game...belive me.

Tell me if you want me to change anything.

Have fun and good luck,
Knight of Russia.
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