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Castle Veronica

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
This is my first map of the great Ashford Family and if i get good feed back i intend to make many more with diffrent castles and in diffrent situations. I hope to add veriaty to my maps and if this map goes well then i'll be motivated to make more. please tell me if you like it or if you don't. This map has huge armys attack the castle Veronica but can be stopped if you just kill Lord Wolf. (still pretty hard to do). good luck!
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Map Design3.0
A nice map and good playing time, but it was fairly easy.
Map Design4.0
Fun map to play. I ended up destroying lots of the main castle to make more room for bakeries though since the walls were not needed due to the cliff. I kept my pop over 200 most of the game.

The enemy broke in the bottom part of the castle by filling in the moat and then crashing the gates. He then continued to knock down all my farms and other buildings behind the main castle before I killed him. This actually helped me because the original layout of the farms was poor, and I was able to rebuild my farms and pitch rigs much more efficiently.

After that last massive attack I really beefed up my defenses eagerly awaiting the next assault. Alas, there were no more invasions. I easily knocked down the enemy castle with catapults and killed all the enemy lords. I destroyed every enemy building and placed guys where all the peasants appear, but the scenario would not end for some reason. Oh well.

It was a fun map to play.
Map Design4.0
Playability :

A nice map to play, no stress just fun. Just rule your land, improve your castle and army and organize your supplies. Most invasions you “suffer” are just annoying flies you push away, a few keep you for minimal attention. You start with a prebuild castle and prebuild land, but it dont means you have nothing to do. Except some goods production most of your land is under your walls protection, an happy small community living in peace and security if you work a little in this way. It’s far to be a though map, but it’s sometime nice to be a lazy lord and just play for fun.
Easy map often gain more in playability than impossible one.

For the mapmaker, bug review.

-Some wood cutter huts inside castle Veronica are not yours but probably from ennemies color. When your population is full and some peasants just wait for a job around the keep cauldron, check your land. You will recognize boggie wood cutter huts to the barred red circle turning above it. Just destroy it in the editor and put a blue player one instead.
-Your victory condition misfunction.
-Wolves attack are useless except for loose of popularity. Wolves generaly appear on the map at the place where you put your first wolf in your map when you create it. In castle Veronica Wolves appear on a side of the map, but on a piece of land completly surounded by a river, so they cant be a danger and just stay here to the end of the game.
-Some ennemies lords speech are not appropriate.

Fake bug : There is a marketplace in castle Veronica, but no trade is available. I considere it’s normal, because castle Veronica was a trade place but since war began merchants ran away. Trade rarely improve in time of war.
Anyway playing with no trade at all, is not very commun, and here is a good thing because it bound the player to not neglect production of anything he need.

Overall a bit overated 4 considering bugs.

Balance :

The main weakness of the map. I played it at hard setting and wasn’t in danger at any moment. Just once, overconfident and catch in the general ambiance of security of the map I fail to notice that a group of ennemies had break a far outside wall and started to destroy my farms, but my intervention task force of knights quickly cut them down. Otherwise no calamity disturb your quit life, no plague or fire ect ... just a lone and ineffective wolves attack.
Devastating your ennemies town at the end of the game is also easy.
First invasions include just light troops, in an other word cannon fodders walking to a certain death. I saw engineers but they never build siege engin and attack. I cant blame the author for this common problem especially for a first map. Last invasions are a little much strong but at this time you’ve build a powerfull army accumulate amazing stock of pitch and wood for trap, build additionnal great tower for a total of a dozen of mangonel, creating battery of trebs behind your wall ect ... once more, as impressive could be the last invasion, ennemies are just walking to the death.

A bit sorry to rate it 2, because too easy map are common for the first one, but really for an average players no way to loose even at very hard.

My advice : make at least early invasions a little more challenging, unlock the wolves, add for example one small plague and some agriculture “disasters”. Just avoid fire, especially for beginners because fire can be really destructive if you are unprepared.

Anecdote : invasions appear in the map. Army just start to walk toward you. Suddenly ennemies lords’s speech occurs to complain about defeat or please you to not hurt them ect ... Real battle is not begin yet or just start.
Mistake from the author which missuse message feature or prophetic words ?
Anyway symptomatic of the lack of balance far at the player advantage.

Creativity :

Nothing particular, but once more for a first map the purpose is rarely to be original. I just notice the ennemies town had four keep, one for each ennemies Lord. It’s perhaps original but a bit strange.

Rate : 3

Map design :

If the average is the common of the map I have downloaded, Castle Veronica is above the average. Having a prebuild and good looking castle and fief help in this way and vanish empty space. Outside land is fair. My opinion on a particular point : avoid palissade covering stone walls, it’s a bit strange, not very beautiful and most time players will destroy it to gain additionnal wood.
Negative points are the common of a first map : too flat land and too big brush used for hills and mountains, which look like cube of elevate terrain loose in the middle of flat terrain.
Anyway obvious efforts and work have been made for the landscape and the result is here. There’s no empty space and overall the land look like nice, which is addictive to the feeling of peace heaven castle Veronica is.

Rate : 4

Story/instruction : nothing striking or particular, story is personnal but short that make it not unusefully long J. If victory condition is corrected, also add in the story, informations for players to say him who is his main foes he add to kill to restore peace in castle Veronica Land.

Rate : 3

Playability :4 Balance :2 creativity :3 Map design :4 Story/instruction :3 Overall : 3.2

A nice map, and a very good one, far above the average, in the “first map category”.

Last advice : testing your own map is not an option but is as important, sometime more, than map conception itself. Testing your map allows you to detect and correct obvious problems and is often a guarantie for a quality map.

In hope to have been a fair and constructive reviewer, Jalis.
Map Design2.0
this is the first map i give a mark. Perhaps too severe, but i think this map is very easy with nothing special. Just another map.

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Map Design3.3
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