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Saladin AI: Omnidirectional Castle

Author File Description
artofmath This is my attempt to make a truly omni-directional Saladin AI, whose castles often have weak sides, where one side is far too strong while the other is barely garrisoned.

I have on-purpose unbalanced one side of Saladin's castle by adding extra fire ballistas to just one side of the castle, but since most castles are built next to the corner of the map, it seemed fitting that it should be constructed that way. This castle should most likely be used by Saladin when he is placed on a cliff/hill, or in the middle of the map. This new Saladin is somewhat Emir-like, but his castle should be far better equipped than the Emir, who only ever has one mangonel on his walls.

Finished Castle:

Free Image Hosting at


(Looks kinda like some menacing virus... ;).)

Installation instructions:

1) Make a folder named "Saladin AI Backup" inside the aiv folder, and place the old saladin1.aiv file into the new folder.

2) Unpack the new saladin1.aiv file into the C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Crusader\aiv folder.

Play and Enjoy!

To get back to the original AI, just delete the "saladin1.aiv" file from the aiv folder, then replace it with the file with the same name from inside the "Saladin AI Backup" folder.

Note: To those 7 people who downloaded the virst version, there is a new version of this AI, with fewer bugs.
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sethyboy Wow, we really need an AVI section of the downloads now.

Where is Sir Hugh when you need him :D
sethyboy Edit: Oops, sorry about the double post.

After I posted my original comment, I accidentally pressed back. I didn't see it so I though it didn't post.

I will edit this with my comments on the AI after I go and play it now.

Edit 2: Here are my comments:

The castle looks very good. There is a big resemblance to the original Saladin castles.

Nice work on the defense. The use of pitch-covered walkways through the moat does an excellent job on large, heavily armored armies, while the archers and fire ballistae are good at taking care of smaller or lighter ones.

I think some of the bakeries and breweries outside of the castle are awkwardly placed and could have been partially replaced with good things (although I would have probably ended up doing the same thing to fill the space :P)

Moving the mercenary post off to the side of the castle would have opened up a better spot for the economic buildings.

Overall, I give it a "pretty cool" in my own little kind of scale (in my own little messed up world :D). I suppose that would roughly translate to a 3.5 or 4 (but don't hold me on that).

[Edited on 04/23/09 @ 04:38 PM]

File Author
I placed 1/2 of the bakeries outside the castle since it seems Saladin relies heavily on selling bread and stone for gold; in my experiences he only should need about 12 bakeries to feed his population on normal rations.

Thanks, I used the moat as a sort of wall: whatever tries to dig it up gets burned by pitch, and the gaps create nice little choke points, so as long as he has gold left and can train archers... watch out! Be wary of his fire throwers too... ;)
peter2008 Omg, this castle can be destroyed easily.
With the market that expanded, Saladin's eco will collapse. The 4 quarters will burn away.
Must try it though.
File Author
It is far more diicult to build a strong castle for Saladin simply because he only uses arab bowmen, and one can at most stock his castle with about 30 of them. In contrast, the Wolf, has access to both archers and crossbowmen, so he can put about 60 ranged troops on his walls and towers. Thus the Wolf can always outdefend himself. Were it not for the lack of siege weapons the Pig would be almost as strong as the Wolf.

You've also overlooked the pitch defense I gave Saladin... which can be rather nasty if you're not prepared.
peter2008 First of all, an admirably beautiful shape again.
As I guessed, Saladin fell at the first assault. I made it quite fair for him, a decent army without shields and fear factor bonus, in a static assault.
The main concept of defence worked well. My xbows came under fire from all directions and were annihilated by the time. Really pity, if Saladin cannot have some more archers up there.
The Arabian units have need of full attack bonus. Here is given a +1 only which must not be.
Adding pitch is the second Arabian measure, certainly important to make Saladin stronger. And it worked as well as at the Caliph's: the last archer standing can light the pitch. The spot does not seem big, however.
While my xbows cleared 3 towers, two fire ballista set one bakery on fire. And it spread all around the castle immediately. The many water bearers all ran to the first spot while more buildings started burning inside. That was the end of the population. Melees smashed the mercenaries' post and the engineers' guild.

For another version, I'd suggest, try to get as many buildings as possible inside the outline of the walls, with the 6 towers preventing ballistas from coming too close. The choke points more fortified, e.g. by two layers of pitch.
In general, it will prove helpful to be orientated towards the numbers of the original castles: how many bakers, etc.? Most important, which is the usual population?
Let me refer to Qtlilkegs and mine AI castle tables again.

[Edited on 04/24/09 @ 11:00 PM]

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