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June 6th, 1144

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
This map I dedicated to all American Troops especially for Airborne for their courage and sacrifice on D-Day June 6th, 1944. The map inspired from US Navy on D-Day when fight against the German troops who have defense in bunker on the beach.

For many years, the holly city Jerusalem controlled by Arabian Lord called Saladin. The European army has tried a several times to capture the city but there not find any good result for their invasion.

But this time the European alliance - there are English, Irish and Polish - with more massive troops and perfect plans try to capture it once again. The English with their ships scheduled to landing on the red sea on June 6th, 1144. They must break down the enemy defense containing the bunker and wall to open road for Irish army to entering the city.

It's not easy for English army to reach the wall - Saladin's army won't let them pass without give them any fight. The English army tries to capture the bunker to save the entrance to the main wall. Bombardiers from enemy mangonel make it more difficult - it's look impossible to reach the wall.

The Polish dropped in Palestine to guard the borderline to ambush the Saldin's troops who retreat to borderline. After breaking down the Saladin's defense, the English army joins the Polish to added power to guard borderline.

The Irish must face Arabian army in large number before entering the city. Saladin won't let them pass His defense easily. Under His command, the Arabian army becomes stronger and more difficult to defeat.

They do everything to kill Irish troops many as they can before they reach the city. They don't want to lose again like when facing the English troops on the beach. The Irish won't let the English fight useless, they keep forward under bombardiers of enemy mangonel and ballistae from Jerusalem's towers.
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Heroesflorian Very nice Map, LordBalian!

The idea of creating some kind of bunker system is awesome!
The design both of the defensive structures and the landscape is excellent, and you also involved some lovely ships for your troops. (My comment on the design is quite short, but I don't know what to say more here.)

Your story is ok - not that long, however its long enough. But I do not think that Jerusalem had got bunker systems around =D But this unauthentically fact is not easy to avoid - I mean, the game takes place in the Middle Ages. And if you would write your scenario takes place 1944, the macemen and all other troops would look a bit odd^^
In your readme-file you give tips for completing the mission and also some screens for explaining.

To the gameplay: First, I moved all my units to the southeast and cleared 2 of the front bases and the southeastern entrance using shields and crossbowmen. Then, I moved forward at the eastern map-edge, shooting down everything in my range from outside - proving FIRST, how far I could go without being shot by the most near mangonel. Spending some time I even got all those nasty patrolling horse archers down without losts.
Now, I made two big mistakes: 1. not saving; 2. sending in all my macemen to rush out the mangonel - they failed, beaten by the numerous hostile units (most suffering from boiling oil) and the long way up to the tower, which isn't that short it looks first... After this, I used part of my shields as distraction from my marching-forward crossbowmen along with the other part of my shields. Using this method, I cleared the (first) mangonel finally. =D Then I realized that I had to kill ALL enemy units... So I sent my swordsmen and pikemen to the entrance, used my lovely portable shields as cannon fodder again and whiped out the whole defensive line - part for part; the first part I entered using a siege tower to avoid most of the way and enemy fire.
Losing most of my rangers - all archers and a lot of the crossbowmen via stones, burning spears (from the fire ballistae) and arrows - I finally managed to save the lives of 3(!) crossbowmen having shot all mangonels, most of the other hostile units on the walls, and the fire ballistae behind it. Two of them died, the last one survived with 1 hitpoint.
Time to give up? - No, let's use our melee-weapons now!
Fine, 1 crossbowmen, some shields and additional engineers, and a lot of melees alive, time for a battle on open space. Happy about the fact that my crossbowmen had shot the front half of the waiting arabian swordsmen, I kept killing them by my single ranger and when I ran out of patience massacring them in small groups lured by single pikemen - no, not the fish, the weapon - with my full army. The few ranged units were now easily killed off.

The last few seconds were a bit strange: Time started to pass again, at the same time i was asked to place a keep, and one second later (before being able to set my keep), I had won.

This made me looking up the scenario in the map editor. After a few crashes, I gave up further inquiries about an invasion scripted but not seen when playing. I also recognized that it was not bad but GOOD that I had not saved during the game - trying this also made crusader crash up. I think that's because I got version 1.1, not 1.2.

Not taking account of the invasion I can say that it was a nice mission - not THAT easy but not very hard, about 60 swordsmen and 15-20 pikemen survived.

I thought about posting this as a review, but I am very unsure here, due to the end of the scenario where I do not exactly know how it is planned.

The Hitman Oh yeah! My type o' map!
Knightly_Maps Good idea, however the concept was done before, and although that is nothing bad unto itself, it is just that the competition is quite a while ahead of most map-makers.

UnikUnok's Vierville Draws

[Edited on 06/07/09 @ 09:59 AM]

Lord Karpathea I was thinking of UU's Verville Draws when I saw this. That said, I am happy to say this map stands out and is far from a copy. I haven't played it completely through yet, but I'll finish sometime in the next couple of days and get back to you on it.



[Edited on 06/08/09 @ 01:26 AM]

File Author
About that invasion, yeah it's right, the invasion never appear on the game. I Use that to manage my troops number. If you delete the invasion, when you play the game, some of your troops will disappear. That's not good news, right?

PS: My new map has arrived, it's call AOC: The Ambush of Damascus (Invasion). Thank's guys for download June 6th, 1144.

[Edited on 06/09/09 @ 08:39 AM]

Heroesflorian Hello LordBalian,

I'm kind of glad that the invasion is not made to come up. That means the scenario was playable and winnable for me =D

Scripting the invasion to prevent your troops from disappearing sounds nice^^ I also have faced that problem sometime...

I did not find "The Ambush of Damascus" yet, but I hope it will be there tomorrow.

Keep mapmaking, LordBalian!

File Author
Hi, Heroesflorian

Yeah maybe tomorrow... Keep waiting and downloading :p Thank's anyway...

[Edited on 06/09/09 @ 09:51 AM]

Heroesflorian downloaded it already^^

File Author
I have made a little change on the scripting. Now, you not asked to place a keep before win. Thanks to Heroesflorian to tell me about that bugs.
Heroesflorian No problem =D

I'm glad that I was able to help you!


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