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Siege Of Arce (Acre)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2

Barbarians is Upon Us

(upper picture)My maps created minimaps

In .ZIP includes:
Siege Of Arce v.2
Siege Of Arce v.3.1
Siege Of Arce v.3.2

Story: You joined to crusade where you going to capture town called Arce (i dont know or town or castle it was but still). You allies are Lionheart, Frederick (in ver. 2) and Philip (in ver. 3.X ). Wolf have renegade the crusaders (lol sounds stupid and i dont know or its corect to write that but what ever) and helping for Arabian forces. Saladin Brings his troops and generals to defend Arce. No-one going to leave the batlle field (maybe only Saladin :D) ..... Luck good.

Authors Comments : D
I have did in this map pack mistake, big mistke... The AI's (bots or computer lords) dont build most of building like farms, stone quarry's, iron mine's, pitch rig's... so if you destroy their buildings that i have listed, you going to stop their economy and other action...
Have build them castle and everything. You destroy them buildings and the game is almost ended...
I havent tested the SOA ver. 3.2 (food edit) If there is some big bugs or something write here...
Never let enemy to kill your allies with out them you going to lose or game is gonig to be longer then to fight togetter, in SOA ver.3.1 they have killed almost all the time Philip and the Lionheart is almost useless but when you will be to rich or too much stone you will be just no other way only to send to allie stone or other unsellable goods.
In ver. 3.X when the Saladins economy Falls (money ends) then he destroys all the towers gates and the game almost ended...

And i thing i have said what i want... Let the Crusades never end :D

P.S. I love my english too,., :D

1) Have remember a story that i was created before Cristmas :D edited... and minimap i have uploaded new one of first version, Idea of this map. But i had the problem one, and this map was not releast.
2) Added map "including".
3) Added Authors Comment's....
4) Added a picture of real port of Acre and some words :)

Here is how it really looks a port city :D You still can imagine i think from this pic how its really looks.
As you can see this maps havent been made from history... Only name was used.
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peter2008 "Running skirmishes" or skirmish-invasions. Good that they have come into fashion.
Mate, you did a pioneering job. Have played SoA v2 so far and noticed the tricky installations that you built. Custom outposts for the AIs. Changing Keeps, i.e. the Caliph sitting in the Sultan's outline !! Perhaps this step caused the problem of the AIs not replacing their lost buildings.
Anyway, the mission takes a great course. Plenty of gold first, in the middle a dense economical situation, later huge prosperity when I could feed the Lionheart with gold and goods. Really a siege where I needed to approach slowly at first. Then used a lot of trebs to hammer onto the Keeps before the swords went in.
lord dredde Good to see a 'working map'.just downloaded and will post comment later.Just one small thing-the name it's Acre.cheers.
File Author
AAAAA... Acre :/ Editing all that mistake storm... or not.. that JPG's :D
Thay not build (replace) buildings becouse i have created map only foundation of keeps and some most important hills... but still experience... and they dont have the mone to buy stone and other things to rebuild... i think,

[Edited on 01/03/09 @ 04:07 AM]

The Hitman Hoorah, Acre from Assassin's Creed! That be cool! I'd prefer version 3.2 however. Well done!
lord dredde Just started playing this,looks very entertaining and offers much in the way of replayability.Well done!
peter2008 Enormous efforts of building and playtesting with tremendous results. Played (and not yet finished) Acre v3'1 and it's truly epic, like a campaign. Alone the first part, getting the economy going, would be worth a mission of its own. So tricky: buy wood for blacksmith, sell swords for wood etc. With your troops you should help your allies. The emeny Lords inside the town have endless amounts of gold at their disposal thus spamming out really huge armies. And next the siege ... will become a most bloody undertaking. Against multi-layered defences you have ... archers without shields ... and melees plus siege towers. Can vividly imagine the Medieval Lords weighing and calling off a siege of such a fortified town.
TwoDie, this is by far your best map for Crusader up to now. Earlier - good - maps appear like training viewed from this one. I guess, your experience with the Stronghold 2 estates system helped you create this great map.
peter2008 Acre is mine! At least in version 3'2 which is the easier one of the both because there the AIs don't have much (any?) stone and iron to sell. But still the mission is hard. (Lost Phillip in between but so I could train a slightly larger army. Found my way through the first defence lines. Proudly occupied the eastern farm lands (reached +8 ale consumption!). Fought my way into the city clearing key positions and conquering them myself. What a labyrinth of buildings, towers, walls, everything custom made. Fed the Lionheart so that he could assist me - in dying, cause lost many bands of archers and swords in cross fire. Then I discovered the five Lords and killed them all together. Gameplay and creativity 5***.
lord dredde Victory!beat all three maps after a long and protracted campaign.Look forward to seeing a prebuilt city to attack and conquer.Got the blood racing!!
Lord_of_Hell Well... I like skirmish-invasion maps to play, however I didn't have the patience to made such scenarios. Congratulations for those breathteking maps! There are one of the best scenarios ever seen by me. However most enjoyed versions of maps were v3.1 and v3.2.
peter2008 Have played the 3.1 map, too. The AIs have lots of quarries and iron mines. Only when these are destroyed, the cash flow of the two protagonists, the Wolf and Saladin, will stop.
Kept both allies alive and constantly sustained them with many resources. Took me 56 years.
The map is extraordinary from the beginning to the end. Review follows.

[Edited on 04/19/09 @ 01:14 PM]

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