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66 - Twist in the Tale

Author File Description
Lord Michael I

"Twist in the Tale" will be a one-on-one fight against Emir Omar. As you can see in the minimap, both players will have plenty of resources and greenery to make a healthy town in no time. You will start with 3000 gold, while your enemy will start with 40000. Even though there’s an economic disadvantage, it’ll be pretty easy to beat this Emir.

As always, start off by lowering the game speed to 20; later extend your stockpile, preferably in a 6 tiled rectangle. After that, erect your Granary, which is most effective behind your keep, where it will be close to the bakeries, but won’t be in the way of the busy workers.

Then, take your screen northeast, and build 1 woodcutter’s hut, build 2 more woodcutters west of the first one, where the other pack of trees are. Build 2 iron mines, and one stone quarry, along with one ox. Place these buildings in a way where you won’t take too much space off the iron and stone deposits. Now go back to your keep and build the marketplace, along with 4 hovels. Remember to place the marketplace far from the stockpile, as we will need this space later for the industry buildings. Enter the marketplace and buy 300 wood pieces.

With all this wood, we’ll finish building or prosperous town: First, build 2 Fletchers, 1 Pole Turner, 1 Armorer, 1 Tanner, and one armory. Place the Fletchers on crossbow production, and the Pole Turner on pike production. I recommend you place these buildings close to each other, leaving minimal space between them. Later on I will place an image showing how I put my buildings as guidance.

Now, place one Dairy Farm (Preferably close to the Tanner), 2 Wheat Farms and one Hops farm. Build 2 Breweries, and since there is already ale in your stockpile, immediately build 2 Inns. Now, erect a mill and 6 bakeries.

Here is how I recommend you place your buildings: The blue dots represent the weapons industry buildings, the red ones, the mill, granary and bakeries, the green dots are where the breweries and inns are, the yellow ones are where the farms are, and the black dots show the position of the market and hovels. With this image you can also note how I paced my Iron mines and Quarry.

Now that you have a town, you must defend it. To do this, build a wall that completely blocks off the path to your town. Then, build a square tower next to the southern river, along with its ballista and staircase. Go back to your town and build a barracks and engineers’ guild.

Now that you built your tower, man it with your 3 starting archers, and hire two engineers to man the ballistae. Next, go to the marketplace and buy 10 Bows, and recruit 10 new archers. Obviously, send them to your square tower. Now that you are well defended against an early attack, you can speed you back to 40.

Now build a second quarry, along with its ox. Our economy will be based mainly on the stone we produce, so gradually we’ll be building more quarries. To regain some of the lost money, sell all the starting pitch. Also, set your taxes up to -8.

After this, build a gatehouse, close to your tower, and another square tower, next to the gatehouse. Place a ballista on the second tower, and man it. Once you start recruiting, distribute your troops in a 2:1 ratio: Send one crossbowman to the northern tower for each two you send to the southern one.

With the extra stone you have, reinforce your wall with a second layer, and crenellate it.

This is how my finished wall looked like. If you haven’t done so, start recruiting crossbowmen and pikemen. I recommend you assemble your pikemen near the gatehouse, in case you need them. Now that your defensive powers are growing, it’s time to start an offensive army. Go to your Engineers’ Guild and recruit 6 engineers. With them, build 2 trebuchets southeast of your keep, where a small pack of trees are, and as closest as possible to the water and the Emir’s Castle.

When both trebuchets are built, target the round tower closest to them:

Although your trebuchets will be able to only target this tower, you’ll lower his stone stocks each time he has to build a new one, as well as you will turn this tower virtually useless, so you’ll have some archers less to kill off when you siege his castle.

Next thing to do is go to the market, and sell anything you don’t need, from extra hops, ale and flour, to stone and iron. Also, build 2 new Iron Mines, along with one new Quarry, an ox, and a hovel. This will speed up your money income. You may also want to build a second granary, this way you will expand your bread limit, and have less of those annoying “The Granary is full” messages.

