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A Journey's End

Author File Description
The Beany Lord
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Made with version: 1.2
Here's another map for you people to goof around on.

"Rem! Rem!" You managed to yell over the shock of what just happened, "healer, I need a healer! hold on Rem you'll be fine." "No sir I'm not so stop telling me I am please,just get back to what you are best at... leading the troops..." Rem said just as he passed out. Asyou get up you notice the devestation of what has occured while you were attempting to help Rem. You look more closely at the field of battle to see old friends from your squad mixed with the enemy soldiers laying in pools of they're own blood and excriments. " Such a waist of life... Well they're all the same when they are dying but in life we fight because we are different, but we are the same in death. Funny thing that." "sir?" "O nothing dont mind me Tresler, I'm just rambling on." "O-OK sir whatever you say." You watch as Tresler Hurries off to go join his fellow soldiers. "This is bad" Tresler said "Whatever has got the commander on his toes doesnt fare well for the rest of us i would believe." "No doubt" comes a rough voice from the bushes. Tresler and his commrads drewtheir shortswords and face the direction the voice came from. "Now,now... no need to get all defensive, I just came to tell you folks that enemy re-enforcements were spoted coming over the ridge in the valley just a couple minutes ago." "O this is great! we'll might as well leave while we can my friends." "Tresler, you give up to fast I gave an oath to the commander and I intend to keep it." one of Tresler's squad members spoke out.

"Re-enforcements! Ha Ha Ha this just keeps getting better and better." Jude harshly cut in. "Jude! how many times do we have to tell you to quit cutting in! Now listen to what the commander has to say!"A sergant yelled with impatients. "All right, all right... go ahead commander." "Now as I was saying" You stoped and glared for a moment at jude, "as i was saying we need to get our calvary onto this flanking hill to the north-east of the re-enforcements, and we need at least 100 archers on the cliff to the south west side of the re-enforcements. Hopefully we can can kill these dodling fools before they can gather up with the remains of the enemy." You told the other members inside the command tent."Sir I have but one question, why dont we send in the main body of our army over there to take out the army instead of our calvary and archers?" "Because if we send the main force of our army over there we will have opened up an oportune moment for the remainder of the enemy to strike at the heart of their enemy... us." "Oh."

You move with the forces you dispatched so you can tell them what to do first hand, as you near the ridge you see that the re-enforcements are totally unaware of what is about to occur. "Calvary you ready?!" "Yes sir!" they say all as one. "good." you raise your hand and drop it to see the rain of arrows plunging into the enemy ranks below, you let the archers lauch three of these waves of arrows then you muster your forces for a charge."For the king and country!" you and the calvary scream as you gallop down the hill into the ranks of men. As you run down and slay the men in your way, you start to observe the true horror of the slaughter as your blade slices into one victem after the other, seeing they're heads split open from the shear force and blood gushing out of the wounds.

"Victory!" You screamed as the last man was crushed under your horses hooves feeling the shudder as his ribcage caved in. Only then you feel the sickness of what you have just done.

"men! I am afraid this is the last time I will be marching with you, for I am sick of taking lives that are not mine to take." you speak out over the shuffling of your men. "But for now lets drink to our victory we have won!"
You gather the tankard of ale in your hands and raise it to your lips to hear the satisfactory cheer of the men that were under your command.

Whew that took a heck of a long time so I hope that story is good. >.>

have fun
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