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Act One: Birth Of A Tyrant

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

The second heir to the throne and favourite son of the King, you’ve been pampered all your life. Your mother, the Queen, was a castle maid whom the King has loved secretly, and when the former Queen (married through political reasons) died of illness your father married your mother against the protest of many. The eldest son, your half brother, born from the previous Queen did not welcome the new Queen. Cold and steadfast, your brother is a military genius who would not hesitate to sacrifice the weak so the strong can remain strong. Secretly your older brother loathes you, and believes you to be tainted by common and dirty blood. Oblivious to his hatred, you live carelessly under the care of your mother, and also became happily engaged to a nearby country’s princess, whom you adore more than your life.. However, all that will soon to be changed.

As the King grew older, the decision as to who will receive the crown is at hand. Many have thought that the eldest son would naturally be the one to take his place, but knowing the cold heart your brother has, the King decided to leave the kingdom to you and crowned you the new King. Enraged at his father’s decision, your brother secretly formed alliances with other nobles, and waged a war against you, accusing your blood to be tainting the royal blood line. Compared to your bother, who is an experienced warrior, you stood no chance and was lead away by your personal guards before your are finished for good.

After hard days on boat you arrive at your fiancée’s castle hoping to take refuge. However, your brother fearing you will one day rebel back decided to invade your fiancée’s castle and transformed it into an impenetrable stronghold. He takes the princess into his custody and demands you to surrender within a period of time or else she will be burned at the stakes.

Burning with rage and hatred you’ve never felt before, you fell into shadows. You set up camp at the foot of the new stronghold and asks for reinforcements from old allies. For the sake of the love you have for your fiancée you’ll become a tyrant if necessary just to save and protect her. In your heart you know you need to prevent yourself from stepping too deep into darkness. The purpose of defeating your brother will be meaningless if you become just like him.


Obtaining –5 fear factor (max cruelty) will result in defeat. You have fallen too deep in darkness.

Getting yourself killed.

Kill your brother, and rescue your princess before time runs out.


Take your reinforcements that just arrived on boat and save yourself first.

Maintain a constant cruelty level to keep receiving bonuses. (Optional-but very helpful)

Break through his walls.

Rescue your lovely wife-to-be.

And while you are saving your lover on a white horse, send your troops to kill your brother.


There are 'sweet spots' on the map that allow you to attack the towers with trebuchets without getting attacked back.

When the guy says "warning my liege a MASSIVE army of death from above will soon be upon us" take the hint to withdraw your attacking army (if you are attacking at the time) back to your castle. Or else you will lose them on the battle field and waste more time hiring new troops.

Just past the hill with the rocks infront of your castle is the approx place where his tower balista cant get you. So to build your industry anywhere past the rocks you need to break his front wall.

Maintain a cruelty level of 2 will award you with constant supply of 'traveling fare' x9 month. BEWARE: when your population starts dropping really quickly (due to ppl dying from enemy inside the castle) you will LOSE because your max cruelty will increase to 5.

The little castle to the left of the map dont provide any bonuses so dont waste your time on it. Its just there to make you feel good if you managed to save that little town from your brother ;).

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord_of_Hell hoho!... very nice story! Gonna review this.
TwoDie lol... i have destroy that village from my brother :D And Cruelty in not needed in this map. :) still map and gaming in it is not easy but it was for me like always - normal. Just need to all the time to take down his towers with trebutchets and kill reinforces with mangonels.
About "reinforcement": when invasion comes from north-east, army comes from north-east and east (most of the army comes from east). You maybe need to do biger pass in north-east or you have planed that? :)
peter2008 Clever story.
Btw, if "all that" changes, why not the love to the princess? ;)

Edit: my questions is as TwoDies's about the eastern invasion. Space around the northeastern sign post is too small for the - good - huge number of troops. Had a wall seawards but suddenly the slaves appeared inside my village.
As you said: SAVE.

The start is great. Will tell impressions more soon.

[Edited on 01/19/09 @ 09:43 AM]

File Author
About the invasion on the east side it wasn't exactly planned, but while i was playing it didn't feel like it affected the game play that much. Also for the sake of better looking scenery i chose not to increase the space to allow more troops through. Sorry if that caused inconvenience ;)

Lol and peter didn't you see Starwars? It's kind of like how Darth Vader became dark but still loved in the end.
peter2008 How do you feel when you start a map and get invaded almost immediately? And the big deposits of stone and iron in the middle are in range of the enemy.
The main part of the mission consists in getting strong under pressure. Required an encouraged decision to expand.
Especially tricky how some fire events are scripted.

