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Chapter 1: Foothold

Author File Description
Lord Karpathea
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
Forty years, it's been. Forty long years since the Great War. It's strange how at times, history becomes legend, but that is precisely what the Great War has become; a fireside story for children. You can remember sitting on your grandfather's knee by the fire late at night, as he told stories of far-off places, dragons, knights with the strength of twenty men, the legendary elvish city of Ancalon, and of course, the Great War. Your grandfather always got a strange gleam in his eyes as he recanted tales of barbarian hordes streaming down from the mountains. They had swept aside all resistence, even taking the capital city of Eldain. A small group of the Royal Guard made one last stand at the small town of Bridgepoint, and fought the horde to a standstill. Then, they began pushing back. It took five years and nearly four thousand lives, but they finally drove the barbarians back to the Blackspire mountains. The very estate you live in, Foothold, was said to be built to guard the north pass from further invasion. A smile comes to your face as you think of the old stories. Now come of age, Foothold is yours, just as it was your father's, and before him your grandfather's. You wonder if the old stories and legends are true. But no, they're stories, and simply that. Little do you know that one of these "stories" gathers in the north once more, and once more it readies itself to march on the land...

Well, I'm Lord Karpathea, and I haven't submitted a map in a very long time because of college. But hey, to those of you who remember me...then hi, I'm back. If you don't know me, then it's nice to meet you. Anyway, this map is the first in a campaign I hope to be submitting. The general idea is you have to gather and store supplies while holding off several rather large invasions. You have an extremely limited economy to work with.

Requirements on Normal:
- No invasions left
- 15 bows
- 15 spears
- 400 bread
- 10 iron

Easy = Possible, but victory may feel lacking.

Normal = Average difficulty, but steady nerves will get you through.

Hard = Your enemies are numerous and deadly, and victory, if it comes at all, will be at high cost.

Very Hard = Yeah....right. World peace is more likely than you surviving.

Well, good luck.
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The Hitman Ah, good to see you back!
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Reviews are welcome.
peter2008 Hey, I enjoyed your map. You had a lot of fun making it and brought in some exciting ideas. Already the very start is arranged ingeniously. None of a band of 5 archers is bound to die ;).

The longer the more my eyes rested on the shaping of the landscape and the castle. The core of the latter looks really proud. "Here I stand, you won't move me." I liked to notice the variances of layers of walls (A few curvy lines maybe?) Great the flattened wooden walls serving as wall walk.
Some rocky and hilly areas you created amazingly. (Green swabs here and there?). And the traces of snow add very much to the feeling of the scene, it's like hearing the wind and freezing on the skin. Only the shores look empty. And some transitions in hights look rather forced. (This is said to help you making your often good landscape even better.) Eyecandies and tricks make unique spots.

The mission takes a straight course. Here I'd like to mention some weaknesses. The eco requests can be met in addition (or later),lacking a real challenge. Though the space inside the installation is limited by the slope, you can put there all processing buildings you need. (Tip: southeast of the granary there is space for 3 bakeries.)
The invasion were many but I could deal with them even on very hard. It's exciting you allow only bows and spears to be built. But if I concentrate archers at a choke point the effect is devastating, too. Ok, it is 2 signposts and the invasions nicely split into the two sharp-cut valleys. But with both signposts in one direction and 3 fords to guard, you can easily foresee the enemies' routes andcatch and massacre them. C o u l d have blocked the fords with moats and walls, didn't want it boring. Without too few marksmen (at least on normal) and any stone throwing siege engines, the hostile troops are but victims. When the last invasion arrives on very hard, wow that's a dangerous spectacle.

Many thanks for all that experience I could make.

[Edited on 12/20/08 @ 12:02 AM]

The Dragonheart Ah, haven't seen you in a while, Lord Karpathea.

As for the map: looks fantastic, wish I had SH1. I'm sure you'll get a good review for this one.
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Excellent! Dragonheart AND Hitman. Good to see some familiar faces about...well, you know what I mean. ;)

Hobbithole I havent been back to this site in ages.. University has taken my crusading times from me. I will have a map or two up here once i finish them they probably wont be much like the one or two i had before ratings or otherwise. hopefully ill be back in the swing of things too

long time no see hitman and karpathea!
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Could someone review this? I need the feedback.
Map Design4.0
Hello everyone, it's my first review here and I will try to make my statement clear as much as I can.

[b]Lord Karpathea's[/b] Chapter 1: Foothold

[b]Playability: 5[/b]
This map was very enjoyable, I had great fun playing it. A few different economical goals and pretty strong invasions of Pig's troops made me really anxious about my future - "Will they destroy my farms?","Will I manage to make these spears on time?" etc. The timing of invasions and the way they were spreading around the fort were also very nicely done.

[b]Balance: 5[/b]
All was perfectly balanced. It is possible to beat this map on very hard difficulty level, but it can be also a challenge on normal for some players. The limited build space and economy exact that you must make quick and wise decisions if you want to survive.

[b]Creativity: 4[/b]
Map itself isn't very creative, but it takes all the best schemes from others and creates pretty interesting landscape with small, but majestic fort in the centre. Also the dynamic start of the map is worth of mentioning - it's done very well and sets up an anxious mood for the rest of fight.

[b]Map Design: 4[/b]
Map design is really good, but it lacks of some eyecandies. Also area around river and the river itself were pretty lifeless (i suggest to use more curves, different rock types etc.). On the other hand, the castle was very well designed and mountains locked flawless. Also the forest area was done very well.

[b]Story/Instructions: 4.5[/b]
Story is't too important for me. It is short but good, and this is enough for me to give it 4,5.

[b]Additional Comments:[/b]
To sum it up, Foothold is a great start for the campaign. I'm waiting impatiently for the next chapter of series.

Sorry for my language mistakes, I'm from Poland. ;p
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Thanks for the review. The second map is complete, I'm still working on the scripting. It will probably be ready sometime after New Years.

'Till then, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all.

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Map Design4.0
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