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Brotherly Love - Part 1-1

Author File Description
SirRavenFire 3
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1
Hey guys (And gals), and welcome to my first SHC map ^^. This is the first part of my full campaign, “Brotherly Love”. I’m working on the second part RIGHT now (I’m having er, minor, difficulties, lol). Anyway, without further ado, I give you: The “Brotherly Love” Story!


Fore story:

You are (Insert your name here), Heart of Nee’andis, Heir to her throne, son of His Majesty The Wise King Jackel and eldest of his five sons. Your brothers, Karn, Jin, Astin and Rex all want what titles are yours and the rights they bear.

Karn, a mere 14 days younger then you was cheated of the title First Born and all the titles that come with it, only because your mother, Lady Philea, gave birth before her appointed time. Jin, born with only two desires: power and game, wants your titles for the power that comes with them. Astin, an intellectual, believes that he would be better fit to rule Nee’andis because of his “Superior Knowledge”. Rex, the youngest, and always ignored, seeks desperately too gain his fathers approval and perhaps even the lands of Nee’andis.

And so the five brothers constantly fight for the rights of inheritance, using sweet logic each tries to convince the Wise King Jackel of his own fitness to rule the lands of Nee’andis over that of his brothers. Over time, the fighting escalates from noble politics to full blown war when one of the brothers attempts to have you assassinated. Though quite, a war raged within the walls of the keep itself, and even that wasn’t even to satisfy the brothers needs.

On the eve of Dec 25 year 0999, the Healthy and Wise King Jackel was found dead in his chambers, no killing wound could be found… It was announced The Jackel had died of worry. The next day a grand funeral was held, and while the brothers restrained themselves at such an important event, they couldn’t help but glare suspiciously at each other.

Soon after the funeral, each brother made his way to the keep as fast as he could. With the king dead and formalities finished with, each brother now had his chance to seize Nee’andis from you. Sensing this, you hurry to the keep as fast as you can yourself, and make it there before any of your brothers. Calling to the few men you could place your absolute trust in, you prepare to make your escape from Hryst, the capital city of Nee’andis, but you are not fast enough.

Karn storms into the keep just as you are about to leave, and without even the slightest attempt to hide it, he attacks you. Thrust into a vicious battle with no warning, you find yourself quickly over run by Karn’s furious and swift attacks. You call to your men to aid you, but they are no match for Karn and are defeated the moment they enter the range of Karn’s giant axe. Your world slowly fades to black.

Later, Karn dumps the bodies of you and your men into the great river Une, and this is where our story beings.

Brotherly Love - Chapter 1-1, A Lucky Break.

Far in the distance the sun rises, its light gently caressing the waters of the Une; Its warmth rousing the deer that den near the waters. Slowly, that warmth washes over you, and you cautiously open your eyes. Stung by the strong rays of the sun, you quickly close your eyes once more and force yourself to relax. Listening, you hear the gentle, relaxing noise of a flowing river near by. Once relaxed, you become aware of a tingling sensation in your left arm. Slowly, you attempt to form a fist, you groan loudly and your body convulses as an intense pain suddenly shoots through your chest.

“He’s alive!” Dizzied from the pain, you can’t make out where the voice is coming from, but it sounds excited. “Did you see that, He’s alive!” the voice repeats. Other voices join in and you here one of them say it’ll be all right and not to move. You are unsure, but you think to voice is addressing you so you do as it says.

You feel hands explore your body, gently poking and prodding. Each time the hands touch your left arm you moan at the intense pain, unable to do anything more. After hours of incredible pain and agony in which the hands seemed to stop touching anywhere but the your left arm you hear the voice again. “You can move now, but be gentle”.

You open your eyes once more, and blink at the sun. You begin to explore your surroundings and fine that you are laying on a pile of grass and moss next to a great river, and standing around you looking down expectantly are a few of your trusted men. Your trusted men.

