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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2

Boris 2 - Boris meets the Pig

Boris left the outpost with his macemen and a little gold. When he started his journey he decided to head north, no point changing now, so he and his macemen headed north leaving the Rat and Snake to return to their castles empty handed and short a number of troops. The villagers liked it here at this outpost and decided to stay, anything would be better than life with those 2, and considering they now have a lot less gold.

Boris found himself liking the idea of being a Lord of his own Land, but he was not quite ready to give up on a thief's life just yet, he had learned about the Pig from some of the villagers, they told him the Pig was about 3 days north and his land was spread out. If he followed the river he would come to another better outpost just across from the Pigs southern entrance. Boris liked the idea of running another outpost, at the back of his mind is the idea of maybe becoming a Land Baron himself.

The villagers were right after 3 days of following the river they came to the outpost, looking across the river Boris could see the Pigs archers on some wooden towers, he could also see iron and pitch both valuable items he would want to use for defending his new home. Here in this outpost he found more room to build, the peasants that new Boris was on his way were eager to build this outpost back to it's prosperous days, they were also cautious about the Pig, they had seen the Pig before.

Boris had also been told about the Pig, his macemen and crossbows are a deadly combination, getting defenses up will be a priority, along with the basic needs of the people who would help run his new home. He ordered his troops to set up down by the ford and a few by the hall, fletchers to start, as the resources come in they would go to building a stronger army to repel the Pig with.

If Boris could figure a way across the river, he could get some of the iron and maybe some pitch, he could do without, but those items would make life a little easier. Something to think about, he had more pressing matters to take care of, like where to place the buildings he had more room here, but placing buildings wouldn't be any easier, dairy farms could go on the mid shelves around the granary, hops and wheat might fit down by the river close to the ford, where would the rest of the buildings go?

So Boris gave himself some goals, he had macemen already, now he would need some crossbowmen to build a stronger army, if he had an idea of becoming a Land Baron then this might be the place to start getting an army ready for the job, but that would be the longterm, now he would need to focus his energy on keeping the Pig out of his new home.

As Boris got his new home up and running the Pig was watching, the Pig thought he would play with Boris before he finished him off, sending small parties of men over to test Borises defenses, trying to slow Boris from making it in the old outpost, macemen and crossbowmen, and a few spearmen and archers to give Boris the illusion that the Pig was running low on troops to spare, but the Pig could only play for so long, it was not to long before the Pig would send out a real army to deal with Boris.

The stories Boris heard about the Pig told him to watch, the Pig will play until he tires, then in comes the main army. Boris thought he could get his small army ready before the Pig came for the final time, a few walls and gates would help maybe a small encloser for the Keep, hopefully the Pig would be over confident and take this thief for granted, if Boris could hold off the Pig then being a Land Baron might yet be possible.

You will have to wait for Boris 3 to get your chance to become a Land Baron, you will settle across the river from the Pigs castle, you will have to become a War Lord to destroy the Pig and all of his men if you want to be a Land Baron.

By Sir_Vet
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
peter2008 The eco-invasion offers a friendly beginning (lots of initial wood) and then shows the hidden hammers. A sequence of events keeps you busy and a special lose condition will surprise you.

Gameplay was great in being a) dense and neat and b) interrelated.
a) The events come close to one another, had my food rations and taxes going up and down permanently. Just when I wanted to raise taxes the first plague started. And when I wanted to give double rations for poularity, the message of dying wheat came in.
b) What you produce you need to survive, xbows for defence, just in time when the initial maces are to be annihilated.
For gold spamming you either use bread or you invest in inns for the same effect. Found it great that the goods available at the market are few and useful for buying only.
So, the game is puzzling and entertaining already on normal. With the experience from there well winable on very hard. (On that level, the Pig's siege engines do reach the defences and do their job.)

Wood supply is a problem on this maps. Some trees die early (if you know them you can place wood cutter's huts there). But as few wcs I might place, sooner or later I have to BUY wood. Around January 1216 on normal.

Due to the narrow space one has to beware of losing macemen by either a plague or a fire.

Some of the Pig's catapults will shot at his own outpost. If the towers are smashed, the remaining archers won't see some wood cutters coming to this side of the river. Had to disband my hunters cause they started shooting at those troops. Lol.
Clever to give some special deposits on that side, too.

The landscape à la Sir_Vet was nice again. The serpentine walkway from the right signpost is priceless.

Two Travelling Fairs arrive. Boris gets a foretaste of leading a county himself. Looking forward for part 3.

[Edited on 04/01/09 @ 08:58 PM]

File Author
I left out an important part.
Thank You Peter2008, Captain Diablo, and von Schmidt, for testing this map, your help was appreciated.

Thank you Peter for the comments, you like it on very hard, I barely make it on normal, great that you can chose the difficulty in SH1.

Venomrider I see you're doing Stronghold maps now. Good. :)

I will give this map a go tomorrow if I have the time, it looks well designed. I don't know if I would have time to rate it, but I will if I can.

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