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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1


That's right, not one but two enemies to have fun with, the Lion who has you under attack from the start, and The Emir who only wants to learn from the Lion is attacking to, as the map opens you will see that you have a small variety of troops to try and survive the beginning with, no problem you don't have to many goods or a lot of choices in the market, so you might want to get used to restarting if you are not a power player, it took me 6 restarts to finally get a hold.

In the beginning the Lionheart stood across from his unnatural ally, Emir the Arabian, they both had what they wanted and saw no need for hostilities, over the years they found their alliance to be a good one, after many attempts by invading enemies they both had helped each other to overcome all invasions to their Castles, if you want to call the attempts invasions, when a new lord came to build there would be invasions alright but not what the intruder had in mind, the Lion would send his troops out to remove any new threat and the Emir happily joined the fray.

Now it is your turn, you will be the new intruder, the latest Lord to try and settle in this already owned kingdom, the Lion saw you coming and set out the welcoming party, no need to call on the Emir for he saw you as well and will be joining the Lion, your invasion is doomed from the start, maybe if you snivel and whine enough the Allies will take pity on you and let you run away, HaHaHa!!! not likely!

So you think you will stay a while, no need to explain any strategies to you my Lord, if you want to stay then you must already have the skills and experience to setup a castle in such a hostile land, no sniveling or whining for you, go ahead throw your chance to run away, bring on the Lion, I'm not afraid of the Emir, lets see your tune in a few years, if you are the Lord you think you are then Victory will truly be sweet.

Enjoy your stay, no sniveling or whining please, just plain old hard work will do.

By Sir_Vet

Buttu is another map inspired by Peter, his Apple Wars got me thinking about Skirmish invasion maps, and our chats have pushed me to try and make one, so I made a few test maps to see how things would work, when I thought I had enough to go on, I made this map, I started with an invasion map and converted it to a skirmish map and set up the Lion and Emir, then played until the Lion started to attack, I then saved the game and switched the save back to a map, then converted it back to an invasion map and added a few more buildings and resources for the AI Lords, now the map starts like some of the harder trail maps and after you get established you can build toward your own invasions, I did do all of the scripting before any switching, but it's hard to tell if it works or not.

Come back and let me know how you liked this map, I think you will like it a lot.
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File Author
This map has been here for a while now and no comments! A simple comment about what you don't like would go a long way:-)

Lord_of_Hell It's a pity that the map hasn't been comended by anyone. It would even deserve a review but unfortunately I don't have time to write one :( but I'll give you a short comment.

I was highly impressed of how enjoyable was the map :D. It remembered me of the old-good skirmished I used to play. At the first touch, the map looks quite basic but in no more than 10 miutes you'll feel the war in your own blood. It took me three tries to get a hold against the Lionheart and Emir. I understanded the importance of the AIs and why did you choosed them. The Richard is the most powerful in attack and the Emir launches huge rows of Arabian Swordsmen. Those two can make a deadly & enjoyable combination.

There are few things wich I didn't like: First, the map is too easy when it's the moment to strike against the enemy. The Lionheart is the easiest one to kill. The map is harder for the ones who concentrate on the economy first and then start train units. I started to train units first and then to strike, and finally to develop the economy. I think you set too much goods at beginning. With all additional stuff sold, the gold will increase and so the army. With only the money at beginning it is possible to destroy Richard from one shot. Also, a problem for this would be that you allowed shields, and siege machines.

So, excepting some things I think this map it's an excellent one. It worth downloading for sure. Liked also the stone mines from the middle of AIs. Good work Sir_Vet!


[Edited on 03/17/09 @ 11:59 AM]

File Author
Hi Lord of Hell, Thank you for the comment:-)

Glad to see you enjoyed the map, I made a few test maps before this one and found a good combo of AIs. I haven't figured out how to get the scripting to work in this type of map, I tried to give the AI some extra advantage in troops so taking them would be harder, lack of scripting is unfortunate.

How do you determine the start goods? I tend to give the player a chance to get going, I'm not a power player so I tend to give a little more, it took me a lot of tries to get this one going, I was trying to make it seam like the maps in the skirmish trail, some of those maps are very hard.

Now with a few comments maybe a few more players will take a second look at this enjoyable scenario.

Thank You for taking the time to write your appreciated comments.

Lord_of_Hell My experience in skirmish-invasion is very low...

but logicaly I think the starting goods are given by what difficult setting you did set when started the map as a normal skirmish. Judging by how many goods the player has got I guess your setting was a 'deathmach' - few troops, much money, many goods - .
Don't know if I am right but correct me if wrong. If you would set a 'crusader' game I think the goods would be much lower now. Actually I know that at a "crusader" game the goods are just enough to not die so it would be the best choose for this map. Unfortunately i don't think the "bug" can be repaired without starting making the map again.

More experimenced players in this type of map should say something...

Anyway a good map to play. Sir_Vet made a good job making a skirmish-inv map. Reccomend it for all players.

File Author

When I set the game up in the skirmish section it was normal and I gave the AIs more gold, you would start at 2000 and the AI 4000, but after playing the skirmish until the AI is where you want them, then change the map into an invasion map, the scripting doesn't work but the rest of the settings do.
I was trying to get close to what you would start with on some of the trail maps, plus trying to make it playable for most players.

I did add more troops and buildings for the AIs so the end would be more fun, I guess there should have been more. I did put ballistas around the Emirs castle and placed engineers by each one, I have learned since that I could have put them directly into the ballistas and they probably would stay, making it harder.

Trial and error, build something and wait for the great comments from the people who play the maps. Then continue to try and make better maps.

Thank you for the feedback! Hopefully others will have something to say.

Lord_of_Hell I see. I purely have no idea about how the map can be improoved in this category. This would be an interesting subject to discuss on Scenario Design Forums. Please reserve some time and search for the problem there or make a new thread on Forums. I'm sure the problem will be resolved by other experimenced strongholders ;). My experience ends here :(

The map was a pleasure to play. I think you shouldn't worry about playability :D


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