Like the lions charge, the memories of the events which led up to this pointing come crashing back to your skull. Suddenly feeling fresh and new you stand up. “I’m alive” you announce. And you wait. Nothing happens. Nodding to yourself you look at your men, each in turn, and address them: “I don’t know how, nor do I care, but we have survived”. Your men say nothing but that expectant look on their faces seems to grow, pressuring you. Thinking hard, you realize what must be done.

“My brother Karn has always been a cautious if temperamental one, he will surely send men to be sure that we have truly died. Before that happens we must set up a suitable defense!” You quickly glance at the surrounding land in a vain attempt to figure out what that defense might be, forming the crudest of plans you begin to address your men once more: “Only the fastest troops will do, we don-”.

“Please my Lord, don’t move so much!”. Unawares, you had begun pacing, and, only now do you notice just how much that movement hurts your knees. “You must rest, my Lord!” the man insists. Finally, daring to look at your own body, you find a battered and bruised messed. Frightened, you peak at your left arm, and find that it has been hastily sewn together. Groaning, You lay back down and trust to your men.


Raising an eyebrow in a threatening, questioning gesture, Astin stared down Rex from across the large ornamental table. “You would dare to accuse ME of killing him?!” it was more a statement then a question.

Gulping, Rex looked at Jin and, finding no support in that glance looked at Karn. Karn flashed a subtle, but encouraging smile at Rex which passed unnoticed by the other two brothers. “W-well,” Rex began, gulping once more, “It does make sense, doesn’t it? I mean, you were the first to return to the keep!”.

“Shut your stupid hole and think for once will you?” Astin stated disgustedly. “You all ran like headless chickens towards the keep, it’s blatantly obvious that Karn returned before me, but he was not there when I arrived, the killer is obviously him!” Astin shot an accusatory glance at Karn to punctuate his words.

“What if he isn’t dead”. Came Jin’s bored voice. “I mean, what if he packed up and ran”

“There would be signs!” Said Astin, thought with notably less vigor. Glancing at Karn Astin repeated “It was Karn!”.

“The men we know him to have trusted are gone as well, is that not sign enough for you, oh wise Astin?” Jin said mockingly. Astin glared at Jin but said nothing.

“I’ve had enough of this!” Came Karn’s fierce voice. “I will not sit here well you accuse me of such crimes, you all wanted him dead as well, admit it! It could have been any one of us, the real question is now which of us becomes king!”

“Yes, yes” tsked Astin, “But a prince slayer can not become King” he finished.

“I-is that true?” Rex spoke up, nervously glancing at the other brothers.

“But of course”. The reply came, unexpectedly, from Jin.

“I’m leaving!” Karn suddenly burst. Astin flashed a glance at Jin, who returned the look. Jin suddenly bolted up and lunged across the table at Karn. Flicking his wrist, Jin revealed a hidden dagger and chucked it at Karn, forcing him to halt and pivot to avoid it, jumping on the moments advantage, Jin drew his scimitar and slashed at Karn, cutting deep into his left arm. Howling, Karn drew his great axe but was unable to wield it with his one good arm. Jin backed away and showed a hint of a grin.

“Prince slayers can’t become King, now can they?”

“You’ve declared war!!” Karn howled and he fled the room, fled the keep, fled the city of Hryst itself, all the while wondering, how they knew it had been him who killed their brother.


Well, that’s as far as the story goes for part one, this should leave you with a lot of questions and just begging for part two ^^. If Karn is out of the picture, who exactly is attacking you in this Scenario? How did they know it was Karn who had “Killed” you, or did they even know at all? How exactly did you manage to survive? Did the “Healthy” king Jackel truly die of worry, or did something more sinister take place?

Anyway, as for the map itself, this is my first map, but I do NOT want you to “Take it easy” on me. Be completely and brutally honest with me, what about this maps sucks and what about it rocks, and how to I improve what sucks? One thing I noticed myself, when I play tested is that I designed the map with only one angle in mind, it doesn’t look very good at all (Mainly the waterfall) when viewed from the wrong direction (The right direction being default north). Are most of the good maps pleasing to the eyes from all angles? Is this something I should work on?

