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Khimsaba(the dark heart of evil)

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
Khimsaba(the dark heart of evil)-this is a four map scenario,where you play as an arabian slaver on the west african coast.After many years you are looking forward to retiring but fate has other plans for you,on return from your last trip,one of your men found an ancient marker being too heavy to carry a wood carving is made.Upon your return you discover that the marker is a warning and bears an ancient curse,-The rest of the story in four sections for each of the scenarios can be found in the zip file.There are four maps,the one you can see is from mission one.

The scenario is loosely based on classic novels'she' and 'king solomons' mines by h.rider .haggard ,rudyard kipling's 'the man who would be king' and 'apocalypse now'

Also it is a LOT easier than my previous scenario 'phoenix rising' all you have to do is cross a continent,face off hostile tribes,battle ferocious beasts,slay a tyrant -his minions and..well you'll discover if you tread in the footsteps of our hero.

Update 21/11/08-slowly but surely you will fight your way through this scenario...and have fun at the same time!HINT- don't rush,take your time.Works with 1.1 and 1.2
Time for a few tips-mission one,you cannot build hovels-so when your troops have a low life-bar,disband them to get extra peasants,but bide your time as to many people waiting for work will affect your popularity.

Lord Dredde
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
peter2008 A full campaign, wow.

Act 1 brings such a tricky concept: Tiny beginning, growing tension. New kind of fun to lead troops there and back. Well done, wish the campaign many players.

Act 2: That's genious of you to make an indipendent scenario out of the setting of "remaining loyals". Discovered this peasants' behaviour while playing "The Castle of Dr. Moreau". Had popularity down to -41, LOL.

Btw, what's Kiswahili for "Hey, you antilopes, don't run away so far from my keep." and "Surviving with nothing."?

[Edited on 11/02/08 @ 04:36 AM]

lord dredde
File Author
Hi peter2008.Yes it is a full campaign that was started about a year ago,and has been reworked a few times and been on and off in construction,particularly in building designs-i refer to maps three and four in particular.The meaning? well actually i've used several egytpian/arabic words and the result is a conjugation.But i can reveal that a previous map name 'hashara' means insect and the capital of this scenario is a real word that hasn't been mixed up apart from the apostrophe that is 'shokran' means(depending on the use)(a)thanks or (b) thankyou.
But if anyone can guess the words i used for the title then congratulations-MAJOR SPOILER- look in phrase books/travel books.
Now watch out for the lions once they get a taste they will follow you ALL the way ;). as for mood music you could try 'wimoweh'(the lion sleeps tonight) or the theme from the 60's tv show 'daktari' or tarzan-well the list goes on suffice to say.AND finally it is one of the very few scenarios for crusader NOT set in the desert,in fact the ony one that i remember right now is called'the demands of xetas'.And remember enjoy the journey and if you get stuck just drop me a line with your query.The last few maps are nearly ready-(most of my spare time has been devoted to them)-playtesters welcome.
the conjoined word means'experienced enough'you can interpret the meaning as you go along,through each map and yes your popularity will drop...maybe. update 10/11/08The word GENIOUS,wow i haven't heard that for a long time-thanks peter2008,referring to map 2-i got the idea from humphrey bogart's 'the african queen'and 'el guarve'-the wrath of god' with klaus kinski.
Lord Dredde

[Edited on 11/21/08 @ 11:42 AM]

The Hitman You know what? This would be a great skirmish.

[Edited on 11/02/08 @ 04:46 PM]

Sir_Vet Hi Lord Dredde, another fine map er series of maps, a good long story to pull you into it.
I have only played the first map, I liked it a lot but it could have been a little harder, but let me guess I will be needing all the troops as I progress through the series. Just a point, if you leave a space after the commas it makes reading easier, and thank's for not putting the story on the site.

Thank you for the map, I will let you know how I do with the rest of your package.

lord dredde
File Author
Hi,glad to hear the feedback and that people are enjoying my latest offerings.

To the 'the hitman'yes it would be a great skirmish,unfortunately due to other commitments this will be postponed for the time being,so if you want to make this a skirmish map you can.

To Sir_vet
glad you like the maps and sorry for the punctuation. I have just submitted a review for your jack o' lantern map-nice work ;)

Finally-time for a strategy hint,you need to ensure most of your troops survive as you cant train any in mission one.Mission two,when you kill the other slave trader you should be able to 'capture' some troops and you can train more troops if you get enough gold,food an popularity to offset taxes. As for missions three and four once you have captured the keep you can train troops,but only certain types-keeping the location in mind.The invasions will icrease in the last two maps.
And remember if any has a query regarding this scenario and 'phoenix rising' just drop me a line-if you email my private'addy'(in my profile) please say you are from strongholdheaven or your message will end up in my junk mail filter .

Happy gaming.
Lord Dredde

[Edited on 11/04/08 @ 04:56 PM]

peter2008 Act 3: An eco-invasion in the very special LD kind. Excitement guaranteed.
First I felt great respect for this African fortress which looks massive and cold. A cool custom castle with lot of change in the use of heights and wall types and with winding stairs. Also the very careful and dedicated modelling of the rock area deserves meditation.
The mission like a campaign itself consisting of three parts.
A cede, not as hard as feared. You start with a funnily mixed troop. - Players, please don't read the chapter of the story before playing. Try to find out yourself.
An unforeseen desaster. Wanna hide the mess I came in, just can mention, watch your mill boys running. Helpful was having played act 2 before.
Reorganizing and rebuilding the economy. For me it's great fun to take a prebuilt installation in hand and form it as to the need of the mission. You will understand, LD, if I tell that I resolutely teared down 2 certain piles of stockpile. The very old stronghold finally looked like a mysterious skelleton with busy life concentrated in one corner.

Act 4: The final chapter brings two mysteries: How to get to the inside of the stronghold? And how to survive later? Here you are in the "Dark Heart".
A long cede awaits you, a fighting till the last enemy. Conquered the gigantic fortress only when combining ranged troops and shields in a specific way. Also in combining troop types for attack sometimes. High concentration is needed to lead the groops appropriately using Crtl + x.
The solution of this part is layed out tricky (with an eye-candy draw bridge). Three main gates offer different strategies. Haha, this time don't follow the hint to use a ram, at least not against a small gate ...
The result does not look happy. With a handful of surviving marksmen (but more melees) you're to face formidable amounts of invaders. You must use the dark weapon of which there is enough supply (even after deleting two distracting tiles of stockpile). Found a very nice possibilty for adding 12 more pitch ditches!!

From modest roots to the big clash these 4 missions lead us, each one original and impressive for itself.
(Regarding Act 2 - Humphrey Bogart climbing into the African shallows full of leeches under the compassionate eyes of Katharine Hepburn - an unforgettable scene. As well the staring eyes of Conquistador Kinski on a raft driving into the Nirwana. Damn good backgrounds.)

Thank you very much, Lord Dredde.

[Edited on 11/14/08 @ 02:03 PM]

lord dredde
File Author
Hello peter2008.Great analysis you've made,and you found a few spoilers in the maps.No i don't mind you or anyone deleting stockpiles etc.Congratulations on completing the scenario!As for the films/books that i drew inspiration from,yes there are many haunting/evocative scenes that leave lasting impressions.I'm glad that everyone who has downloaded this 'mini campaign' has enjoyed it.There are a few bits you missed though-map1 has some strange features to the left of the big waterfall(press the spacebar to see it) and maps three and four have a couple,but i'll let you find them.As for a future african adventure,who knows? (look forward to any reviews lol).

[Edited on 11/20/08 @ 02:14 PM]

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