From now on, just sit back and sell every incoming stone and iron (Leave some stone for when you have to re supply your trebuchets), and keep recruiting crossbowmen and pikemen.

When you reach 3000 gold, build yourself a Mercenaries’ Guild, and recruit 15 Horse Archers. Assemble these Horse Archers just outside your walls.

You will use these 15 Horse Archers to turn most of the Emir’s farms and quarries useless. You can safely move your Horse Archers around this are, but do not cross that black line drawn in the image above. After that line you will get in range of the tower Archers. Try to keep the Horse Archers in movement. This way, you will be less affected by arrows shot by enemy archers. Also, keep an eye on enemy attacks. If you see a siege forming up, move your Horse Archers to a safer position (Near your gates), for them to not get harmed. You may also want to be careful with swordsmen. Every once in a while the Emir will send a small pack of swordsmen to kill off your Horse Archers. The solution is simple: Just run around in circles, stop when you are at a safe distance, and target a single swordsman. Concentrating all your fire on one swordsman will make it easier to kill them. But beware: Start moving around again when they get too close.

From now on, concentrate on controlling this area. Every once in a while, check on your trebuchets, and re supply them, or retarget the tower if needed. Also go to the marketplace to sell your extra goods. Speaking of extra goods, go ahead and build yourself a new quarry, along with its ox, and another Pole Turner, set on pike production. Also build a new hovel.

So keep checking on your trebuchets and market, and keep saving money. Every time you get past 3000 gold, hire 15 new Horse Archers. Remember to keep recruiting crossbowmen and pikemen, too.

Repeat this step until you reach 30 crossbowmen, and 24 pikemen. After you reach these numbers, you can sell the weapons for a bigger profit. As for the Horse Archers, keep recruiting them until you reach around 150 of them.

Once you reach this number, start your attack. Firstly, you should wait if you see too many troops on the Emir’s castle. This normally means he will soon attack you. It is better to wait for his attack, kill it off, and then make your attack.

Second, don’t just storm in. You will first need to send in your Horse Archers, approach the Swordsmen outside the castle, and lure them away from the castle.

When they are all gone, get back in and neutralize all the archers. It is best to do this by placing your Horse Archers I front of the gatehouse, by doing this your enemies will be trapped inside their own castle. After killing all the archers, target the trapped troops: Swordsmen, Horse Archers, and anything else that moves.

Once the castle is clear, send in your pikemen, take down the gatehouse and kill the Emir. If you don’t like waiting so much, you can also kill off some Swordsmen and Horse Archers; take down the gatehouse, and storm in, with your Horse Archers and pikemen. This is not recommendable, though, as there is a risk of losing many, many troops.

Give yourself a pat in the back. Congratulations! You just defeated the Emir, despite his advantage! Now you get to advance to the next mission, which is much more difficult, trust me…

If you still have any doubts on this or any other mission, don’t hesitate on emailing me. My email is on my profile. Good luck!
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peter2008 "Enter the marketplace and buy 300 wood pieces." This is the way it goes.
If anyone needs to read the walkthrough for this extremely easy mission he / she may be shocked and frightened to get the advice of spending 1.200 gold, almost the half of the starting amount, for "nothing but wood". Then let me affirm it's a very essential hint. The booming economy will pay back the rent. More important, the player will soon be ahead of the AI! "You are the greatest Lord" - made of wood.

[Edited on 11/05/08 @ 04:46 PM]

lord dredde Hi-thanks for the great walkthrough,one of the better maps for the second trail,even though you dont start with much you will soon have more cash than you think.

Seabourch I found that the Emir in my mission made a few fatal flaws. One, he did not place an Engineer's guild so that meant his defence was incredibly weak to my attacking force. Two, his assembly point for troops was incredibly, in range of my four ballistas and at one point, he ended up attacking with one horse archer and I need not say anything about the swordsmen used.

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