The minimap doesn’t really do justice to the map, I must say. The large watery area in the top right corner is actually a water fall, and the 200 x 200ness of this map means there is MUCH less oasis space then it looks like. (In my play test, utilizing the oases over the entire map, I placed 5 farms, if you clear ALL the trees, you might be able to get a few more then that)

As for the scenario itself, I was aiming for it to be hard- I mean, several-restarts-level hard. Please tell me if you found it TOO difficult, or (As I realize I’m far from the best player) too easy, this way I can ratchet up or down the difficulty level as needed for the rest of the campaign. The choices you can make in this campaign are very limited, but, every choice will matter. (If I did my job right anyway, lol.). If when you guys comment, you mention you found it too difficult, I will not edit THIS map, I will take that into account when making the rest of the maps, as far as this map goes, I’ll just add hints at the bottom of this page.

Besides all the stronghold stuff, How is the story? I would like to be an author someday, I’ve just turned 15 so I have a ways to go yet… I don’t think this story is my best work (Far from it), I compressed it A LOT due to the fact that I do want the focus to be the game, the story’s purpose being only to move the game from scenario to scenario and keep your interest, but I am still interested in your opinions. It might also be good to note, the fore story is NOT story, it’s a summary; a series of statements. Also, I’m very unfamiliar with second person writing, which is another big reason I’m interested in your opinions.

Ah, and one last question, about the version. I put version 1.0, though I am not ENTIRELY positive, because I’m not sure how to check what version you have. I assumed that, so long as I hadn’t downloaded any patches, I was still using V 1.0, am I correct? The only things I have in my copy of SHC that don’t come directly from the disc are the three downloadable AI’s and a few custom maps.
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Bartimaeus M Hi,

the map looks good for me to play, though i have version 1.2. So, I'll see if this works else I'll create a version 1.0 which to be honest, is the worst version their is because you can't build on the stone as far as I can remember though as far as I know, if you have the warchest version, then it is 1.1 which I also have.

I'll get back to you on what I thik about this map. I liked the stroy as well.
peter2008 Hi SirRavenFire 3,

want to answer "only" two of your questions for now.
The version number should appear in the main menu bottom left.

Congrats to your map. You've worked thoroughly on many aspects of the game. Landscape (greenery difficult to build upon); restrictions of buildings, units, and trading; specially conditioned events. That's a great start. Playing your map made me feel alarmed in the beginning. The economic development is perfectly slowed down. And no walls ...? Your concept is clear, you wanted to create fierce fighting. And indeed the first invasion was able to avoid my young troop and occupy the Lord a bit. Then I decided to attack myself. Ended up with 12 workshops, about 180 bowmen and grave massacres of the enemy at the signpost. Was I a coward? It's a typical problem of the game, this you can take into account in your next maps. I will frightfully expect them.
(PS, please not that much Travelling parties which became forseeable after a while.)

SirRavenFire 3
File Author
Thanks for the comments you guys! I did mess up on the traveling fairs a bit, they are programmed to come once every two years after you kill all the lions on the map, what I didn't expect was that all the lions would hang out so close to your keep in the beginning! I really should have just added an extra group of them a ways away, I'm not sure why I didn't, lol.

As for part 2, I need to reinstall crusader before I continue making it (I need to find the disk first!) (I was messing around with the files trying to figure out how I might create a custom AI) I'm also having some troubles with the map itself.

Even with those problems, I think I will have it submitted by friday at the latest, because I don't need to attend school this week.

[Edited on 11/25/08 @ 07:49 AM]

peter2008 Dont' hurry, aim for quality.

The interesting thing about your scripting is that the events are all dated to "zero" (before starting date) but work properly because they are conditioned.

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