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Schkzamian VI

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Made with version: 1
Having already conquered the castle and have resisted the attack, half of the troops
return home.
because many men had hido to the war there was a shortage of manpower,
so that we could not get enough crops to provide food to all
population. why should accelerate the production of wheat before it reaches the station
In your absence the castle was completed, but the advantage to win Ms. Cruz
your city and your army is weak. for it must also strengthen your defenses.
Participate in these invasions the last Sr.Daniel units (including the same
fight on horseback)

ya habiendo conquistado el castillo y haber resistido el ataque, la mitad de las topas
regresan a casa.
debido a que muchos hombres habian hido a la guerra se produjo una escasez de mano de obra,
por lo que no se pudieron obtener cosechas suficientes para suministrar comida a toda la
poblacion. por esto deberas acelerar la produccion de trigo antes de que llegue la estacion
En tu ausencia el castillo fue terminado,pero los señores cruzados aprovechan a conquistar
tu ciudad, ya que tu ejercito esta debilitado. por esto debes tambien reforzar tus defensas.
En estas invasiones participaran las ultimas unidades de Sr.Daniel (incluso el mismo
combatira montado a caballo)

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
palat 600 wheat seems very difficult due to the little oasis available. Nice work, though :)
Map Design4.5
It¡¦s been more than a year since I¡¦ve been back to this page, but I played it last night and wow, what a blast.

Playability: 4.5

As I mentioned before, 600 wheat is an objective that I haven¡¦t seen in other maps. When I first played it last year, I had a hard time defending my wheat farms from pikemen (who take a lot to kill because of their defensive capabilities) and soon I lost. This year, I decided to tackle this task once and for all.

I¡¦ll mention how I did it here:

I positioned 3 fire ballistas, 30 horse archers, and all my knights near the river, and another 3 fire ballistas, 10 archers, and 10 spearmen as guards in the mountains. Then I hired more than a hundred slaves to dig a massive moat stretching from the mountains to the southwest to the chapel in the middle to the river, and beyond. Later in the game I built a few square towers along the new moat and filled them up with slingers. Raising gold for the cheap units was easy, at first I raised my fear factor to +5 and put rations on -4, allowing low taxes. When I started to run out of food because of the invasions, I set rations to no rations, then earned my money by selling iron and other goods that I had loads of. Slowly, I built more chapels and churches, and when my religion bonus got up to +5, I could finally raise my taxes back to low without having to feed anybody.

It¡¦s amazing how well a few fire ballistas can work against a horde of swordsmen. Swordsmen are slow but ballistas are relatively fast to reload compared to the time it takes for the swordsmen to reach them. Even strangely, a majority of the swordsmen decided to move along the right of the river and cross the ford, giving my ranged units even more time to shoot at them. The pikemen posed a bigger threat because they were the only ones who destroyed my farms, so I stationed my knights and assassins near the ford.
I achieved 600 wheat about 5/6 through the game, but I nearly lost because of the moat (ironically, since it was my lifesaver). Because moats could only be dug by the pikemen, archers, and engineers that appeared on the map, the swordsmen stayed put as soon as I killed all of the aforementioned troops. To solve this problem, I dug out some of the moat, but the time it took for the remaining enemies to travel cost me dearly, and I won by a margin of only about 2 months.

Balance: 4

In terms of military balance, I would give this mission perhaps a 3.5. To put it simply, there is too much desert space so I could train horse archers and let them run around, causing amok among the enemy lines. Even more so, the desert space in the middle is flat, allowing me to dig moats that would take the AI a lifetime to cross. If the desert were to remain flat, then I would script frequent invading ¡§parties¡¨ of maybe 20 archers and spearmen to cause trouble for the slaves who are digging the moat. Then the player would have to provide some form of protection for the slaves.

Economical balance was good, but there are some things that can be corrected. The massive number of wheat that must be collected causes players to multitask. For example, To get wheat, the player must build farms, then when invasions arrive, the player must defend them. Preparing the castle walls is a must, and that costs gold. Gold must be gained through popularity, which is heavily biased upon food, which brings up the point that if bread is used, wheat stores will be depleted. Great, what other idea than to let the people starve?

Creativity: 4.5

The objective ¡§600 wheat¡¨ is already creative enough the way it is. 600 wheat, but for what purpose? To feed the army, but wouldn¡¦t that be bread? The possibilities are endless with 600 wheat!
A private sector for hovels, a sort of chapel/garden, even a tower/apothecary/dock on the shore...

Map Design: 4.5

Map design was excellent, in my opinion. Rocks were placed creatively to create the impression that there is a mountain ridge to the left of the map. Vegetation is placed where it belongs, transitions between oasis grass and dry desert is very natural. Nice use of the raise land tool made the horse archers in the northeast look like they just came back from an epic journey to a faraway land. But the beach is, well, ...beach. There needs to be some sort of rock, like there would be on a real life beach, and the lookout tower/lighthouse seems to be in the wrong spot if there really isn¡¦t anything to warn ships of crashing into. Also, I ended up having large reserves of stone and iron left in my stockpile because there are too many resources in the mountain, and I never needed the pitch.

Story/Instructions: 3

I understand you might have used a translator, there could be some minor errors during the process where the text is changed. For a mission overview, what you have written down is acceptable, but a full story is what you need to write in order to get a 5.


This map is a good way to spend time ;)

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Map Design4.5
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