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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
Made with version: 1.1
4 Boys


This game is for you who like many big desperate battles. You will fight against a coalition of four AIs: Wolf, Sheriff, Richard, and Frederick. Most experienced players consider the AIs weak and easy to beat. This game might change your mind. With modified AI castles and some 'handicaps' given to the human
player, it can be a challenging game even for the most experienced players (I hope!).

The handicaps you have are:
- you cannot hire any missile units or engineers,
- no catapults or trebs,
- no market,
- you have three large towers for tower-mounted engines, but you cannot build any more large towers,
- the enemy have completed their castles, but you have barely nothing yet.

You are also given some advantage at the start:
+ Almost 200 units of which 80 are missile troops,
+ 10000 gold,
+ 300 planks and 300 stone,
+ a full armory,
+ 110 civilians for hiring more troops.

Be very careful how you treat your bowmen and engineers. If you lose too many of them, you will be in severe trouble. For each hit to any of your archers, you are one small step closer to losing the battle.


Man those towers! The enemy is approaching! Get those walls up! Bowmen, take position to the north and east! Move, move, move... Pikemen, make sure to protect the bowmen! Action! Get going! What? We only have four weapons shops? We need dozens of them! And houses. We need more houses for our newcomers.
Troops, troops, we need to hire more troops! Gold? No problem, we have plenty of money. When staying alive is important, there is always gold! If there are any planks left after completing those farms, build some more mines and quarries, for we sure need iron and stone in these desperate times. God save our souls. This is going to be a tough battle.

Fletchers! Where are the fletchers? We need more bows! What?? All our bowmaking tools were lost when our ship sank? Oooh, nooo... the Admiral sat down on a chair for the first time
in the last 36 hours. We have no chance, he thought to himself. We really need a few hundred crossbows. Now, how many do we have?
Thirty? And maybe fifty ordinary bows. He put his face in his hands and almost started crying. We have lost ...

It is your task to convince your Lord that you can make it. With your initial archers and crossbows, maybe you can hold off the enemy long enough to get an efficient weapons production and gold collection running. And then ... start dreaming of capturing the immense enemy city.


Don't 'restart' this game. Crusader will either crash or it will be a completely different game. You can still save and 'reload' a saved game.

If you have any final tests in school soon coming up, please leave this game right now and come back when your tests are done. This is NOT a short or trivial game.


This map was created with four modified .aiv files. I believe you don't need them to play the game. You most likely need the 'bonus AIs' installed (Sheriff and Frederick). They can be
found on the website under the 'miscellaneous' download section (or maybe under 'utility files'?).

Good luck!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TwoDie Aaa... Thats what happens when im not realising mine ideas... But still, im going to do something like you have did :)

Nice job!
Lord_of_Hell Wow! Impressive fortress, great design. I simply must try this.
peter2008 Yes very impressive installation on the minimap. And then I saw the details ... It's like some dreams come true - or nightmares.
Eventually, the Wolf has fear factor +5. And the other opponents, too, including the Sheriff. In the trail missions, I can often only have sympathy for the AIs. Strengthend and with tricky defences they must be taken seriously. "Simple" archers become have deadly now. While you "can do everything" in Crusader using the market, this mission brings you under a sensitive restriction: no trading at all, do it yourself. Had to keep an eye on armoury and stockpile to keep the balances.
Three enemies must be beaten until one can drastically expand iron mining.
Set up a nice war machine settlement. No chance for the 4 boys to kill my Lord. However, the mass attacks by the AIs stunned me. Incredible how many trebs and melees they mobilise, at best when 3 allies attack at the same time.

But the other way round? The usual tactics, marksmen, fire ballistas, catapults are limited or blocked.
Warfare is very bloody. It feels very bitter to let the melees run into certain death for strategic reasons. Raiding the AIs' economy helps to bring them down. Enemy archers and xbows shoot at my soldiers like at deer. Good counter: a massive band of macemen both hunting marksmen and smashing buildings.
The custom castles are fortresses. Moat and assassin proof (!) walls delay the progress. From all sides, the assaulting troops come under crossfire. Especially tricky: fire ballistas within a small maze of moat. Every castle keeps some characteristics of the original AI. The Sheriff is given some "nice" fire throwers. Though I the can concentrate my army on a few spots, the men die likes flies. Hard to order the pikes to fill in the moat of the drawbridge. Exciting (and very nasty) how some ally troops come to assist the sieged castle and help digging the moat again. If the outer yard is reached, an inner wall still protects the keep area. Don't know when I was thrown out of a Richard's castle the last time. Here it happened twice... Too many troops there, among them - archers. A great joy to occupy the towers and kill the hated ranged troops and destroy the tower engines. Luckily, after every attack, the next one turns out a bit easier if the AI cannot replace his casualties and workers quickly (running out of cash again).

This map is quite a map. A delicacy and gift.

PS. Got +4 crossbows :) out of the stocks of King Frederick. Good boy.
PPS. Won't forget May 1354, when I slayed the Wolf.

[Edited on 05/06/09 @ 05:56 AM]

File Author
Wow, Peter, I'm very impressed. In less than 24 hours after my posting, you have captured Frederick already. And stolen 4 crossbow from the poor fellow. That's exactly what I intended for lucky players to get some 'sacred' weapons from your opponents.

Feel free to discuss any glorious or disastrous strategy for this game on this site. I'm sure many wants to see how others play and there are so many options and possibilities.

To all others, it is actually great fun creating these very large and tough-to-beat 'monster castles' now when we have access to the aiv editor. I bet more of our more experienced map makers on this site are cooking up some really good castles right now. Looking forward to see some amazing designs to struggle with and maybe beat (or more likely be booted as my playing skills are not that great!).


[Edited on 05/05/09 @ 10:24 PM]

peter2008 Best I keep silent with some details for a while, only for not to spoil the despair and fun of the fellows.
Care will pay off, modest aims.
Here's a greenhorn mistake I made. Once I assembled 6 portable shields and about 10 archers. Created an outpost to engage enemy marksmen and let the AI bleed. Then one of the huge joined attacks took place. Afterwards, my outpost was gone, just some enemy pikes were walking around in the width of the desert.
(Violation of the basic rule of mixed forces. Let my vulnerable melees behind.)
lord dredde HA HA! great map,took me three attampts to get the right mix of troops and yes the land ran red,not just with blood but with my troops!

I shall be playing this again shortly.

svenjo Wow great gameplay and a nice castle design (mission was too hard for me xD )
Lord_of_Hell The difficulty is set on "impossible" but I think the map can be rated as "hard".

I will review this map as soon as I will manage to beat it. ;)

So far played the scenario once, and I concentrated more on defending than attacking so I did not lose (yet).
File Author


You are very correct that this is not an 'impossible' map. I just interpret the 'impossible' rating as 'very hard' (since this rating is not an option). But maybe the game is not even 'very hard'??

For anyone who wants a slightly tougher challenge in this game: Don't use shields.
This will challenge your defensive tactics a little better.


peter2008 Has anyone had success in attacking with marksmen and shields?
Once I charged the Sheriff and could take out some fire throwers. Then my ranged unit was annihilated by the overwhelming fire power. Found the costs far too high to act this way again.

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