For some time I used the negative fear factor to procuce weapons more quickly. Nice, how "Travelling Fairs" arrive. The ups and downs of popularity however and the disadvantage of minor attack made me abandon that measure again.
Became cruel another way: Raided the small settlement in the west. It was an assembling point for my forces. One big invasion I masscred next to the western sign post.

The bad brother's defences look scary. Huge groups of units are on patrol. On second view however, some weakness becomes clear. Most of all, the lines often don't act interferingly for cross fire. I mean, they don't act together preventing one of them being conquered. Had a quite easy marching-through in the end.

Thank you for this "heavy" map.
palat The reinforcement ship from the screenshot looks nice. I think i'll download.
The Hitman Howly cool!
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.5

Perhaps some of players who tried this map will say that playability in this scenario is quite low because of large time spent playing it. Well, it’s not. It doesn’t matter how long is the scenario, if it is enjoyable in all time. As for me, it was a lot. Giving you the opportunity to have some fun, discovering new defense tactics and attack tricks, this map is very replayable. Also, playing this map was very exciting. Seeing those invasions at beginning and the ones that follows after, my chances of victory looked to me more like shadow. In this scenario, the excitement and the fun, are in priority.

Although the events aren’t very various, the ways how are used them worth much attention. Liked a lot the fire events, traveling fairs and the way how are used. One is disadvantaging you by destroying/damaging the buildings and the other helps you to recover after them by being able to raise the taxes and to collect money.

Usually I don’t use ‘bad things’ but in this case, it proved to be very useful in my weapon production. The time limit the map has got is well planned. In First time playing, I thought that the limit is far too large, but with the time passing I realized that it is quite short. My economy didn’t developed too much as I was buying much weapons I can before an assault. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any weapon buildings. As for bugs… I didn’t see anyone.

With all together, you did extremely well with the playability. Well done!

Balance: 4.5

This scenario is kind of those ones that requite a lot of troops to survive and win. At beginning I thought that the map will be somewhat easy because of the big reinforcements from the ship, but when the first invasions charges, I was worried that they could be too few. Very nice balance here.

In the moments that follows, I got everything running – taxes, troops training, weapon production, food production and the whole economy. With all of these my economy and castle strength didn’t developed too much as I was buying much weapons as I can before to quick plan an assault of the castle. Manning shields is something vital if you don’t want to lose too much archers.

Even if the periodical invasions of the map are really heavy, attacking the castle is something more strategically. I began to attack with some trebuchets and shields that destroyed the first 2 towers. Then I made 60 archers with shields and invaded the security from entrance with arrows (cool effect ;) ) After that I made a siege tower and got my archers on walls. As there are two ways to king, I decided to penetrate trough left. With some pikemen I dig the moat around the gatehouses and with my macemen ( ~90) and a siege tower I conquered the second wall placed on hill. Notice that the patrolling enemy troops were in most part destroyed by my arrows attack.

The final siege where the king is placed is not as hard as someone could say. Even if the king is surrounded by lots of troops, his walls and towers are in my trebuchets range, so… let the siege begin! After destroying all I could, I invaded with my maces covered by my archers and shields.

Overall the balance in this scenario is more than excellent. You did very well!

Creativity: 4

The idea of map is very creative. Your imagination is used a lot in this part of score. The map design is most likely the reason that Creativity is only on ‘excellent’ level. It needs more work on. The story is extremely creative. And not only the story but also the events. The way how are used is very nice ;). I liked a lot the troops position at beginning. You don’t have many but their places are very creative.

Map Design: 3.5

You may think that I’m cruel and I always find something bad in your maps, but I hope that the suggestions from my reviews will help you to make much better scenarios. The map design is probably the lowest part from your map. The mountain where the king is placed look unnatural. It can be seen that it had been ‘sculpted’ before the fortress to be built. This kind of landscape makes most scenarios to look bad. You could add some ‘extension’ to the mountain to make it not so symmetrical. In rest the landscape looks quite natural. A thing that I liked was the oasis. There you combined different types of grass, trees and scrubs.

Story/Instructions: 4

Once again a part of review is excellent. Your Story/instructions are almost exceptional and it impressed me. In this case, the beggining of acts (I mean the story) is brilliant. See?... everything can be possible if you keep working on it.

Additional Comments:
Well done with the map. If you have any question, let me know.


[Edited on 01/24/09 @ 07:58 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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