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River Landscape

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 8
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Easy
Made with version: 1.1
This is my second submitted map, which is part of a "series" containing 4 maps.

This map is made for 8 players, but of course, you can play with less.
As you see in the Minimap, there is a great river crossing some hilly terrain with plenty of oasis and a lot of other resources as well, allowing you to build a really big stronghold!
Of course, you may disagree, but I think it's a very nice map and I personally really like it. It offers quite a bit of tactical potential and offers various starting positions with different, but not to different conditions for each Player.

For example, you can use the big river, due to which I give the name to this map, to your advantage.

The ZIP file contains the map file "River Landscape", an overview picture and 2 text files (1 editor; 1 Microsoft word) with some more details about the map, a short story and a translation of the describing text in the map.

When downloading the file you may notice that the ingame short-description is written in German.
This is an international community, so I write my texts in English, but I made the map before discovering this site and I hope you may excuse this bit of identification as a native German-speaker, also I have put the translation into the text files.

I hope you will like my map and maybe comment and rate it, so have fun playing it!
I also would like to receive some tips, if you think that there is something, which could be done better. If possible without changing the whole map, I will make a few changes to it and update the download file to even improve its gameplay.


Edit 03-02-2009: I have cleared something with the file names.

Edit 03-27-2009: New file version added.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
svenjo Hoyhoyhoy You like to have many réssources am i right??!! But Maybe you should spend a little more time in mapping i watched youre map Berglandschaft too (naja!). You see you have to put more Detail in the landscape mainly in the fords in the coast and in the change from oasis too free ground. (YEah i know this is hard but if youve finished the map then You can be very proud of it :D
Viele Grüße aus Bremen Svenjo

[Edited by ericgolf - It is best just keep your comment strictly to this map.]

[Edited on 03/02/09 @ 02:49 PM]

von Schmidt Playability: 4
This map was pretty fun. I chose 7 random characters, and ended up playing with 2 Saladins, 2 Wolfs, a Frederick, a Sheriff, and a Caliph. I was on the bottom middle, with frederick right beside me, a Saladin above me and across the river, and a Sherrif beside the Saladin above me. The two people at the top were the Caliph and a wolf, with the other wolf at the place where the river splits. I played on Crusader mode.
I killed Frederick quite quickly; my archers shot down all of his archers and swordsmen, and I only had to walk in with a few swordsmen to finish off the job.
Saladin the Wise (the one above me) was also easy. I walked in with all my archers and shot down most of his men. I then sent my swordsmen in. They were all killed, but the lord was nearly dead now. I sent all my archers on top of his keep and they killed him with their knives.
Next was the Sheriff. I took in my archers to shoot down his crossbows, then built a bunch of assassins and sent them in. He died quickly.
The Wolf next to the Caliph was very weak, his only fighting unit his Lord. The Caliph had shot down all of his other men. I simply sent in my assassins and they made short work of him.
I then saved my game, my only living enemies the Caliph (whos main defence is a bunch of archers on his keep) and the other Wolf and Saladin, who both managed to build up strong defenses.

It was pretty good all-in-all, the biggest problem I found being that the keeps on my side of the river were too close together, which kept the AI from building up good defenses.

Balance: 3.5
I found that it wasnt really balanced enough in the way the space was shared, with 2 lords having no near enemies and plenty of resources and the rest having to fight for the bit they had. The rocks and stuff in the hills got in way of a couple lords, keeping them from building their castles the right way.

Creativity: 5
The map isnt really that creative; a river and some hills. The thing that really boosted the creativity was the 'Mega-map', which I thought was kinda cool.

Map Design: 3
Map design wasnt really that good I thought. The resources like iron and stone were scattered about randomly through the hilly area, and the grass didnt look that real, with alot of the thick, green grass and little scrub. The grass would go right up to a hill then suddenly stop; I think it would've looked better if you had used thick grass, then thick scrub, then scrub, making the terrain sort of blend in all together.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Nothing special, just a short story.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a nice fun map, although I think you couldve done better with the terrain.

File Author
Hmm, once I set up my castle in a completely empty map - just a few starting goods, sand as far as you can see, and a signpost at one edge, and now I got about 1,5 mio cash and about 500 workers making crossbows out of bought wood... - So, i can handle with having not so much resources (or with having no ones at all), but I like maps with a lot of resources, too. (And I hope that this didn't sound like showing off or wanting to show off)

An important reason for me placing quite many resources is that a map without some sorts of resources may give some AIs an advantage (No oasis is bad for Saladin but not for Sultan, for example!).

Nothing against eye-candy maps, but I think in skirmishes, that's not the most-important thing. (Although I have to admit, that the gameplay against AIs is also not the best here...)

I have tried to make a quite realistic river, except from the ford in the waterfall which is placed for strategical reasons; the oasis is (in some areas) changing very fast because of the terrain height.

But I thank you for your comment and I'll try to improve my maps.

Dragol A balance with the resources would be nice, i think the resources are overdone but the map looks nice =)

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