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Wolf screens

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Used with: Crusader
Screens of the 8 very different castles designed for the Wolf.
Only eight (err, nine) screens in the file, just to identify the most important parts of the strongholds. The Wolf's castles vary a lot in shape, from humble average forts to gigantic strongholds. Some of them simply knock out the size of the screen. It needed many takes to cover the levels and sides of these deadly constructions.

"Who is the strongest AI?" In his attack strength, the Wolf has become a bedside rug in Crusader. As for some of his castles, you have a tough time of them. They require tactical thinking and courage. Often it may be helpful to search for the back gate or a dead spot. The bigger the installation, the less defendable it may prove.

Edit. Some bugs.

Wolf1: Not enough hovels. Too little population (90) for all the buildings programmed for him (about 93) and to have some peasants left over for training soldiers. - Compare Sheriff 5-7 for the same problem.

Wolf 2: In the north-eastern corner, thick walls and hovels block the access to the keep for a chapel. The Wolf repeatedly builds and deletes the chapel ("imploding"), loosing 125 gold in the process. - Compare Phillip 4 and 8 for a similar problem.

Wolf 4: Four buildings "implode" because for few seconds there is no access from the keep to this section. But the forecourt of the engineer's guild remains because he was in an uncommon direction! It's probably the walls that make it impossible to site the guild with normal orientation again. (Brewery, inn, andchapel fir again.) - See Sokrates' my comments below.

Wolf 7: What "The Forgotten" in mission 25 have not seen: a moat in front of the castle.

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TwoDie Many of AIV flies really have bugs, errors and etc. But i have a quistion about your nombers of the pictures, are they the same AIV file numbers like and pictures? or not?
File Author
Yes, each series of screens follows the order of the aiv.files. "Wolf 1" shows - as much as possible of - the castle built with "wolf1.aiv", and so on.

Please tell me more about bugs which you know and that I have not mentioned in the presentations.
Lord_of_Hell very good work you done here peter! Those screens will help players making skirmish-invasions missions or to play against a specific castle.
well done!
TwoDie Oh then your work is not just great, but is Fantastic :D
Better was if you was pressing "tab" key when you take a screenshot. More of castle there we could see, and change the resolution to 1024x764. But now its no matter.

Abbot 2: you can see a small gate in bottom of the screen. And dont have function at all for the castle.
Emir 3: In place of armory you can see a armorers workshop. And maybe hovels?
Frederic 3: I love this castle design :)
Fillip 6: like and emirs 3 problem,
Pig: most of the wall stairs is unwalkable becouse the stairs are a little too high to walk on it up.
Wolf 2: you can see when he destroys hes church becouse there is no pass, blocked by hovels (on top of the screen).

Hi? ...

File Author
Thank you, mates, for finding my simple collections helpful.
Very unfortunately, the "tab" thing does not work with my version. (It works in-game but not on the screen shot.)

TwoDie, I'm impressed of how close you looked at the pics. Have added most of your observations to the AI design tables!
Only with the Pig I cannot confirm the problem. His xbows and my units can walk smoothly onto the towers.
TwoDie It not have to work on screenshot :D But in the game, when you had worked with photographing project :)
Pig 1: there are really you cant send your trooops up.
I have know some of bugs and have finded, remembered it when i have observed all your pics :)

[Edited on 02/12/09 @ 03:13 PM]

File Author
That's odd. I played pig1.aiv again and the stairs worked well. Pig sent his marks up the towers and my pikes got after them.
But the fifth tile of the stairs really looks too high.
When I'm ally of the Pig, it appears as if I could add a tiny sixth step to his stairs but it does not work. When I place another stairs next to his, this new stairs look alright. Odd.

Edit. Observed the same feature at other AIs, too.
Their stairs fit in height with the high wall. Ours stay a bit below.

Different is the case in Snake1 where the first step of stairs is missing (see there).

[Edited on 03/04/09 @ 09:02 AM]

Sokrates Well, I have problem with Wolf1. He didn't make any troops, and I was wondering why.. Then I found out that he doesn't have any people at the campfire, simply seems to not have enough hovels...
File Author
Thanks for your correct observation! Looked at Wolf1 again and saw: If he actually has the space for all the working buildings programmed for him, it's 93. Too bad he has only 10 hovels and 90 population.
Stimuli like this help me to improve the AI castles design tables.
Sokrates I've found another bug. In Wolf4, the only acces to his engineers guild is by the stairs. But there is a short time, after he finishes the outer wall, but still doesn't build the stairs, when there is no acces to his engineers guild. So he destroys it, but there remains that odd gathering-place in front of the building wich prevents him from building it again. And so he can't make any more engineers, making him useless for the rest of the game.

[Edited on 02/15/09 @ 12:08 PM]

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