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Circle of Friends

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
Don't underestimate the power of the circle.

You can't kill the circle
the circle will live on.

Triangle tried to kill the circle
but they failed, as they were smite to the ground!

Polygon tried to kill the circle
but they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground!

Square tried to kill the circle, hahahahaha
they failed, as they were thrown to the ground!

It comes from hell!


The circle castle have blind spots --> aka spots where your archers can't seem to hit.

How you use your land units is key. The type of land units you build is also key. This is not a battle where having only crossbowmen will win.

SAVE BEFORE EACH BATTLE! Everyone should do this, even veterans.
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peter2008 Hi Noma,

the attractive shape of the map and the challenging presentation called me to arms. I did not have that troubles but was well entertained. It's clearly an epic mission. You start with very little a troop and a skeleton of a castle (and without a Lord). Enough starting goods allow different opening strategies. Because resources are spread into all directions, you can have an eye everywhere. Always nice to watch oxen and knights on highways. In spite of those nasty ruins inside the circle I accomodated there hovels for 176 population, processing buildings 1 cathedral* and 9 stables (* monks are cheap melees).

The invasions vary a lot in mixture providing some exciting surprises. Yes, ground defences are necessary. My knights adressed the siege tents, curved around the bad maces and searched for the enemy marksmen. Great the final scene with two invasions. They better should have come and started at the same time. The whole map was on the move! Funny effect: If some outside huts and farms are destroyed you can train the more new units inside.

The power of the circle is the full power of Crusader revealed once again. Thank you, Mylord.
Bartimaeus M Peter, you know as you have said, you start of without a king.. Doesn't that mean you can technically not lose as you do not have a lord?

Apart from tHat, this map does look good, will give it a go when i have some time.
File Author
Yes you can lose. The condition is to lose all your army and all your population. I noticed that there was no lord after im almost done the map, and i did not want to start from scratch just to have one. Sorry guys if this effects your game play in any way.
I personally love to use my lord when i siege someone ;). As they say in Code Geass: 'hows a king supposed to command his army if he doesnt move himself'
Noma, you can cure the no-lord problem by opening the map in the editor and pressing alt+v (alt and v together) a few times. The lord should come back. Then save.

Then you can use the update button to upload the changed map file.

[Edited on 01/07/09 @ 01:31 PM]

File Author
Eric, I did NOT know that. Thank you i'll try it soon.

Update: alright done. Defeat is now the death of the lord

[Edited on 01/07/09 @ 03:19 PM]

Lord_of_Hell Very nice map! However, if you wouldn't say in introduction "SAVE BEFORE EACH BATTLE! Everyone should do this, even veterans.", I would not download this.

I managed to beat this map and without saving. However, it is not easy as the enemy has a various siege weapons witch will be quite difficult to destroy them. Had luck with my ballistas and shields.

More details soon... or perhaps a review.

[Edit] I've submitted a review. Hopefully it will appear soon.

[Edited on 01/13/09 @ 12:53 PM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
This map has an amazingly playability. I must consider that your challenging introduction called me at war. I don't see in every moment a defending scenario on crusader - and I like them a lot. With your map I've spend a few good houres from this day, playing and replaying this map over and over again. It satisfied me a lot as I was looking for a higher score (not just like in SH1 but close).

This map is also incredibly replayable. Actually I don't know how many times I played it but I can say many times. I never got bored of It. Actually, every time when the enemy charged to attack my castle I was extremely excited: "Will I'll gloriously win the battle or... or terribly die, losing my fortress?"

I didn't noticed any bug, and that's very good!
If you belive me, I didn't think a second that this map will have such good playability. I think you playtested this scenario a lot, to get this score. Well done!

Balance: 4
Excelent balance! Your invasions are quite different one face another and that's making the scenario much harder. Your brilliant combination troops made me serious problems defending the fort. Such of them are: laddermen and macemen, catapults and fire ballista, trebuchets and shields, siege towers and A. swordsman/E. Swordsman.

I defended myself with 15 - 20 archers in each tower, togheter with almost 6 shields and, of course the ballista. I have to mention that Ive put some fire ballistas on my walls and towers to get a lower damage to my walls by enemy trebuchets.
Lucky I won from the first try but... with the lowest health that the king could have!!
It was pure luck not something elese and the scenario it's quite hard. In the second try I lose - big shame - and on next 3-4 tryes I won.

Creativity: 4.5
Brilliant creativity! I think to get some score on creativity you must have a lot of imagination, what you most surely poses. *Speechless* - your cretivity it's unique! The map design is more-than-excelent. And I liked very much where your castle is situated... How you get this Idea? Your resources can be amazingly be protected by a tower witch is leaded by a wall-way and stairs. - nice thinking!

The story/invasions are also very creative! And Especially invasion - You varied a lot them and makes you to be unexpected when the enemy appears and I like that a lot.
The starting units and position makes you think that it very easy but its not. You're starting with a nice round castle and a few troops on towers. You must quickly prepare for war otherwise you'll die - nice and cool.

Map Design: 4.5
The map design is very special and complex! You shown a command of the map editor including scripting and the terrain modelling tools very, very well!. The ground, grass, and the hills including the resources combined with 'wild' rocks looks very realistic and natural. And how to not mention about those incredible rivers? - I like them very much!

Story/Instructions: 3.5
In the last time I've seen some basic storyes which are not so special and this one is like them: The story is not so special and it deserves much more especially if you have such excelent map like this!

Additional Comments:
I'm sorry for the story. It is well inspired but I can't give you more than it deserves. You can edit your map... improove it and I'll edit my review.

File Author
lol thanks for the review Lord of Hell. I agree about the story. Im not much of a writer so i focus on map appearance and playability rather than story line. BTW the 'story' is based on a song by Tenacious D, dont know if anyone picked up on that one.
Lord_of_Hell You welcome. Maybe it will make more players to download this map. It really deserves.
svenjo Omg the gameplay of this map is soo good but in the end i had about 400 units so the enemy wasnt able to attack me the only thing that was bad is that the new people spawn so slow :P

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Map Design4.5
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