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Mission2: Close friends

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy
Made with version: 1.2
The second mission of the "Fighting the Inevitable" campaign. You can play this mission after you have passed "Mission 1: Reuniting Kernave."

The first conversation:
The Rat: ”Threats… Threats to our people are getting more serious…”
The Snake: “ Yesss, but not fear of the crusaders drove you to form an alliance with me… Fear of a crouching wolf is to blame”
The Rat: “Chaos drove me not fear…”
The Snake: “Chaos?”
The Rat: “Well…”
The Snake: “Chaos?! Well will I be represented equally in this alliance?”
The Rat: “Well… Ahmmm… Eppp… We… We will split the counties equally. The remaining outsiders will tremble before our mighty alliance.”
The Snake: “Hmmm… I’ll think about it.”
The Rat: “We can sort out the details in my castle. Let’s all meet in a neighbouring county and we will surely find a fair solution to your liking.”

After a tremendous victory at Saule in Zemaitija Duc Vykintas ”The Wolf” became the most powerful and celebrated Duc in all of Lithuania. This sparked fear amogst two powerful lords: Duc Viltenis Bulevich “The Rat” and Duc Karijonas ”The Pig”. They started fearing of the Wolf’s growing power. If Duc Vykintas would persuade Duc Norgaila Rushkavichius to his side, the Rat’s and Pig’s lands would be in danger of conquerment. So the Rat started bounding with the Snake. The Snake was not foolish and understood the situation, but he wanted to see what the party had to offer. He agreed to meet the two lords in a Rat’s castle south of Kernave.

The second conversation:
The Rat: “He agreed.”
The Pig: “Good. Now don’t be weak and opened-heated as always and force him to shut up. He must see things our way. Take my army, so that he won’t go anywhere.
The Rat: “ Ahmmm… Where… Where are you going”
The Pig: “I have some problems in the East. More important than some reptile in a castle. I must help my alley. The Duchy of Minsk is repelling the Pinsk’s assault. There will be some cracking bones. Solve the “alliance” problem while I’m away. Don’t chicken out, old Ratty.”(He laughs loudly)

It’s crucial that we disband these alliance talks. If the three Duc’s unite, we will be crushed in their way. We must take Rat’s castle and prevent the Duc’s from gathering in one place.
With the gold left from the county rebuiltment Mindaugas quickly raises an army and rides south. As we started seeing Rat’s castle in the horizon, a knight appeared from the wilderness. He rode towards us accompanied by a small party of warriors. Mindaugas soon recognized him and smiled. It was his cousin Gedvydas.
-I knew you would be here, cousin. So you managed to reunite some of our uncle’s land? – Gedvydas said ironically.
-Steel, blood and fire,- Mindaugas said coldly.
-There will be some of that before this day is out. Look I’ve brought a band of my best men to aid you and…
-Thank you, cousin. Together we will reunite Lithuania in the name of my uncle Dangerutis.
-It would be better if we made a separate attack. I will ride downwards towards those mountain corridors and you can attack from that hill.

Your mission is to take Rat’s castle and repel it from any enemy attacks. The siege won’t be too challenging as the armies haven’t arrived yet. Although only a master tactician can break through the mountain corridor with a handful of Gedvydas’ men. You are not obligated to do this (you can finish the remaining troops after the main siege), but you could try this impossible part.

1.This is a basic siege. If you spare your troops and use catapults, the siege will be longer, but you will end up with more troops to repel the upcoming enemy attacks.
2.Spare the enemy buildings. This castle will belong to you.
3.After you take the castle, brake down the bad things. It’s a good source of gold.
4.Concentrate your troops at the gates, since it’s the only place, where you can get into the castle.
5.Don’t rush to raise your troops if you had a good siege. Build your economy instead of raising more troops and prepare for the Pig attack.
6.Manoeuvre your troops to any side the attack is taking place.

Historical quotes:
In 1236 the Christian knights Order began a massive siege to Zemaitija (the western Lithuanian lands). Only the great Duc Vykintas stood up to the threat and in a massive battle of Saule crushed the Order, killed fifty crusader noblemen and the master of the Livonian Order. This was a heavy blow to the crusader expansion. Duc Vykintas became the strongest Duc in all of Lithuania. He began to be praised as the new reunitier of Baltic lands. Meanwhile, the pope tried to strengthen the Order’s military power by uniting all the crusaders (both livonians and germans) into one military Christian knight Order. New attacks from the crusades slowed down Vykintas’ expansion schemes.

Personalities: Duc Norgaila Rushkavichius “The Snake”
The youngest son of Duc Kintibutas Rushkavichius, the ruler of Suduva. His age is circa 20-25 years. Terrific tactician and warlord, who quickly raised to power because of his intellingence, doubledealings and two mysterious deaths of his two brothers: Kitenis and Gaudvilas. Often hated in the lands of his dealings with the polish. Polish mercenaries helped him gain the power he now has. He seeks power and luxury in his life. He has built many great castles. Prefers slow and well thought tacticial manoeuvres.
Duc Karijonas “The Pig”
A lithuanian peasant child raised by russian bandits, who raided the village he lived in. His age is circa 35-45 years. A very brutal and angry warlord, who brings fear to his enemies. Famous for his horrific torture to captured enemy soldiers, although very generous to his troops. Often feasts alongside his men. He can quickly raise an army and stage a full grown attack. Prefers field combat to defending in his outpost. He is allied with the Minsk and Polotsk Duchys. He is an ortodox and helps the expansion of russian lords in the Baltic lands. He has a unique relationship with Duc Viltenis Bulevichius. Duc Viltenis once saved his life, when he was younger. He swore to protect him till the end of his days.

Map explanation:
The lithuanian lands are in the middle of the map surrounded by the German Order and the Baltic sea to the west, by the Polish Kingdom and Pinsk Duchy to the south, by the Livonian Order to the north and by the Polotsk and Minsk Duchys to the east. The lithuanian lands are sliced up into 30 counties. The 5 orange counties belong to Duc Viltenis Bulevichius "The Rat". The 4 yellow counties belong to Duc Norgaila Rushkavichius "The Snake". The 7 red counties belong to Duc Karijonas "The Pig". The 7 dark counties belong to Duc Vykintas "The Wolf". The 1 blue county belongs to you, Duc Mindaugas. The 6 brown counties scattered all over the map are neutral and belong to different lords. The mission is being held in a Rat county, south of Kernave (the only blue county you have). This Rat county is marked with the number 2.
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