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Siege of Olynthus

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
My Next map in the Greco-Persian war series.
Please comment and review!

Historical story:

Fall/winter 480-479 BC

While during the soon brutally unsuccessful attempt to capture Potidaea, the Persians once turn their eyes on another prey, the innocent little town of Olynthus, which dislikes them. A LOT. The persians know that they are slowly being pushed out of Greece, and they are determined to NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN. Ever.

So is it going to be another greek victory, or another razed town?


Please read the word doc before playing the map. It will really help.

Have fun, enjoy :)
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File Author
Is there a problem on the map?
I forgot to add that "victory" won't show up on the screen even after all the enemies are defeated for some reason. (Correct me if i'm wrong.) I haven't a clue why, if someone could help, that would be great, then I could update the map. :)
So just consider the map won when all the Persians are wiped out.


[Edited on 01/26/09 @ 11:34 PM]

Fatalanger You can practicly add the event of win condition that there must be no enemy on the map and no more enemy and invasions left. In that way you will win. Anyway review coming soon.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1.5
Well the map wasn't really much fun. This was due to the preplaced units and the AI that didn't work correctly at all. First of all lets begin with the preplaced Arab swordsmen. They simply are brainless and walk towards the tower with the Lord. At my first try I thought I lost but your pleplaced units have a mayor issue: You just selected them all and ordered them to move them towards the tower. Now not every unit is able to get on the tower due to the amount of units that want to get onto the tower. Next to that all the remainin units keep standing next to the tower, doing practicly nothing. So I thought I lost but the remaining Arab Swordsmen didn't attack and just stood there. What can you do about this problem you ask? This is very simple, first of all you can implent several invasions from different sides of the map. Secondly you could order your Arab Sworsmen to attack the Lord. Still I wouldn't recommend this map type at all, because the enemy is REALLY REALLY brainless. Thirdly you could make the Arab Swordsmen go into AGRESSIVE STAND. This will make them attack any nereby units. And so this will really increase the balance. Also another big issue are the Arab Archers which practicly do nothing more then attack some of my archers and patrolling units. After I defeated every single Arab Swordsmen I couldn't pick them down with my archers, because they were too many and I had too few swordsmen and pikemen left. Now I couldn't win or lose. So I strongly recommend with working AI. Because the AI is so brainless this isn't fun at all.

Balance: 2.5
Due to the AI problems I completed it in two tries but overall it wasn't really bad but to the AI problems balance was off. Everything else is already explained in the playability part above.

Creativity: 3.5
I found it somewhat creative that you build a city on water and the houses surrounded by ford. I also found it creative that the Lord was in a tower instead of in the standard Keep. But the story wasn't extraordinairy and the map design wasn't really creative either.

Map Design: 2
The map didn't come quite good together well. In the southwest of the map where a group of blue Arab Swordsmen were coming towards the lord the lowered wall did look somewhat strange. Also the islands where the enemy starts from could have used a bit more detail. The city was quite original and creative but didn't look that good. It was only like a pyramid with some houses. Now it could have used a lot more like some cool eyecandy tricks and flags or things like that. The city felt somewhat empty and also the map design overall like the sea could have used some more. Like rocks and things to fill up the emptyness. I would like to refer to Mapmaking 101 on this site for some great tips.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story I found in the zip file was really ok. It was understandable and easy to read. But I couldn't say it was really outstanding or one of kind.

Additional Comments:
Overall it could use some improvement and especially the AI which is the mayor issue of this map. I wish you best of luck in mapmaking, and if you have any questions remaining let me know.
File Author
Thanks Fatalanger! just what ive been waiting for :)
I know I did something wrong Ill do better on my next map.

I'm make some changes later.

[Edited on 01/27/09 @ 06:06 PM]

File Author
I did add the 'no enemy on map condition to win' in the scenario, Fatalanger, but it didn't work.
Is it because the start date is the same as the win/lose date? I would like to know.

The invasions keep on coming from only the northeast side of the map. The enemy will never come from the other signpost no matter how many times I try.
Yes, the arab swordsmen are stupid, so i'll change them into aggresive stance. I did order them to attack the lord, however. But I had to preplace them and not put invasions (as said in the word doc), because the all the units don't move onto the walkway, instead stand around while they get killed off one by one.
And I did use some tricks I know on the walls, only I don't know a lot of eyecandy tricks, so please forgive me. I had to eliminate some of the lowered wall to let the enemies get into the castle, or else they all end up stuck at the crenelated wall for some reason.

I've started changing the map, only I encountered some of these problems, thanks.

[Edited on 01/27/09 @ 08:16 PM]

Fatalanger Hmm ok nice to see you progressing.

The problem with the signpost could be:
- The Signpost doesn't have the required amount of space for the units to appear
- ( Referred from an article from Stronghold Knights, another Stronghold site ) Always save your map before placing signposts. There is a known bug that invading units possibly only go towards the first placed signpost, or due to mapdesign problems.

About your problems with the win condition:
- I think it is due to several armies the problems keeps excisting. The thing you could possibly do ( I don't know for sure if they work ) is to get rid of BLUE Arab Sworsmen and replace them with the same color as the invading army.
- Secondly you could just get rid of them all ( The Arab Swordsmen ) and make the singposts work properly. Maybe the increasing the amount of space could work. Now for that you can increase your map size. For that press ALT + COMMA at the screen where you see the minimap, can go "EDIT SCENARIO" etc. Then select your increased mapsize. Now you will have enough amount of space. But be sure, to save your map before placing signposts. Even when you delete signposts the bug is still working sometimes: The units remember the signpost although it isn't there anymore. Make sure the signpost is far away enough to make the enemy units not being hit or your units not being able to fire into the spawning area from within the castle. If all works properly your only condition should be ( with working invasions instead of working with preplace units ) to "NO ENEMY OR INVASIONS LEFT"
- The problem of having the win condition and lose condition in the same month isn't the problem. It should work properly anyway.

[Edited on 01/28/09 @ 06:44 AM]

File Author
Hey thanks again! Only I think I found another bug, whenever I try to increase the map size of this map, it won't work, wierd landscape will appear around the borders of the previous 200x200. Strange, it only happens for this invasion map.
Fatalanger This is a quite common thing. The only thing you will need to do is to save your map and then open it again. Now the strange borders will be on the minimap when loading but when you open the map to edit features in it, it will be all gone.

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